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(1) TISANE+?

2010 December 4
by admin

[Click HERE for an expla­na­tion of bingo stems]

 ENTASIA  spas­modic con­trac­tion of a mus­cle [n –S]  s
 TAENIAS– TAENIA, a head­band worn in ancient Greece [n]  
 BANTIES  BANTY, a ban­tam (a small fowl) [n]  
 BASINET  a medieval hel­met [n –S]  s
 ACETINS– ACETIN, a chem­i­cal com­pound [n]  
 CINEAST  a devo­tee of motion pic­tures [n –S]  es
 DESTAIN  to remove stain from [v –ED, –ING, –S]  s
 DETAINS– DETAIN, to hold in cus­tody [v]  
 INSTEAD  as a sub­sti­tute or equiv­a­lent [adv]  
 NIDATES– NIDATE, to become implanted in the uterus [v]  
 SAINTED  SAINT, to declare to be a saint (a per­son of excep­tional holi­ness) [v]  
 STAINED  STAIN, to dis­color or dirty [v]  
 ETESIAN  an annu­ally recur­ring wind [n –S]  s
 FAINEST  FAIN, glad (feel­ing plea­sure) [adj]  
 EASTING  a move­ment toward the east [n –S] fy s
 EATINGS– EATING, the act of con­sum­ing food [n] bs 
 INGATES– INGATE, a chan­nel by which molten metal enters a mold [n]  
 INGESTA– ingested mate­r­ial [n]  
–SEATING  mate­r­ial for cov­er­ing seats [n –S]  s
–TEASING  TEASE, to make fun of [v]  
 SHEITAN  shai­tan (an evil spirit) [n –S]  s
 STHENIA  exces­sive energy [n –S] : STHENIC [adj] a s
 ISATINE– isatin (a chem­i­cal com­pound) [n –S]  s
 INTAKES– INTAKE, the act of tak­ing in [n]  
 ELASTIN  a bod­ily pro­tein [n –S]  s
 ENTAILS– ENTAIL, to restrict the inher­i­tance of to a spec­i­fied line of heirs [v] v 
 NAILSET  a steel rod for dri­ving a nail into some­thing [n –S]  s
 SALIENT  the part of a for­ti­fi­ca­tion pro­ject­ing clos­est to the enemy [n –S]  s
 SALTINE  a salted cracker [n –S]  s
 SLAINTE  used to toast one’s health [interj]  
 TENAILS– TENAIL, tenaille (an outer defense) [n]  
 ETAMINS– ETAMIN, eta­mine (a loosely woven fab­ric) [n]  
 INMATES– INMATE, one who is con­fined to an insti­tu­tion [n]  
 TAMEINS– TAMEIN, a gar­ment worn by Burmese women [n]  
 INANEST– INANE, non­sen­si­cal [adj]  
 STANINE  one of the nine classes into which a set of scores are divided [n –S]  s
 ATONIES  ATONY, mus­cu­lar weak­ness [n]  
 PANTIES– PANTIE, a woman’s or child’s under­gar­ment [n]  
 PATINES– PATINE, to cover with a patina [v]  
 SAPIENT  a wise per­son [n –S]  s
 SPINATE  bear­ing thorns [adj]  
 ANESTRI  ANESTRUS, a period of sex­ual dor­mancy [n]  
 ANTSIER  ANTSY, fid­gety (ner­vously rest­less) [adj]  
 NASTIER  NASTY, offen­sive to the senses [adj]  
 RATINES– RATINE, a heavy fab­ric [n]  
 RETAINS– RETAIN, to keep pos­ses­sion of [v]  
 RETINAS– RETINA, a mem­brane of the eye [n]  
 RETSINA  a resin-flavored Greek wine [n –S]  s
 STAINER  one that stains (to dis­color or dirty) [n –S]  s
 STEARIN  the solid por­tion of a fat [n –S] : STEARIC [adj]  es
 ENTASIS  a slight con­vex­ity in a col­umn [n –TASES] : ENTASTIC [adj]  
 NASTIES  NASTY, some­thing that is nasty [n]  t
 SEITANS– SEITAN, a food made from wheat gluten [n]  
 SESTINA  a type of verse form [n –S]  s
 TANSIES  TANSY, a peren­nial herb [n]  
 TISANES– TISANE, a pti­san (a tea of herbs or bar­ley) [n]  
 INSTATE  to place in office [v –STATED, –STATING, –STATES]  ds
 SATINET  a thin satin [n –S]  s
–AUNTIES– AUNTY, aunt (the sis­ter of one’s father or mother) [n]  
 SINUATE  to curve in and out [v –ATED, –ATING, –ATES]  ds
 NAIVEST– NAIVE, lack­ing sophis­ti­ca­tion [adj]  
 NATIVES– NATIVE, an orig­i­nal inhab­i­tant of an area [n]  
 VAINEST  VAIN, filled with undue admi­ra­tion for one­self [adj]  
 TAWNIES  TAWNY, a light brown color [n]  t
 WANIEST  WANY, wan­ing in some parts [adj]  
 ANTISEX  opposed to sex­ual activ­ity [adj]  
 SEXTAIN  a stanza of six lines [n –S]  s
 ZANIEST– ZANY, ludi­crously com­i­cal [adj]  
 ZEATINS– ZEATIN, a chem­i­cal com­pound found in maize [n]

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