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(2) SATIRE+?

2010 December 5
by admin

[Click HERE for an expla­na­tion of bingo stems]

 ARISTAE– ARISTA, a bristle­like struc­ture or appendage [n]  
 ASTERIA  a gem­stone cut to exhibit aster­ism [n –S]  s
 ATRESIA  absence or clo­sure of a nat­ural bod­ily pas­sage [n –S] : ATRESIC, ATRETIC [adj]  s
 BAITERS– BAITER, one that baits (to lure (to attract with some­thing desir­able)) [n]  
 BARITES– BARITE, a min­eral [n]

 REBAITS– REBAIT, BAIT, to lure (to attract with some­thing desir­able) [v]  
 TERBIAS– TERBIA, an oxide of ter­bium [n]  
 ATRESIC  ATRESIA, absence or clo­sure of a nat­ural bod­ily pas­sage [adj]  
 CRISTAE– CRISTA, a part of a cell [n]  
 RACIEST  RACY, bor­der­ing on impro­pri­ety or inde­cency [adj]  
 STEARIC  STEARIN, the solid por­tion of a fat [adj]  
 ARIDEST  ARID, extremely dry [adj]  
–ASTRIDE  with one leg on each side [adv]  
 DIASTER  a stage in mito­sis [n –S] : DIASTRAL [adj]  s
 DISRATE  to lower in rat­ing or rank [v –RATED, –RATING, –RATES]  ds
 STAIDER  STAID, sober and sedate [adj]  
 TARDIES  TARDY, an instance of being late [n]  t
–TIRADES– TIRADE, a long, vehe­ment speech [n]  
 AERIEST– AERY, airy (hav­ing the nature of air) [adj]  
 SERIATE  to put into a series [v –ATED, –ATING, –ATES]  ds
–FAIREST  FAIR, free from bias, dis­hon­esty, or injus­tice [adj]  
 AIGRETS– AIGRET, aigrette (a tuft of feath­ers worn as a head orna­ment) [n]  
 GAITERS– GAITER, a cov­er­ing for the lower leg [n]  
 SEAGIRT  sur­rounded by the sea [adj]  
 STAGIER  STAGY, hav­ing a the­atri­cal qual­ity [adj]  
 TRIAGES– TRIAGE, to allo­cate treat­ment to patients [v]  
 HASTIER  HASTY, speedy (swift (mov­ing with a great rate of motion)) [adj]  
 AIRIEST  AIRY, hav­ing the nature of air [adj] h 
 REALIST  one who is con­cerned with fact or real­ity [n –S]  s
 RETAILS– RETAIL, to sell in small quan­ti­ties [v]  
 SALTIER– saltire (a heraldic design) [n –S]  s
 SALTIRE  a heraldic design [n –S]  s
 SLATIER  SLATEY, slaty (resem­bling slate) [adj]  
 TAILERS– TAILER, one that secretly fol­lows another [n]  
 IMARETS– IMARET, a Turkish inn [n]  
 MAESTRI  MAESTRO, a mas­ter of an art [n]  
 MISRATE  to rate incor­rectly [v –RATED, –RATING, –RATES]  ds
 SMARTIE  smarty (an obnox­iously con­ceited per­son) [n –S]  s
 ANESTRI  ANESTRUS, a period of sex­ual dor­mancy [n]  
 ANTSIER  ANTSY, fid­gety (ner­vously rest­less) [adj]  
 NASTIER  NASTY, offen­sive to the senses [adj]  
 RATINES– RATINE, a heavy fab­ric [n]  
 RETAINS– RETAIN, to keep pos­ses­sion of [v]  
 RETINAS– RETINA, a mem­brane of the eye [n]  
 RETSINA  a resin-flavored Greek wine [n –S]  s
 STAINER  one that stains (to dis­color or dirty) [n –S]  s
 STEARIN  the solid por­tion of a fat [n –S] : STEARIC [adj]  es
 PARTIES  PARTY, to attend a social gath­er­ing [v]  
 PASTIER– PASTY, pale and unhealthy in appear­ance [adj]  
 PIASTER  a mon­e­tary unit of sev­eral Arab coun­tries [n –S]  s
 PIASTRE  piaster (a mon­e­tary unit of sev­eral Arab coun­tries) [n –S]  s
 PIRATES– PIRATE, to com­mit piracy [v]  
 TRAIPSE  to walk about in an idle or aim­less man­ner [v TRAIPSED, TRAIPSING, TRAIPSES]  ds
 ARTSIER  ARTSY, arty (show­ily or pre­ten­tiously artis­tic) [adj]  
 TARRIES  TARRY, to delay or be slow in act­ing or doing [v]  t
 TARSIER  a noc­tur­nal pri­mate [n –S]  s
 SATIRES– SATIRE, the use of deri­sive wit to attack folly or wicked­ness [n]  
 ARTIEST  ARTY, show­ily or pre­ten­tiously artis­tic [adj] tw 
 ARTISTE– a skilled pub­lic per­former [n –S]  s
 ATTIRES– ATTIRE, to clothe (to pro­vide with cloth­ing) [v]  
 IRATEST  IRATE, angry (feel­ing strong dis­plea­sure or hos­til­ity) [adj]  
 RATITES– RATITE, a flight­less bird [n]  
 STRIATE  to mark with striae [v –ATED, –ATING, –ATES]  ds
 TASTIER  TASTY, pleas­ant to the taste [adj]  
 VASTIER  VASTY, vast (of great extent or size) [adj]  
 VERITAS  truth (con­for­mity to fact or real­ity) [n –TATES]  
 WAISTER  a sea­man sta­tioned in the mid­dle sec­tion of a ship [n –S]  s
 WAITERS– WAITER, to work as a male server in a restau­rant [v] a 
 WARIEST  WARY, watch­ful (closely obser­vant or alert) [adj]  
 WASTRIE  wastry (reck­less extrav­a­gance) [n –S] s

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