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Top 1015 Bingos (by Probability)

2010 October 11
by admin

There are dif­fer­ent approaches to learn­ing seven-letter words.  One of the most inter­est­ing approaches involves learn­ing what are called six-letter bingo “stems.”  Bingo stems are six-letter words, like TISANE, that have a high prob­a­bil­ity of show­ing up on one’s rack (par­tic­u­larly if one prac­tices good rack man­age­ment tech­niques).  The idea is to use mnemon­ics to mem­o­rize the dif­fer­ent let­ters that can be com­bined with bingo stems (i.e. words like TISANE) to form bin­gos.  A mnemonic for TISANE is “Tuckshop wiz fixes med­i­c­i­nal bev­er­age” – every let­ter in the phrase can be com­bined with TISANE to form a seven-letter word.  In other words, if you have TISANE on your rack along with an X, for exam­ple, and you remem­ber the phrase “Tuckshop wiz fixes med­i­c­i­nal bev­er­age,” then you know you have a bingo on your rack.  All you have to do it find it.  In this case, there are two words (TISANE+X = ANTISEX or SEXTAIN).

More on bingo stems later.  Right now – in this post – I’ve taken a more straight­for­ward (and bor­ing) approach.  The fol­low­ing are the high­est prob­a­bil­ity 1015 seven-letter words.  The last col­umn (PROB) is the prob­a­bil­ity rank of the word (between 1 and 1015).

Note: The table below can be resorted (click on the col­umn head­ers) and searched (just type in the search box).

ANEROIDa type of barom­e­ter [n –S] */s1
AILERONa mov­able con­trol sur­face on an air­plane wing [n –S] */s2
ALIENORone that trans­fers prop­erty [n –S] */s3
ELATIONa feel­ing of great joy [n –S] dgr/s4
TOENAILto fas­ten with obliquely dri­ven nails [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s5
ERASIONan era­sure (the act of eras­ing (to rub or scrape out)) [n –S] */s6
ATONIESATONY, mus­cu­lar weak­ness [n] */*7
ARENITErock made up chiefly of sand grains [n –S] */s8
RETINAE–RETINA, a mem­brane of the eye [n] */*9
TRAINEEa per­son receiv­ing train­ing [n –S] */s10
ANTIREDopposed to com­mu­nism [adj] */*11
DETRAINto get off a rail­road train [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s12
–TRAINEDTRAIN, to instruct sys­tem­at­i­cally [v] s/*13
LATRINEa type of toi­let [n –S] */s14
RATLINE–one of the ropes form­ing the steps of a rope lad­der on a ship [n –S] */s15
RELIANTshow­ing reliance [adj] */*16
RETINAL–retinene (a pig­ment in the retina) [n –S] */s17
–TRENAILtreenail (a wooden peg used for fas­ten­ing tim­bers) [n –S] */s18
ANESTRIANESTRUS, a period of sex­ual dor­mancy [n] */*19
ANTSIERANTSY, fid­gety (ner­vously rest­less) [adj] */*20
NASTIERNASTY, offen­sive to the senses [adj] */*21
RATINES–RATINE, a heavy fab­ric [n] */*22
RETAINS–RETAIN, to keep pos­ses­sion of [v] */*23
RETINAS–RETINA, a mem­brane of the eye [n] */*24
RETSINAa resin-flavored Greek wine [n –S] */s25
STAINERone that stains (to dis­color or dirty) [n –S] */s26
STEARINthe solid por­tion of a fat [n –S] : STEARIC [adj] */es27
RUINATEto ruin (to destroy (to dam­age beyond repair or renewal)) [v –ATED, –ATING, –ATES] */ds28
TAURINEa chem­i­cal com­pound [n –S] */s29
URANITEa min­eral [n –S] : URANITIC [adj] */s30
URINATEto dis­charge urine [v –NATED, –NATING, –NATES] */ds31
DARIOLEa type of pas­try filled with cream, cus­tard, or jelly [n –S] */s32
ROADIES–ROADIE, a per­son who works for trav­el­ing enter­tain­ers [n] */*33
IODATES–IODATE, to iodize (to treat with iodine) [v] */*34
TOADIESTOADY, to engage in servile flat­ter­ing [v] */*35
ANISOLEa chem­i­cal com­pound [n –S] */s36
–ISOLATEto set apart from oth­ers [v –LATED, –LATING, –LATES] */ds37
INERTIAthe ten­dency of a body to resist accel­er­a­tion [n –TIAS or –TIAE] : INERTIAL [adj] */els38
–ATONERS–ATONER, one that atones (to make amends or repa­ra­tion) [n] */*39
SANTEROa priest of san­te­ria [n –ROS] */s40
SENATORa mem­ber of a sen­ate [n –S] */s41
–TREASONvio­la­tion of alle­giance toward one’s coun­try [n –S] */s42
OUTEARNto sur­pass in earn­ing (to gain or deserve for one’s labor or ser­vice) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s43
RETINOLa liq­uid hydro­car­bon [n –S] */s44
NORITES–NORITE, a gran­u­lar rock [n] */*45
–OESTRINestrin (estrone (an estro­gen (a female sex hor­mone pro­mot­ing or pro­duc­ing estrus))) [n –S] */s46
ORIENTS–ORIENT, to adjust in rela­tion to some­thing else [v] */*47
–STONIERSTONY, abound­ing in stones [adj] */*48
ROUTINEa reg­u­lar course of pro­ce­dure [n –S] */s49
ALIENERalienor (one that trans­fers prop­erty) [n –S] */s50
LINEATEmarked with lines [adj] */d51
ATELIERa work­shop or stu­dio [n –S] */s52
ETESIANan annu­ally recur­ring wind [n –S] */s53
AERIEST–AERY, airy (hav­ing the nature of air) [adj] */*54
SERIATEto put into a series [v –ATED, –ATING, –ATES] */ds55
–AEOLIANeolian (per­tain­ing to the wind) [adj] */*56
–ENATIONan out­growth from the sur­face of an organ [n –S] v/s57
GRANITEa type of rock [n –S] : GRANITIC [adj] */s58
–GRATINE–cov­ered with a crust [adj] */e59
INGRATEan ungrate­ful per­son [n –S] */s60
TANGIERTANGY, pun­gent (sharply affect­ing the organs of taste or smell) [adj] */*61
–TEARINGTEAR, to emit tears (drops of saline liq­uid secreted by a gland of the eye) [v] */*62
TAENIAE–TAENIA, a head­band worn in ancient Greece [n] */*63
ARENOSEsandy (con­tain­ing or cov­ered with sand) [adj] */*64
ROSEATErose-colored [adj] */*65
ELOINERone that eloins (to eloign (to remove to a dis­tant place)) [n –S] */s66
NIOBATEa chem­i­cal salt [n –S] */s67
ACONITEa poi­so­nous herb [n –S] : ACONITIC [adj] t/s68
EROTICA–lit­er­a­ture or art deal­ing with sex­ual love [n] */l69
MORAINEan accu­mu­la­tion of debris deposited by a glac­ier [n –S] : MORAINAL, MORAINIC [adj] */s70
ROMAINEa vari­ety of let­tuce [n –S] */s71
AMNIOTEa ver­te­brate that devel­ops an amnion dur­ing the embry­onic stage [n –S] */s72
GODETIAa showy annual herb [n –S] */s73
AGONIESAGONY, extreme pain [n] */*74
AGONISEto ago­nize (to suf­fer extreme pain) [v –NISED, –NISING, –NISES] */ds75
NEGATORnegater (one that negates (to nul­lify)) [n –S] */s76
GENITORa male par­ent [n –S] */s77
DILATER–dila­tor (one that dilates (to make wider or larger)) [n –S] */s78
REDTAILa type of hawk [n –S] */s79
–TRAILEDTRAIL, to drag along a sur­face [v] */*80
RANDIESRANDY, a rude per­son [n] b/t81
SANDIERSANDY, con­tain­ing or cov­ered with sand [adj] */*82
SARDINEto pack tightly [v –DINED, –DINING, –DINES] */ds83
UNAIREDAIR, to expose to the air (the mix­ture of gases that sur­rounds the earth) [adj] */*84
URANIDEura­nium (a radioac­tive ele­ment) [n –S] */s85
DESTAINto remove stain from [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s86
DETAINS–DETAIN, to hold in cus­tody [v] */*87
INSTEADas a sub­sti­tute or equiv­a­lent [adv] */*88
NIDATES–NIDATE, to become implanted in the uterus [v] */*89
SAINTEDSAINT, to declare to be a saint (a per­son of excep­tional holi­ness) [v] */*90
STAINEDSTAIN, to dis­color or dirty [v] */*91
AUDIENTone that hears (to per­ceive by the ear) [n –S] */s92
ARIDESTARID, extremely dry [adj] */*93
–ASTRIDEwith one leg on each side [adv] */*94
DIASTERa stage in mito­sis [n –S] : DIASTRAL [adj] */s95
DISRATEto lower in rat­ing or rank [v –RATED, –RATING, –RATES] */ds96
STAIDERSTAID, sober and sedate [adj] */*97
TARDIESTARDY, an instance of being late [n] */t98
–TIRADES–TIRADE, a long, vehe­ment speech [n] */*99
–ALINERS–ALINER, aligner (one that aligns (to arrange in a straight line)) [n] */*100
NAILERS–NAILER, one that nails (to fas­ten with a nail (a slen­der piece of metal)) [n] */*101
RENAILS–RENAIL, NAIL, to fas­ten with a nail (a slen­der piece of metal) [v] t/*102
ELASTINa bod­ily pro­tein [n –S] */s103
ENTAILS–ENTAIL, to restrict the inher­i­tance of to a spec­i­fied line of heirs [v] v/*104
NAILSETa steel rod for dri­ving a nail into some­thing [n –S] */s105
SALIENTthe part of a for­ti­fi­ca­tion pro­ject­ing clos­est to the enemy [n –S] */s106
SALTINEa salted cracker [n –S] */s107
SLAINTEused to toast one’s health [interj] */*108
TENAILS–TENAIL, tenaille (an outer defense) [n] */*109
ALUNITEa min­eral [n –S] */s110
REALISTone who is con­cerned with fact or real­ity [n –S] */s111
RETAILS–RETAIL, to sell in small quan­ti­ties [v] */*112
SALTIER–saltire (a heraldic design) [n –S] */s113
SALTIREa heraldic design [n –S] */s114
SLATIERSLATEY, slaty (resem­bling slate) [adj] */*115
TAILERS–TAILER, one that secretly fol­lows another [n] */*116
URALITEa min­eral [n –S] : URALITIC [adj] r/s117
–AUNTIES–AUNTY, aunt (the sis­ter of one’s father or mother) [n] */*118
SINUATEto curve in and out [v –ATED, –ATING, –ATES] */ds119
REGINAE–REGINA, queen [n] */*120
DIATRONa cir­cuitry design that uses diodes [n –S] */s121
AROINTS–AROINT, to drive away [v] */*122
RATIONS–RATION, to dis­trib­ute in fixed por­tions [v] o/*123
RAINOUTatomic fall­out occur­ring in pre­cip­i­ta­tion [n –S] */s124
ARANEIDa spi­der (a type of arach­nid (any of a class of seg­mented inver­te­brate ani­mals)) [n –S] */s125
AIRDATEthe sched­uled date of a broad­cast [n –S] */s126
RADIATEto emit rays [v –ATED, –ATING, –ATES] e/ds127
TIARAEDTIARA, a jew­eled head­piece worn by women [adj] */*128
ENTASIAspas­modic con­trac­tion of a mus­cle [n –S] */s129
TAENIAS–TAENIA, a head­band worn in ancient Greece [n] */*130
ARISTAE–ARISTA, a bristle­like struc­ture or appendage [n] */*131
ASTERIAa gem­stone cut to exhibit aster­ism [n –S] */s132
ATRESIAabsence or clo­sure of a nat­ural bod­ily pas­sage [n –S] : ATRESIC, ATRETIC [adj] */s133
DENARII–DENARIUS, a coin of ancient Rome [n] */*134
INEDITAunpub­lished lit­er­ary works [n] */*135
AIRLINEan air trans­porta­tion sys­tem [n –S] h/rs136
SENARIISENARIUS, a Greek or Latin verse con­sist­ing of six met­ri­cal feet [n] */*137
ISATINE–isatin (a chem­i­cal com­pound) [n –S] */s138
AIRIESTAIRY, hav­ing the nature of air [adj] h/*139
ISOLEADa line on a bal­lis­tic graph [n –S] */s140
LADRONE–a thief (one that steals (to take with­out right or per­mis­sion)) [n –S] */s141
TALONEDTALON, a claw of a bird of prey [adj] */*142
DELATORone that delates (to accuse (to make an asser­tion against)) [n –S] */s143
LEOTARDa close-fitting gar­ment [n –S] */s144
RONDEAUa short poem of fixed form [n –DEAUX] */x145
DONATES–DONATE, to con­tribute [v] o/*146
ROASTEDROAST, to cook with dry heat [v] */*147
TORSADEa twisted cord [n –S] */s148
OUTDAREto sur­pass in dar­ing [v –DARED, –DARING, –DARES] */ds149
OUTREADto sur­pass in read­ing [v –READ, –READING, –READS] */s150
READOUTa pre­sen­ta­tion of com­puter data [n –S] */s151
LOANERS–LOANER, one that loans (to lend (to give the tem­po­rary use of)) [n] */*152
RELOANS–RELOAN, LOAN, to lend (to give the tem­po­rary use of) [v] */*153
ALEURONaleu­rone (pro­tein mat­ter found in the seeds of cer­tain plants) [n –S] */es154
–ETALONS–ETALON, an opti­cal instru­ment [n] */*155
TOLANES–TOLANE, tolan (a chem­i­cal com­pound) [n] */*156
OLESTRAa noncaloric fat sub­sti­tute [n –S] */s157
TORULAE–TORULA, a type of fun­gus (any of a major group of lower plants) [n] */*158
ARENOUSarenose (sandy (con­tain­ing or cov­ered with sand)) [adj] */*159
SOUTANEa cas­sock (a long gar­ment worn by cler­gy­men) [n –S] */s160
LENTOIDan object shaped like a lens [n –S] */s161
DINEROS–DINERO, a for­mer sil­ver coin of Peru [n] */*162
INDORSEto endorse (to sign the back of a nego­tiable doc­u­ment) [v –DORSED, –DORSING, –DORSES] */ders163
ORDINESORDO, a cal­en­dar of reli­gious direc­tions [n] s/*164
ROSINEDROSIN, to treat with rosin (a brit­tle resin) [v] */*165
SORDINEa device used to muf­fle the tone of a musi­cal instru­ment [n –S] */s166
DOURINEa dis­ease of horses [n –S] */s167
NEUROIDresem­bling a nerve [adj] */*168
EDITORS–EDITOR, one that edits (to cor­rect and pre­pare for pub­li­ca­tion) [n] */*169
SORTIED–SORTIE, to attack sud­denly from a defen­sive posi­tion [v] */*170
STEROIDa type of chem­i­cal com­pound [n –S] a/s171
STORIEDSTORY, to relate as a story (an account of an event or series of events) [v] */*172
TRIODES–TRIODE, a type of elec­tron tube [n] */*173
OUTRIDEto ride faster or bet­ter than [v –RODE, –RIDDEN, –RIDING, –RIDES] */rs174
NEROLIS–NEROLI, a fra­grant oil [n] */*175
ENTOILS–ENTOIL, to entrap (to trap (to catch in a trap (a device for cap­tur­ing and hold­ing ani­mals))) [v] */*176
ELUTIONthe act of elut­ing (to remove by means of a sol­vent) [n –S] */s177
OUTLINEto indi­cate the main fea­tures or dif­fer­ent parts of [v –LINED, –LINING, –LINES] */drs178
ESTRIOLan estro­gen (a female sex hor­mone pro­mot­ing or pro­duc­ing estrus) [n –S] o/s179
LOITERS–LOITER, to stand idly about [v] */*180
–TOILERS–TOILER, one that toils (to work stren­u­ously) [n] */*181
OUTLIER–an out­ly­ing area or por­tion [n –S] */s182
URINOSEper­tain­ing to urine (a liq­uid con­tain­ing body wastes) [adj] */*183
STOURIEstoury (dusty (full of dust)) [adj] */*184
ENTRAINto board a train [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s185
RETRAINTRAIN, to instruct sys­tem­at­i­cally [v –ED, –ING, –S] p/s186
TERRAINa tract of land [n –S] */s187
TRAINERone that trains (to instruct sys­tem­at­i­cally) [n –S] s/s188
INTREATto entreat (to ask for earnestly) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s189
ITERANTrepeat­ing [adj] */*190
NATTIERNATTY, neatly dressed [adj] g/*191
NITRATEto treat with nitric acid [v –TRATED, –TRATING, –TRATES] */ds192
TERTIANa recur­rent fever [n –S] */s193
ALIENEDALIEN, to trans­fer to another, as prop­erty [v] */*194
DELAINEa wool fab­ric [n –S] */s195
LEADIERLEADY, resem­bling lead [adj] */*196
ANISEEDthe seed of the anise used as a fla­vor­ing [n –S] */s197
DEARIES–DEARIE, deary (dar­ling (a much-loved per­son)) [n] */*198
READIESREADY, to make ready (pre­pared) [v] */t199
IDEATES–IDEATE, to form an idea [v] */*200
AUDITEEone that is audited [n –S] */s201
REALISEto real­ize (to under­stand com­pletely) [v –ISED, –ISING, –ISES] */drs202
ENTERAL–enteric (per­tain­ing to the enteron) [adj] */*203
ETERNALsome­thing last­ing for­ever [n –S] */s204
TELERANa sys­tem of air nav­i­ga­tion [n –S] */s205
EARNESTa down pay­ment [n –S] */s206
–EASTERN–being to, toward, or in the east [adj] */*207
NEARESTNEAR, sit­u­ated within a short dis­tance [adj] */*208
ENTIRES–ENTIRE, the whole of some­thing [n] */*209
ENTRIESENTRY, a place of entrance [n] gs/*210
RETINES–RETINE, a sub­stance in cells that retards growth and cell divi­sion [n] */*211
TRIENES–TRIENE, a type of chem­i­cal com­pound [n] */*212
RETINUEa group of atten­dants [n –S] : RETINUED [adj] */ds213
REUNITEUNITE, to bring together so as to form a whole [v –UNITED, –UNITING, –UNITES] p/drs214
UTERINEUTERUS, an organ of female mam­mals [adj] */*215
CERATINker­atin (a fibrous pro­tein) [n –S] */s216
CERTAINabsolutely con­fi­dent [adj –TAINER, –TAINEST] */*217
CREATINcre­a­tine (a chem­i­cal com­pound) [n –S] */egs218
TACRINEa drug for treat­ing Alzheimer’s dis­ease [n –S] */s219
FAINTERone that faints (to lose con­scious­ness) [n –S] */s220
HAIRNETa net worn to keep the hair in place [n –S] */s221
INEARTHto bury (to put in the ground and cover with earth) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s222
THERIANany of a sub­class of mam­mals [n –S] */s223
MINARETa slen­der tower attached to a mosque [n –S] */s224
RAIMENTcloth­ing (wear­ing apparel) [n –S] */s225
PAINTERone that paints (to make a rep­re­sen­ta­tion of with paints (col­or­ing sub­stances)) [n –S] */s226
PERTAINto have ref­er­ence or rela­tion [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s227
REPAINTPAINT, to make a rep­re­sen­ta­tion of with paints (col­or­ing sub­stances) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s228
TAWNIERTAWNY, light brown [adj] */*229
TINWAREarti­cles made of tin­plate [n –S] */s230
AEROSATa satel­lite for use in air-traffic con­trol [n –S] */s231
EDITIONa par­tic­u­lar series of printed mate­r­ial [n –S] s/s232
DIORITEan igneous rock [n –S] : DIORITIC [adj] */s233
IRONIESIRONY, the use of words to express the oppo­site of what is lit­er­ally said [n] */*234
NOISIERNOISY, mak­ing loud sounds [adj] */*235
INOSITEinos­i­tol (an alco­hol found in plant and ani­mal tis­sue) [n –S] */s236
DERAIGNto dis­pute a claim [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s237
GRADINE–one of a series of steps [n –S] */s238
–GRAINEDGRAIN, to form into small par­ti­cles [v] */*239
READINGmate­r­ial that is read [n –S] bdt/s240
TRIAGED–TRIAGE, to allo­cate treat­ment to patients [v] */*241
ALIGNERone that aligns (to arrange in a straight line) [n –S] m/s242
ENGRAILto orna­ment the edge of with curved inden­ta­tions [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s243
NARGILEnarghile (a hookah (a water pipe)) [n –S] */hs244
REALIGNALIGN, to arrange in a straight line [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s245
REGINAL–REGINA, queen [adj] */*246
–ATINGLEtin­gling [adj] */*247
ELATINGELATE, to raise the spir­its of [v] dgr/*248
GELATIN–a gluti­nous sub­stance [n –S] */egs249
GENITALper­tain­ing to repro­duc­tion (pro­duc­tion) [adj] */s250
TAGLINEthe final line of a play or joke that makes the point [n –S] */s251
EARINGS–EARING, a line on a ship [n] bgh/*252
–ERASINGERASE, to rub or scrape out [v] */*253
GAINERS–GAINER, one that gains (to acquire (to come into pos­ses­sion of)) [n] */*254
REAGINS–REAGIN, a type of anti­body (a body pro­tein that pro­duces immu­nity against cer­tain microor­gan­isms or tox­ins) [n] */*255
REGAINS–REGAIN, GAIN, to acquire (to come into pos­ses­sion of) [v] */*256
REGINAS–REGINA, queen [n] */*257
–SEARINGSEAR, to burn the sur­face of [v] */*258
SERINGA–a Brazilian tree [n –S] */s259
EASTINGa move­ment toward the east [n –S] fy/s260
EATINGS–EATING, the act of con­sum­ing food [n] bs/*261
INGATES–INGATE, a chan­nel by which molten metal enters a mold [n] */*262
INGESTA–ingested mate­r­ial [n] */*263
–SEATINGmate­r­ial for cov­er­ing seats [n –S] */s264
–TEASINGTEASE, to make fun of [v] */*265
UNITAGEamount in units [n –S] */s266
AIGRETS–AIGRET, aigrette (a tuft of feath­ers worn as a head orna­ment) [n] */*267
GAITERS–GAITER, a cov­er­ing for the lower leg [n] */*268
SEAGIRTsur­rounded by the sea [adj] */*269
STAGIERSTAGY, hav­ing a the­atri­cal qual­ity [adj] */*270
TRIAGES–TRIAGE, to allo­cate treat­ment to patients [v] */*271
–ORATIONa for­mal speech [n –S] */s272
INTONER–one that intones (to speak in a singing voice) [n –S] */s273
TERNIONa group of three [n –S] */s274
TRITONE–a musi­cal inter­val of three whole tones [n –S] */s275
ENOLASEan enzyme (a com­plex pro­tein) [n –S] */s276
AREOLES–AREOLE, are­ola (a small space in a net­work of leaf veins) [n] */*277
AUREOLEto sur­round with a halo [v –OLED, –OLING, –OLES] */ds278
OLEATES–OLEATE, a chem­i­cal salt [n] */*279
AENEOUShav­ing a green­ish gold color [adj] */*280
ELOINEDELOIN, to eloign (to remove to a dis­tant place) [v] */*281
REOILEDREOIL, OIL, to sup­ply with oil (a greasy liq­uid used for lubri­ca­tion, fuel, or illu­mi­na­tion) [v] */*282
OREIDES–OREIDE, oroide (an alloy used to imi­tate gold) [n] */*283
OSIEREDOSIER, a European tree [adj] */*284
OLEINES–OLEINE, olein (the liq­uid por­tion of a fat) [n] */*285
–ETOILES–ETOILE, a star [n] */*286
NITERIEnitery (a night­club) [n –S] */s287
–ORATINGORATE, to speak for­mally [v] b/*288
ISOBARE–iso­bar (a type of atom (the small­est unit of an ele­ment)) [n –S] */s289
CODEINA–codeine (a nar­cotic alka­loid) [n –S] */s290
CALORIEa unit of heat [n –S] */s291
CARIOLEa small, open car­riage [n –S] */s292
COALIERCOALY, con­tain­ing coal [adj] */*293
LORICAE–LORICA, a pro­tec­tive cov­er­ing or shell [n] */*294
ALOETICALOE, an African plant [adj] */*295
ACINOSEACINUS, a small, saclike divi­sion of a gland [adj] */*296
SCORIAE–SCORIA, the refuse of a smelted metal or ore [n] */*297
AMIDONEa chem­i­cal com­pound [n –S] */s298
DOMAINE–a vine­yard in Burgundy [n –S] */s299
NAEVOIDNAEVUS, nevus (a birth­mark) [adj] */*300
OPIATED–OPIATE, to treat with opium [v] */*301
AVODIREan African tree [n –S] */s302
–AVOIDERone that avoids (to keep away from) [n –S] */s303
FOLIATEto ham­mer into thin plates [v –ATED, –ATING, –ATES] */ds304
AIRHOLEa hole to let air in or out [n –S] */s305
LOAMIERLOAMY, resem­bling loam [adj] */*306
OPALINEan opaque white glass [n –S] */s307
PELORIAabnor­mal reg­u­lar­ity of a flower form [n –S] : PELORIAN, PELORIC [adj] */ns308
VARIOLEa fove­ola (a small fovea) [n –S] o/s309
VIOLATEto break or dis­re­gard the terms or require­ments of [v –LATED, –LATING, –LATES] */drs310
ANOMIES–ANOMY, anomie (a col­lapse of the social struc­tures gov­ern­ing a given soci­ety) [n] */*311
AMOSITEa type of asbestos (a min­eral) [n –S] */s312
ATOMIESATOMY, a tiny par­ti­cle [n] */*313
ATOMISEto atom­ize (to reduce to a fine spray) [v –ISED, –ISING, –ISES] */drs314
EPINAOSa rear vestibule [n –NAOI] */*315
SENOPIAan improve­ment of near vision [n –S] */s316
EVASIONthe act of evad­ing (to escape or avoid by clev­er­ness or deceit) [n –S] */s317
SOAPIERSOAPY, con­tain­ing or resem­bling soap [adj] */*318
ATOPIESATOPY, a type of allergy (a state of hyper­sen­si­tive reac­tion to cer­tain things) [n] */*319
OPIATES–OPIATE, to treat with opium [v] */*320
–OVARIESOVARY, a female repro­duc­tive gland [n] c/*321
–ERODENTero­sive (caus­ing ero­sion) [adj] */*322
ESTRONEan estro­gen (a female sex hor­mone pro­mot­ing or pro­duc­ing estrus) [n –S] o/s323
TEARIERTEARY, tear­ful (full of tears) [adj] */*324
ARIETTEari­etta (a short aria) [n –S] */s325
ITERATEto repeat (to say or do again) [v –ATED, –ATING, –ATES] l/ds326
BARONETthe holder of a rank below that of a baron [n –S] */s327
REBOANTresound­ing loudly [adj] */*328
ENACTORone that enacts (to make into a law) [n –S] */sy329
–ANOTHERone more [adj] */*330
TONEARMthe piv­oted part of a record player that holds the nee­dle [n –S] */s331
OPERANTone that oper­ates (to per­form a func­tion) [n –S] */s332
PRONATEto turn the palm down­ward or back­ward [v –NATED, –NATING, –NATES] */ds333
PROTEAN–a type of pro­tein (a nitroge­nous organic com­pound) [n –S] */s334
BORNITEan ore of cop­per [n –S] : BORNITIC [adj] */s335
COINTERto bury together [v –TERRED, –TERRING, –TERS] */s336
NOTICER–one that notices (to become aware of) [n –S] */s337
POINTER–one that points (to indi­cate direc­tion with the fin­ger) [n –S] */s338
PROTEIN–a nitroge­nous organic com­pound [n –S] */s339
TROPINE–a poi­so­nous alka­loid [n –S] a/s340
–ODONATEany of an order of preda­cious insects [n –S] */s341
LOONIER–LOONEY, loony (crazy (insane (men­tally unsound))) [adj] */*342
EROSIONthe act of erod­ing (to wear away by con­stant fric­tion) [n –S] */s343
ISOTONEa type of atom (the small­est unit of an ele­ment) [n –S] */s344
TOONIES–TOONIE, a Canadian two-dollar coin [n] */*345
SOOTIERSOOTY, cov­ered with soot [adj] */*346
–AEONIANeon­ian (ever­last­ing) [adj] */*347
ANERGIAanergy (lack of energy) [n –S] */s348
BETAINEan alka­loid (a type of chem­i­cal com­pound) [n –S] */s349
HERNIAE–HERNIA, the pro­tru­sion of an organ through its sur­round­ing wall [n] */*350
ETAMINE–a loosely woven fab­ric [n –S] k/s351
MATINEEa day­time per­for­mance [n –S] */s352
EMERITAa retired woman who retains an hon­orary title [n –TAS or –TAE] */es353
EMIRATEthe rank of an emir [n –S] */s354
MEATIERMEATY, full of meat [adj] */*355
PERINEAPERINEUM, a region of the body at the lower end of the trunk [n] */l356
NAIVETEthe qual­ity of being naive [n –S] */s357
PEATIERPEATY, resem­bling or con­tain­ing peat [adj] */*358
GEOIDALGEOID, a hypo­thet­i­cal sur­face of the earth [adj] */*359
GOALIES–GOALIE, a player who defends against goals [n] */*360
SOILAGEgreen crops for feed­ing ani­mals [n –S] */s361
EULOGIAholy bread [n –GIAE], a bless­ing (a prayer (a devout peti­tion to a deity)) [n –S] */es362
AREOLAE–AREOLA, a small space in a net­work of leaf veins [n] */*363
GROANEDGROAN, to utter a low, mourn­ful sound [v] */*364
TANGOEDTANGO, to per­form a Latin-American dance [v] */*365
GAROTED–GAROTE, to gar­rote (to exe­cute by stran­gling) [v] */*366
TANGELOa cit­rus fruit [n –LOS] */s367
GLOATERone that gloats (to regard with great or exces­sive sat­is­fac­tion) [n –S] */s368
LEGATOR–one that legates (to bequeath (to grant by tes­ta­ment)) [n –S] */s369
ONAGERS–ONAGER, a wild ass of cen­tral Asia [n] */*370
–ORANGES–ORANGE, a cit­rus fruit [n] */*371
ONSTAGEbeing on a part of the stage vis­i­ble to the audi­ence [adj] */*372
GAROTES–GAROTE, to gar­rote (to exe­cute by stran­gling) [v] */*373
ORGEATS–ORGEAT, an almond-flavored syrup [n] */*374
STORAGEa place for stor­ing [n –S] */s375
OUTRAGEto arouse anger or resent­ment in [v –RAGED, –RAGING, –RAGES] */ds376
ERODINGERODE, to wear away by con­stant fric­tion [v] */*377
GROINEDGROIN, to build with inter­sect­ing arches [v] */*378
IGNORED–IGNORE, to refuse to notice [v] */*379
NEGROIDmem­ber of the black race [n –S] */s380
REDOINGREDO, DO, to begin and carry through to com­ple­tion [v] */*381
INGOTEDINGOT, to shape into a con­ve­nient form for stor­age [v] */*382
LENTIGOa freckle [n –TIGINES] */*383
ERINGOS–ERINGO, eryngo (a med­i­c­i­nal herb) [n] */*384
IGNORES–IGNORE, to refuse to notice [v] */*385
REGIONS–REGION, an admin­is­tra­tive area or divi­sion [n] */*386
–SIGNORE–signor (an Italian title of cour­tesy for a man) [n –GNORI] */*387
GOITERS–GOITER, an enlarge­ment of the thy­roid gland [n] */*388
GOITRES–GOITRE, goi­ter (an enlarge­ment of the thy­roid gland) [n] */*389
GORIESTGORY, bloody (stained with blood) [adj] */*390
GOUTIERGOUTY, affected with gout [adj] */*391
AEROBIAAEROBIUM, aer­obe (an organ­ism that requires oxy­gen to live) [n] */*392
EPINAOIEPINAOS, a rear vestibule [n] */*393
DENIALS–DENIAL, the act of deny­ing (to declare to be untrue) [n] */*394
–SNAILEDSNAIL, to move slowly [v] */*395
ALIUNDEfrom a source extrin­sic to the mat­ter at hand [adv] */*396
UNIDEALnot ideal [adj] */*397
DERAILS–DERAIL, to run off the rails of a track [v] */*398
DIALERS–DIALER, one that dials (to manip­u­late a cal­i­brated disk) [n] */*399
REDIALS–REDIAL, DIAL, to manip­u­late a cal­i­brated disk [v] */*400
–UREDIAL–per­tain­ing to a ure­dium (a spore-producing organ of cer­tain fungi) [adj] */*401
DETAILS–DETAIL, to report with com­plete par­tic­u­lars [v] */*402
DILATES–DILATE, to make wider or larger [v] */*403
RESIDUARESIDUUM, residue (some­thing remain­ing after the removal of a part) [n] */l404
DAUTIES–DAUTIE, a small pet [n] */*405
INULASEan enzyme (a com­plex pro­tein) [n –S] */s406
STANDERone that stands (to assume or main­tain an upright posi­tion) [n –S] */s407
DAUNTERone that daunts (to intim­i­date) [n –S] */s408
NATURED–NATURE, the essen­tial qual­i­ties of a per­son or thing [adj] */*409
UNRATEDRATE, to esti­mate the value of [adj] */*410
UNTREADto tread back [v –TROD or –TREADED, –TRODDEN, –TREADING, –TREADS] */s411
ANTLERS–ANTLER, the horn of an ani­mal of the deer fam­ily [n] */*412
RENTALS–RENTAL, an amount paid or col­lected as rent [n] */*413
SALTERN–a place where salt is pro­duced [n –S] */s414
STERNAL–per­tain­ing to the ster­num [adj] a/*415
NEUTRALone that is impar­tial [n –S] */s416
NATURES–NATURE, the essen­tial qual­i­ties of a per­son or thing [n] */*417
SAUNTERto walk in a leisurely man­ner [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s418
TENDRILa leaf­less organ of climb­ing plants [n –S] */s419
TRINDLEto trun­dle (to pro­pel by caus­ing to rotate) [v –DLED, –DLING, –DLES] */ds420
TINDERS–TINDER, read­ily com­bustible mate­r­ial [n] */*421
INTRUDEto thrust or force one­self in [v –TRUDED, –TRUDING, –TRUDES] */drs422
TURDINEbelong­ing to a large fam­ily of singing birds [adj] */*423
UNTIREDTIRED, sapped of strength [adj] */*424
UNTRIEDTRY, to attempt (to make an effort to do or accom­plish) [adj] */*425
–LINTERS–LINTER, a machine for remov­ing fibers from cot­ton seeds [n] */*426
NUTSIERNUTSY, crazy (insane (men­tally unsound)) [adj] */*427
TRIUNES–TRIUNE, a trin­ity (a group of three) [n] */*428
–UNITERS–UNITER, one that unites (to bring together so as to form a whole) [n] */*429
LINEAGEdirect descent from an ances­tor [n –S] */s430
EGALITEequal­ity (the state of being equal (hav­ing the same capa­bil­ity, quan­tity, or effect as another)) [n –S] */s431
EUGENIAa trop­i­cal ever­green tree [n –S] */s432
ORDINALa num­ber des­ig­nat­ing posi­tion in a series [n –S] */s433
DILATORone that dilates (to make wider or larger) [n –S] */sy434
INROADS–INROAD, a hos­tile inva­sion [n] */*435
ORDAINS–ORDAIN, to invest with holy author­ity [v] */*436
SADIRONa heavy flat­iron [n –S] */s437
AUDITORone that audits (to exam­ine with intent to ver­ify) [n –S] */sy438
LATINOS–LATINO, a Latin American [n] */*439
TALIONS–TALION, a retal­i­a­tion for a crime [n] */*440
OUTLAINOUTLIE, to lie beyond [v] */*441
ORALISTan advo­cate of oral­ism (the use of oral meth­ods of teach­ing the deaf) [n –S] m/s442
RIALTOS–RIALTO, a mar­ket­place [n] */*443
TAILORS–TAILOR, to fit with clothes [v] */*444
SAUTOIRa saltire (a heraldic design) [n –S] */es445
NEONATEa new­born child [n –S] : NEONATAL [adj] */s446
ONERIERONERY, ornery (stub­born and mean-spirited) [adj] */*447
GRANTEEone to whom some­thing is granted [n –S] */s448
GREATENto make greater (large (of con­sid­er­able size or quan­tity)) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s449
NEGATER–one that negates (to nul­lify (to make use­less or inef­fec­tive)) [n –S] */s450
REAGENTa sub­stance used in a chem­i­cal reac­tion to ascer­tain the nature or com­po­si­tion of another [n –S] */s451
INTEGERa whole num­ber [n –S] */s452
TREEINGTREE, to drive up a tree (a tall, woody plant) [v] */*453
ACETONEa flam­ma­ble liq­uid [n –S] : ACETONIC [adj] */s454
–OCREATEhav­ing ocreae [adj] c/*455
OPERATEto per­form a func­tion [v –ATED, –ATING, –ATES] */ds456
OVERATEOVEREAT, to eat to excess [v] */*457
OVEREATto eat to excess [v OVERATE, –EATEN, –EATING, –EATS] */s458
EBONITEa hard rub­ber [n –S] */s459
COTERIEa clique [n –S] */s460
HEROINE–a brave woman [n –S] */s461
ONETIMEfor­mer [adj] z/*462
PEREIONthe tho­rax of some crus­taceans [n –REIONS or –REIA] */s463
PIONEERto take part in the begin­nings of [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s464
RADIALE–a bone of the car­pus [n –LIA] */*465
NAIADESNAIAD, a water nymph [n] */*466
AERIALS–AERIAL, an antenna (a metal­lic device for send­ing or receiv­ing radio waves) [n] */*467
DELIRIADELIRIUM, wild excite­ment [n] */*468
DAIRIESDAIRY, an estab­lish­ment deal­ing in milk prod­ucts [n] */*469
DIARIESDIARY, a per­sonal jour­nal [n] */*470
LAITIESLAITY, the non­cler­i­cal mem­ber­ship of a reli­gious faith [n] */*471
ALIENEEone to whom prop­erty is trans­ferred [n –S] */s472
SANTERAa priest­ess of san­te­ria [n –S] */s473
INDITER–one that indites (to write or com­pose) [n –S] */s474
NITRIDE–to con­vert into a nitride (a com­pound of nitro­gen) [v –TRIDED, –TRIDING, –TRIDES] */ds475
LINTIERLINTY, cov­ered with lint [adj] fg/*476
NITRILE–a chem­i­cal com­pound [n –S] */s477
TEENIERTEENY, tiny (very small) [adj] */*478
LOADERS–LOADER, one that loads (to place in or on a means of con­veyance) [n] */*479
ORDEALS–ORDEAL, a severely dif­fi­cult or painful expe­ri­ence [n] */*480
RELOADS–RELOAD, LOAD, to place in or on a means of con­veyance [v] p/*481
ROULADEa musi­cal embell­ish­ment [n –S] */s482
SOLATED–SOLATE, to change to a fluid col­loidal sys­tem [v] i/*483
OUTLEADto sur­pass in lead­ing [v –LED, –LEADING, –LEADS] */s484
–AROUSED–AROUSE, to stim­u­late [v] c/*485
INDOLES–INDOLE, a chem­i­cal com­pound [n] */*486
UNOILEDOIL, to sup­ply with oil (a greasy liq­uid used for lubri­ca­tion, fuel, or illu­mi­na­tion) [adj] */*487
SOLDIERto per­form mil­i­tary ser­vice [v –ED, –ING, –S] */sy488
SOLIDERSOLID, hav­ing def­i­nite shape and vol­ume [adj] */*489
TOLUIDE–an amide (a type of chem­i­cal com­pound) [n –S] */s490
OUTSIDEthe outer side, sur­face, or part [n –S] */rs491
TEDIOUScaus­ing weari­ness [adj] */*492
ELUSIONthe act of elud­ing (to evade (to escape or avoid by clev­er­ness or deceit)) [n –S] d/s493
LOUSIERLOUSY, mean or con­temptible [adj] b/*494
SOILUREa stain or smudge [n –S] */s495
OUTLIES–OUTLIE, to lie beyond [v] */*496
ALATIONthe state of hav­ing wings [n –S] h/s497
ATONIAS–ATONIA, atony (mus­cu­lar weak­ness) [n] */*498
RODENTS–RODENT, a gnaw­ing mam­mal [n] */*499
SNORTEDSNORT, to exhale nois­ily through the nos­trils [v] */*500
TENOURS–TENOUR, tenor (a high male singing voice) [n] */*501
TONSUREto shave the head of [v –SURED, –SURING, –SURES] */ds502
GOATEED–GOATEE, a small pointed beard [adj] */*503
AEROGELa highly porous solid [n –S] */s504
GOATEES–GOATEE, a small pointed beard [n] */*505
GENOISEa rich sponge­cake [n –S] */s506
SOIGNEE–soigne (care­fully done) [adj] */*507
NARDINENARD, a fra­grant oint­ment [adj] */*508
DRAINERone that drains (to draw off a liq­uid) [n –S] */s509
RANDIERRANDY, lust­ful (marked by exces­sive sex­ual desire) [adj] */*510
TAINTEDTAINT, to touch or affect slightly with some­thing bad [v] */*511
TARDIERTARDY, late (com­ing or occur­ring after the expected time) [adj] */*512
TARRIEDTARRY, to delay or be slow in act­ing or doing [v] */*513
ATTIRED–ATTIRE, to clothe (to pro­vide with cloth­ing) [v] */*514
RETRIALa sec­ond trial [n –S] p/s515
–TRAILERto trans­port by means of a trailer (a vehi­cle drawn by another) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s516
TERTIALa flight feather of a bird’s wing [n –S] */s517
INSANER–INSANE, men­tally unsound [adj] */*518
INSNAREto ensnare (to trap (to catch in a trap (a device for cap­tur­ing and hold­ing ani­mals))) [v –SNARED, –SNARING, –SNARES] */drs519
ANEURINthi­amine (a B vit­a­min) [n –S] */s520
INANEST–INANE, non­sen­si­cal [adj] */*521
STANINEone of the nine classes into which a set of scores are divided [n –S] */s522
SIERRAN–SIERRA, a moun­tain range [adj] */*523
INSTATEto place in office [v –STATED, –STATING, –STATES] */ds524
SATINETa thin satin [n –S] */s525
ARTSIERARTSY, arty (show­ily or pre­ten­tiously artis­tic) [adj] */*526
TARRIESTARRY, to delay or be slow in act­ing or doing [v] */t527
TARSIERa noc­tur­nal pri­mate [n –S] */s528
ARTIESTARTY, show­ily or pre­ten­tiously artis­tic [adj] tw/*529
ARTISTE–a skilled pub­lic per­former [n –S] */s530
ATTIRES–ATTIRE, to clothe (to pro­vide with cloth­ing) [v] */*531
IRATESTIRATE, angry (feel­ing strong dis­plea­sure or hos­til­ity) [adj] */*532
RATITES–RATITE, a flight­less bird [n] */*533
STRIATEto mark with striae [v –ATED, –ATING, –ATES] */ds534
TASTIERTASTY, pleas­ant to the taste [adj] */*535
–AEDILES–AEDILE, a mag­is­trate of ancient Rome [n] */*536
BEGONIAa trop­i­cal herb [n –S] */s537
COINAGEthe act of mak­ing coins [n –S] */s538
–LEARNEDLEARN, to gain knowl­edge by expe­ri­ence, instruc­tion, or study [v] */*539
LATENEDLATEN, to become late (com­ing or occur­ring after the expected time) [v] */*540
ALERTEDALERT, to warn (to make aware of impend­ing or pos­si­ble dan­ger) [v] */*541
ALTEREDALTER, to make dif­fer­ent [v] fhp/*542
–RELATED–RELATE, to give an account of [v] */*543
TREADLEto work a foot lever [v –LED, –LING, –LES] */drs544
ENDEARS–ENDEAR, to make dear or beloved [v] */*545
STANDEEone who stands because of the lack of seats [n –S] */s546
DEARESTDEAR, greatly loved [adj] */*547
DERATES–DERATE, to lower the rated capa­bil­ity of [v] */*548
REDATES–REDATE, DATE, to deter­mine or record the date of [v] p/*549
SEDATER–SEDATE, calm (free from agi­ta­tion) [adj] */*550
LEANERS–LEANER, one that leans (to devi­ate from a ver­ti­cal posi­tion) [n] cg/*551
LATEENS–LATEEN, a sail­ing ves­sel [n] */*552
LEANESTLEAN, hav­ing lit­tle fat [adj] c/*553
ELATERS–ELATER, a click bee­tle [n] r/*554
REALEST–REAL, hav­ing actual exis­tence [adj] */*555
–RELATES–RELATE, to give an account of [v] p/*556
RESLATESLATE, to cover with slate (a roof­ing mate­r­ial) [v –SLATED, –SLATING, –SLATES] */ds557
STEALERone that steals (to take with­out right or per­mis­sion) [n –S] */s558
AUSTEREgrave in dis­po­si­tion or appear­ance [adj –TERER, –TEREST] */r559
REDLINEto with­hold loans or insur­ance from cer­tain neigh­bor­hoods [v –LINED, –LINING, –LINES] */drs560
RELINED–RELINE, LINE, to mark with lines (slen­der, con­tin­u­ous marks) [v] */*561
LENITED–LENITE, to artic­u­late a lenis [v] */*562
RETILED–RETILE, TILE, to cover with tiles (thin slabs of baked clay) [v] */*563
DENIERS–DENIER, one that denies (to declare to be untrue) [n] */*564
NEREIDS–NEREID, a sea nymph [n] */*565
RESINEDRESIN, to treat with resin (a vis­cous sub­stance obtained from cer­tain plants) [v] */*566
DESTINEto deter­mine before­hand [v –TINED, –TINING, –TINES] */ds567
ENDITES–ENDITE, to indite (to write or com­pose) [v] */*568
DETINUEan action to recover prop­erty wrong­fully detained [n –S] */s569
DIESTERa type of chem­i­cal com­pound [n –S] */s570
DIETERS–DIETER, one that diets (to reg­u­late one’s daily sus­te­nance) [n] */*571
REEDITS–REEDIT, EDIT, to cor­rect and pre­pare for pub­li­ca­tion [v] p/*572
RESITED–RESITE, SITE, to place in posi­tion for oper­a­tion [v] */*573
ERUDITEschol­arly [adj] */*574
LIERNES–LIERNE, a con­nect­ing part in Gothic vault­ing [n] */*575
RELINES–RELINE, LINE, to mark with lines (slen­der, con­tin­u­ous marks) [v] */*576
LENITES–LENITE, to artic­u­late a lenis [v] */*577
LISENTESENTE, a mon­e­tary unit of Lesotho [n] */*578
SETLINEa strong fish­ing line [n –S] */s579
–TENSILEten­si­ble (capa­ble of being stretched) [adj] */*580
LEISTERto spear with a three-pronged fish­ing imple­ment [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s581
RETILES–RETILE, TILE, to cover with tiles (thin slabs of baked clay) [v] */*582
STERILEinca­pable of pro­duc­ing off­spring [adj] */*583
–BRAINEDBRAIN, to hit on the head [v] */*584
REDBAITto denounce as Communist [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s585
TRIBADEa les­bian (a female homo­sex­ual) [n –S] : TRIBADIC [adj] */s586
LIBRATEto move from side to side [v –BRATED, –BRATING, –BRATES] */ds587
TRIABLEsub­ject to judi­cial exam­i­na­tion [adj] */*588
BANTIESBANTY, a ban­tam (a small fowl) [n] */*589
BASINETa medieval hel­met [n –S] */s590
BAITERS–BAITER, one that baits (to lure (to attract with some­thing desir­able)) [n] */*591
BARITES–BARITE, a min­eral [n] */*592
REBAITS–REBAIT, BAIT, to lure (to attract with some­thing desir­able) [v] */*593
TERBIAS–TERBIA, an oxide of ter­bium [n] */*594
CAIRNEDCAIRN, a mound of stones set up as a memo­r­ial [adj] */*595
CARLINE–car­ling (a beam sup­port­ing a ship’s deck) [n –S] */s596
ARTICLEto charge with spe­cific offenses [v –CLED, –CLING, –CLES] p/ds597
RECITALa detailed account [n –S] */s598
ARCSINEthe inverse func­tion to the sine [n –S] */s599
ARSENICa metal­lic ele­ment [n –S] */s600
CARNIES–CARNIE, carny (a car­ni­val (a trav­el­ing amuse­ment show)) [n] */*601
ACETINS–ACETIN, a chem­i­cal com­pound [n] */*602
CINEASTa devo­tee of motion pic­tures [n –S] */es603
TUNICAE–TUNICA, an envelop­ing mem­brane or layer of body tis­sue [n] */*604
ATRESICATRESIA, absence or clo­sure of a nat­ural bod­ily pas­sage [adj] */*605
CRISTAE–CRISTA, a part of a cell [n] */*606
RACIESTRACY, bor­der­ing on impro­pri­ety or inde­cency [adj] */*607
STEARICSTEARIN, the solid por­tion of a fat [adj] */*608
DEFIANTshow­ing defi­ance [adj] */*609
FAINTEDFAINT, to lose con­scious­ness [v] */*610
HANDIERHANDY, con­ve­nient for han­dling [adj] */*611
AIRTHEDAIRTH, to airt (to guide (to show the way to)) [v] */*612
INARMEDINARM, to encir­cle with the arms [v] */*613
MEDIANT–a type of musi­cal tone [n –S] */s614
READMITADMIT, to allow to enter [v –MITTED, –MITTING, –MITS] p/s615
PARDINEper­tain­ing to a leop­ard (a large, car­niv­o­rous feline mam­mal) [adj] */*616
DEPAINTto depict (to por­tray (to rep­re­sent pic­to­ri­ally)) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s617
PAINTEDPAINT, to make a rep­re­sen­ta­tion of with paints (col­or­ing sub­stances) [v] */*618
PATINED–PATINE, to cover with a patina [v] */*619
INVADER–one that invades (to enter for con­quest or plun­der) [n –S] */s620
RAVINED–RAVIN, to raven (to eat in a rav­en­ous man­ner) [v] */*621
DEVIANTone that devi­ates from a norm [n –S] */s622
DIPTERADIPTERON, dipteran (a two-winged fly) [n] */ln623
PARTIEDPARTY, to attend a social gath­er­ing [v] */*624
PIRATED–PIRATE, to com­mit piracy [v] */*625
TARDIVEhav­ing symp­toms that develop slowly [adj] */*626
DIETARYa sys­tem of diet­ing [n –ETARIES] */*627
INFLATEto cause to expand by fill­ing with gas or air [v –FLATED, –FLATING, –FLATES] */drs628
INFARES–INFARE, a recep­tion for new­ly­weds [n] */*629
FAINESTFAIN, glad (feel­ing plea­sure) [adj] */*630
–FAIRESTFAIR, free from bias, dis­hon­esty, or injus­tice [adj] */*631
HERNIAL–HERNIA, the pro­tru­sion of an organ through its sur­round­ing wall [adj] */*632
INHALER–one that inhales (to take into the lungs) [n –S] */s633
LATHIERLATHY, long and slen­der [adj] */*634
HERNIAS–HERNIA, the pro­tru­sion of an organ through its sur­round­ing wall [n] */*635
SHEITANshai­tan (an evil spirit) [n –S] */s636
STHENIAexces­sive energy [n –S] : STHENIC [adj] a/s637
HASTIERHASTY, speedy (swift (mov­ing with a great rate of motion)) [adj] */*638
MANLIERMANLY, hav­ing the qual­i­ties of a man [adj] */*639
MARLINE–a rope used on a ship [n –S] */s640
MINERALa nat­u­rally occur­ring inor­ganic sub­stance hav­ing a char­ac­ter­is­tic set of phys­i­cal prop­er­ties [n –S] */s641
AILMENTa phys­i­cal or men­tal dis­or­der [n –S] b/s642
ALIMENTto nour­ish (to sus­tain with food) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s643
MALTIERMALTY, resem­bling malt [adj] */*644
MARLITEa type of marl [n –S] : MARLITIC [adj] */s645
PLAINERPLAIN, evi­dent (clear to the vision or under­stand­ing) [adj] */*646
PRALINEa con­fec­tion made of nuts cooked in sugar [n –S] */s647
PANTILEa roof­ing tile [n –S] : PANTILED [adj] */ds648
RAVELINa type of for­ti­fi­ca­tion [n –S] */gs649
INLAYERone that inlays (to set into a sur­face) [n –S] */s650
–VENTAILthe adjustable front of a medieval hel­met [n –S] a/s651
PLAITERone that plaits (to braid (to weave together)) [n –S] */s652
PLATIERPLATY, split into thin, flat pieces [adj] */*653
IRATELYIRATE, angry (feel­ing strong dis­plea­sure or hos­til­ity) [adv] */*654
REALITYsome­thing that is real [n –TIES] */*655
TEARILYin a teary man­ner [adv] */*656
MARINES–MARINE, a sol­dier trained for ser­vice at sea and on land [n] */*657
REMAINS–REMAIN, to con­tinue in the same state [v] c/*658
SEMINAR–an advanced study group at a col­lege or uni­ver­sity [n –S] */sy659
ETAMINS–ETAMIN, eta­mine (a loosely woven fab­ric) [n] */*660
INMATES–INMATE, one who is con­fined to an insti­tu­tion [n] */*661
TAMEINS–TAMEIN, a gar­ment worn by Burmese women [n] */*662
IMARETS–IMARET, a Turkish inn [n] */*663
MAESTRIMAESTRO, a mas­ter of an art [n] */*664
MISRATEto rate incor­rectly [v –RATED, –RATING, –RATES] */ds665
SMARTIEsmarty (an obnox­iously con­ceited per­son) [n –S] */s666
MURIATEchlo­ride (a chlo­rine com­pound) [n –S] */ds667
PANIERS–PANIER, pan­nier (a large bas­ket) [n] */*668
RAPINES–RAPINE, the tak­ing of prop­erty by force [n] */*669
PANTIES–PANTIE, a woman’s or child’s under­gar­ment [n] */*670
PATINES–PATINE, to cover with a patina [v] */*671
SAPIENTa wise per­son [n –S] */s672
SPINATEbear­ing thorns [adj] */*673
PETUNIAa trop­i­cal herb [n –S] */s674
RAVINES–RAVINE, a nar­row, steep-sided val­ley [n] */*675
NAIVEST–NAIVE, lack­ing sophis­ti­ca­tion [adj] */*676
NATIVES–NATIVE, an orig­i­nal inhab­i­tant of an area [n] */*677
VAINESTVAIN, filled with undue admi­ra­tion for one­self [adj] */*678
TAWNIESTAWNY, a light brown color [n] */t679
WANIESTWANY, wan­ing in some parts [adj] */*680
–VAUNTIEboast­ful (given to boast­ing) [adj] */*681
PARTIESPARTY, to attend a social gath­er­ing [v] */*682
PASTIER–PASTY, pale and unhealthy in appear­ance [adj] */*683
PIASTERa mon­e­tary unit of sev­eral Arab coun­tries [n –S] */s684
PIASTREpiaster (a mon­e­tary unit of sev­eral Arab coun­tries) [n –S] */s685
PIRATES–PIRATE, to com­mit piracy [v] */*686
TRAIPSEto walk about in an idle or aim­less man­ner [v TRAIPSED, TRAIPSING, TRAIPSES] */ds687
VASTIERVASTY, vast (of great extent or size) [adj] */*688
VERITAStruth (con­for­mity to fact or real­ity) [n –TATES] */*689
WAISTERa sea­man sta­tioned in the mid­dle sec­tion of a ship [n –S] */s690
WAITERS–WAITER, to work as a male server in a restau­rant [v] a/*691
WARIESTWARY, watch­ful (closely obser­vant or alert) [adj] */*692
WASTRIEwastry (reck­less extrav­a­gance) [n –S] */s693
OREGANOan aro­matic herb used as a sea­son­ing [n –NOS] */s694
ROOTAGEa sys­tem of roots [n –S] */s695
GOONIER–GOONY, stu­pid (men­tally slow) [adj] */*696
AREOLAS–AREOLA, a small space in a net­work of leaf veins [n] */*697
AUREOLAa halo [n –LAS or –LAE] */es698
IODINES–IODINE, a non­metal­lic ele­ment [n] */*699
IONISED–IONISE, to ion­ize (to con­vert into ions) [v] l/*700
ELISIONthe act of elid­ing (to omit (to leave out)) [n –S] */s701
ISOLINEan iso­gram (a line on a map con­nect­ing points of equal value) [n –S] */s702
–LIONISEto lion­ize (to treat or regard as a celebrity) [v –ISED, –ISING, –ISES] */drs703
IOLITES–IOLITE, a min­eral [n] */*704
OILIESTOILY, cov­ered or soaked with oil [adj] r/*705
TABORINtaborine (a taboret (a small drum)) [n –S] */egs706
CAROTINcarotene (a plant pig­ment) [n –S] */s707
CORTINA–a mem­brane on some mush­rooms [n –S] */s708
–ATROPINatropine (a poi­so­nous alka­loid) [n –S] */es709
WAITRONa server in a restau­rant [n –S] */s710
ARIETTAa short aria [n –S] */s711
RAINIERRAINY, marked by rain [adj] bg/*712
ALIGNEDALIGN, to arrange in a straight line [v] m/*713
DEALINGa busi­ness trans­ac­tion [n –S] */s714
LEADINGa cov­er­ing or bor­der of lead [n –S] p/s715
GLADIERGLADY, hav­ing glades [adj] */*716
–GLAIRED–GLAIRE, to glair (to coat with egg white) [v] */*717
LIGATED–LIGATE, to bind (to tie or secure) [v] */*718
GAUDIERGAUDY, taste­lessly showy [adj] */*719
AGISTEDAGIST, to feed and take care of for a fee, as live­stock [v] */*720
–LEASINGa false­hood [n –S] p/s721
LINAGES–LINAGE, the num­ber of lines of printed mate­r­ial [n] */*722
SEALINGSEAL, to close or make secure against access, leak­age, or pas­sage [v] */*723
LINGUAE–LINGUA, the tongue or a tongue­like part [n] */*724
UNAGILEAGILE, able to move quickly and eas­ily [adj] */*725
GLAIRES–GLAIRE, to glair (to coat with egg white) [v] */*726
AIGLETS–AIGLET, aglet (a metal sheath at the end of a lace) [n] */*727
GELATIS–GELATI, gelato (Italian ice cream) [n] */*728
LIGATES–LIGATE, to bind (to tie or secure) [v] */*729
GUINEAS–GUINEA, a for­mer British coin [n] */*730
AUGITES–AUGITE, a min­eral [n] */*731
ADORNERone that adorns (to add some­thing to for the pur­pose of mak­ing more attrac­tive) [n –S] */s732
READORNADORN, to add some­thing to for the pur­pose of mak­ing more attrac­tive [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s733
NOTATED–NOTATE, to put into nota­tion [v] */*734
ROTATED–ROTATE, to turn about an axis [v] */*735
REALTORa real estate agent who is a mem­ber of the National Association of Realtors — a col­lec­tive mark [n –S] */s736
RELATORrelater (one that relates (to give an account of)) [n –S] */s737
RETOTALTOTAL, to ascer­tain the entire amount of [v –TALED, –TALING, –TALS or –TALLED, –TALLING, –TALS] */s738
TONNEAUthe rear seat­ing com­part­ment of an auto­mo­bile [n –NEAUS or –NEAUX] */sx739
SERRANOa small hot pep­per [n –NOS] */s740
NOTATES–NOTATE, to put into nota­tion [v] */*741
ROASTERone that roasts (to cook with dry heat) [n –S] */s742
ROTATES–ROTATE, to turn about an axis [v] */*743
TOASTERa device for toast­ing [n –S] */s744
OUTRATEto sur­pass in a rat­ing [v –RATED, –RATING, –RATES] */ds745
INTONED–INTONE, to speak in a singing voice [v] */*746
DOTTIERDOTTY, crazy (insane (men­tally unsound)) [adj] */*747
LORINERlorimer (a maker of imple­ments for har­nesses and sad­dles) [n –S] */s748
TORTILEtwisted; coiled [adj] */*749
TRIOLETa short poem of fixed form [n –S] */s750
REUNIONa reunit­ing of per­sons after sep­a­ra­tion [n –S] p/s751
INTONES–INTONE, to speak in a singing voice [v] */*752
TENSIONto make tense (taut (fully stretched, so as not to be slack)) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s753
IRONERS–IRONER, a machine for press­ing clothes [n] */*754
TONIESTTONY, styl­ish (fash­ion­able) [adj] s/*755
RIOTERS–RIOTER, one that riots (to take part in a vio­lent pub­lic dis­tur­bance) [n] */*756
ROISTERto revel (to engage in rev­elry (noisy mer­ry­mak­ing)) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s757
KERATINa fibrous pro­tein [n –S] */s758
–ANEAREDANEAR, to approach (to come near or nearer to) [v] */*759
AERATED–AERATE, to sup­ply with air [v] */*760
AERATES–AERATE, to sup­ply with air [v] */*761
AUREATEgolden (of the color of gold) [adj] l/*762
SIENITEsyen­ite (an igneous rock) [n –S] */s763
ELODEAS–ELODEA, an aquatic herb [n] */*764
OILSEEDa seed from which oil is pressed out [n –S] */s765
DRAGNETa net for trawl­ing [n –S] */s766
–GRANTEDGRANT, to bestow upon [v] */*767
–TANGLER–one that tan­gles (to bring together in intri­cate con­fu­sion) [n –S] */s768
ARGENTS–ARGENT, sil­ver [n] m/*769
GARNETS–GARNET, a min­eral [n] */*770
STRANGE–unusual or unfa­mil­iar [adj STRANGER, STRANGEST], a fun­da­men­tal quark [n –S] e/rs771
GAUNTERGAUNT, ema­ci­ated [adj] */*772
RINGLETa small ring [n –S] */s773
TINGLER–one that tin­gles (to cause a prickly, sting­ing sen­sa­tion) [n –S] */s774
RESTINGREST, to refresh one­self by ceas­ing work or activ­ity [v] cw/*775
STINGERone that stings (to prick painfully) [n –S] */s776
TRUEINGTRUE, to bring to con­for­mity with a stan­dard or require­ment [v] */*777
ADENOIDan enlarged lym­phoid growth behind the phar­ynx [n –S] */s778
RADIOEDRADIO, to trans­mit by radio (an appa­ra­tus for wire­less com­mu­ni­ca­tion) [v] */*779
IODATED–IODATE, to iodize (to treat with iodine) [v] */*780
TOADIEDTOADY, to engage in servile flat­ter­ing [v] */*781
ACARINEacarid (a type of arach­nid (any of a class of seg­mented inver­te­brate ani­mals)) [n –S] */s782
CARINAE–CARINA, a car­i­nate anatom­i­cal part [n] */*783
HETAIRAhet­aera (a con­cu­bine) [n –RAI or –RAS] */is784
AMENTIAmen­tal defi­ciency [n –S] */s785
ANIMATEto give life to [v –MATED, –MATING, –MATES] */drs786
AMIRATEthe rank of an amir [n –S] */s787
PATINAE–PATINA, a green film that forms on bronze [n] */d788
APTERIAAPTERIUM, a bare area of skin between feath­ers [n] */*789
VARIATEto vary (to become or make dif­fer­ent) [v –ATED, –ATING, –ATES] */ds790
–AWAITERone that awaits (to wait for) [n –S] */s791
INTIMAE–INTIMA, the inner­most layer of an organ [n] */*792
AIRTIMEthe time when a broad­cast begins [n –S] */s793
ADORINGADORE, to love deeply [v] */*794
DOATINGDOAT, to dote (to show exces­sive affec­tion) [v] */*795
GORDITAa stuffed and fried pocket of corn­meal dough [n –S] */s796
ANTILOGthe num­ber cor­re­spond­ing to a given log­a­rithm [n –S] */sy797
ORIGANS–ORIGAN, mar­jo­ram (fra­grant herb) [n] */*798
SIGNORA–an Italian title of cour­tesy for a mar­ried woman [n –GNORE or –GNORAS] */s799
–SOARINGthe sport of fly­ing in a heavier-than-air craft with­out power [n –S] */s800
AGONISTone that is engaged in a strug­gle [n –S] */s801
GITANOS–GITANO, a Spanish gypsy [n] */*802
AUTOINGAUTO, to ride in an auto­mo­bile [v] */*803
OUTGAINto gain more than [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s804
ORGIASTone who par­tic­i­pates in an orgy [n –S] */s805
ENDORSEto sign the back of a nego­tiable doc­u­ment [v –DORSED, –DORSING, –DORSES] */ders806
DENOTES–DENOTE, to indi­cate (to point out) [v] */*807
OERSTEDa unit of mag­netic inten­sity [n –S] */s808
TEREDOS–TEREDO, a bivalve mol­lusk [n] */*809
TOLUENEa flam­ma­ble liq­uid [n –S] */s810
SOLERETsolleret (a saba­ton (a piece of armor for the foot)) [n –S] */s811
OUTSEEN–OUTSEE, to see beyond [v] */*812
OBELIAS–OBELIA, a marine hydroid [n] l/*813
CODEIAS–CODEIA, codeine (a nar­cotic alka­loid) [n] */*814
CELOSIAa flow­er­ing plant [n –S] */s815
MELODIAa type of organ stop [n –S] */s816
OEDIPALper­tain­ing to the libid­i­nal feel­ings in a child toward the par­ent of the oppo­site sex [adj] */*817
MIAOUEDMIAOU, to meow (to make the cry­ing sound of a cat) [v] */*818
ADIPOSEani­mal fat [n –S] : ADIPIC [adj] */s819
ADENINEan alka­loid (a type of chem­i­cal com­pound) [n –S] */s820
READIERREADY, pre­pared [adj] */*821
EARLIEREARLY, near the begin­ning of a period of time or a series of events [adv] np/*822
LEARIERLEARY, leery (sus­pi­cious) [adj] b/*823
RERAISERAISE, to move to a higher posi­tion [v –RAISED, –RAISING, –RAISES] */ds824
BANDOREan ancient lute [n –S] */s825
BROADENto make broad (wide (hav­ing great extent from side to side)) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s826
ABORTEDABORT, to bring forth a fetus pre­ma­turely [v] */*827
–BORATED–BORATE, to mix with borax or boric acid [v] */*828
TABOREDTABOR, to beat on a small drum [v] */*829
NOTABLEa per­son of dis­tinc­tion [n –S] */s830
BLOATERa smoked her­ring [n –S] */s831
BORANES–BORANE, a chem­i­cal com­pound [n] */*832
BOASTERone that boasts (to brag (to speak vainly of one’s deeds)) [n –S] */s833
–BOATERS–BOATER, one that boats (to travel by boat (water­craft)) [n] */*834
–BORATES–BORATE, to mix with borax or boric acid [v] */*835
REBATOS–REBATO, rabato (a wide, lace-edged col­lar) [n] */*836
SORBATEa sorbed sub­stance [n –S] */s837
–ACORNEDACORN, the fruit of the oak tree [adj] */*838
–TACNODEa point of con­tact between two curves [n –S] */s839
CORDATEheart-shaped [adj] */*840
REDCOATa British sol­dier dur­ing the American Revolution [n –S] */s841
CORNEAL–CORNEA, a part of the eye [adj] */*842
LACTONEany of a group of esters [n –S] : LACTONIC [adj] */s843
LOCATER–one that locates (to deter­mine the posi­tion of) [n –S] */s844
CANOERS–CANOER, one who canoes (to pad­dle a canoe (a light, slen­der boat)) [n] */*845
COARSEN–to make coarse (rough (hav­ing an uneven sur­face)) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s846
CORNEAS–CORNEA, a part of the eye [n] */*847
NARCOSE–char­ac­ter­ized by stu­por [adj] */s848
OCTANES–OCTANE, a liq­uid hydro­car­bon [n] */*849
COASTERa sled [n –S] */s850
–COATERS–COATER, one that coats (to cover with a coat (an outer gar­ment)) [n] */*851
RECOATS–RECOAT, COAT, to cover with a coat (an outer gar­ment) [v] */*852
OUTRACEto run faster or far­ther than [v –RACED, –RACING, –RACES] */ds853
MADRONEmadrona (an ever­green tree) [n –S] */s854
APRONEDAPRON, to pro­vide with an apron (a gar­ment worn to pro­tect one’s cloth­ing) [v] */*855
OPERANDa quan­tity on which a math­e­mat­i­cal oper­a­tion is per­formed [n –S] */s856
PADRONEa mas­ter [n –NES or –NI] */s857
PANDOREban­dore (an ancient lute) [n –S] */s858
NOTEPADa num­ber of sheets of paper glued together at one end [n –S] */s859
ADOPTERone that adopts (to take into one’s fam­ily by legal means) [n –S] */s860
READOPTADOPT, to take into one’s fam­ily by legal means [v –ED, –ING, –S] p/s861
FLOATERone that floats (to rest or remain on the sur­face of a liq­uid) [n –S] */s862
REFLOATFLOAT, to rest or remain on the sur­face of a liq­uid [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s863
ANETHOLanet­hole (a chem­i­cal com­pound) [n –S] */es864
ETHANOLan alco­hol (a flam­ma­ble liq­uid) [n –S] m/s865
LOATHER–one that loathes (to detest greatly) [n –S] */s866
RATHOLEa hole made by a rat [n –S] */s867
HOARSEN–to make hoarse (low and rough in sound) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s868
SENHORA–a mar­ried Portuguese or Brazilian woman [n –S] */s869
EARSHOTthe range within which sound can be heard [n –S] */s870
OUTHEARto sur­pass in hear­ing [v –HEARD, –HEARING, –HEARS] */ds871
ALMONERone that dis­trib­utes alms [n –S] */s872
–LOMENTA–LOMENTUM, loment (a type of plant pod) [n] */*873
–OMENTAL–OMENTUM, a fold in an abdom­i­nal mem­brane [adj] */*874
TELAMONa male fig­ure used as a sup­port­ing col­umn [n –ES] */*875
POLENTAa thick mush of corn­meal [n –S] */s876
VOLANTE–mov­ing with light rapid­ity — used as a musi­cal direc­tion [adj] */*877
ANOLYTEthe part of an electricity-conducting solu­tion near­est the anode [n –S] */s878
PROLATEextended length­wise [adj] */*879
LEVATORa mus­cle that raises an organ or part [n –ES or –S] e/s880
ENAMORS–ENAMOR, to inspire with love [v] */*881
MOANERS–MOANER, one that moans (to utter a low, mourn­ful sound) [n] */*882
OARSMENOARSMAN, a per­son who rows a boat [n] */*883
ENAMOURto enamor (to inspire with love) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s884
NEUROMAa type of tumor (an abnor­mal swelling) [n –MAS or –MATA] */s885
AUTOMENAUTOMAN, an auto­mo­bile maker [n] */*886
MAESTROa mas­ter of an art [n –STROS or –STRI] */s887
PERSONA–a char­ac­ter in a lit­er­ary work [n –NAE], the pub­lic role that a per­son assumes [n –S] */els888
TEOPANS–TEOPAN, a teo­calli (an Aztec tem­ple) [n] */*889
AUTOPENa device for imi­tat­ing sig­na­tures [n –S] */s890
ESPARTOa peren­nial grass [n –TOS] */s891
PROTEAS–PROTEA, an ever­green shrub [n] */e892
SEAPORTa har­bor or town acces­si­ble to seago­ing ships [n –S] */s893
OUTRAVEto sur­pass in rav­ing [v –RAVED, –RAVING, –RAVES] */ds894
OUTWEARto last longer than [v –WORE, –WORN, –WEARING, –WEARS] */sy895
DEORBITto come out of an orbit [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s896
ORBITEDORBIT, to move or revolve around [v] */*897
BONIESTBONEY, bony (full of bones) [adj] */*898
ORBIESTORBY, resem­bling a cir­cle or sphere [adj] */*899
CTENOIDcomb­like (resem­bling a comb) [adj] */*900
DEONTICper­tain­ing to moral oblig­a­tion [adj] */*901
NOTICED–NOTICE, to become aware of [v] */*902
CORDITEan explo­sive pow­der [n –S] */s903
LECTIONa por­tion of sacred writ­ing read in a church ser­vice [n –S] ef/s904
COINERS–COINER, one that coins (to make coins (metal cur­rency)) [n] */*905
CRONIESCRONY, a close friend [n] */*906
ORCEINS–ORCEIN, a red­dish brown dye [n] */*907
RECOINS–RECOIN, COIN, to make coins (metal cur­rency) [v] */*908
COENURICOENURUS, a tape­worm larva [n] */*909
NOTICES–NOTICE, to become aware of [v] */*910
SECTIONto divide into sec­tions (dis­tinct parts) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s911
EROTICS–EROTIC, an ama­tory poem [n] */*912
HORDEINa sim­ple pro­tein [n –S] */s913
THEROIDresem­bling a beast (an ani­mal (a liv­ing organ­ism typ­i­cally capa­ble of vol­un­tary motion and sen­sa­tion)) [adj] */*914
MINOREDMINOR, to pur­sue a spe­cific sub­or­di­nate course of study [v] */*915
POINTED–POINT, to indi­cate direc­tion with the fin­ger [v] */*916
DOWNIERDOWNY, soft (yield­ing read­ily to pres­sure) [adj] */*917
DIOPTERa mea­sure of refrac­tive power [n –S] : DIOPTRAL [adj] */s918
DIOPTREdiopter (a mea­sure of refrac­tive power) [n –S] */s919
PERIDOTa min­eral [n –S] */s920
PROTEID–pro­tein (a nitroge­nous organic com­pound) [n –S] */es921
LOFTIERLOFTY, extend­ing high in the air [adj] */*922
TREFOILa plant hav­ing ter­nate leaves [n –S] */s923
FORTIESFORTY, a num­ber [n] */*924
OUTFIREto sur­pass in fir­ing [v –FIRED, –FIRING, –FIRES] */ds925
HOTLINEa direct com­mu­ni­ca­tions sys­tem for imme­di­ate con­tact [n –S] */s926
–NEOLITHan ancient stone imple­ment [n –S] */s927
HEROINS–HEROIN, an addic­tive nar­cotic [n] */*928
INSHOREnear the shore [adj] */*929
ETHIONS–ETHION, a pes­ti­cide [n] */*930
HISTONEa sim­ple pro­tein [n –S] */s931
HERIOTS–HERIOT, a feu­dal trib­ute or pay­ment [n] */*932
HOISTERone that hoists (to haul up by some mechan­i­cal means) [n –S] */s933
SHORTIEshorty (one that is short) [n –S] */s934
MOTLIERMOTLEY, com­posed of diverse ele­ments [adj] */*935
PROLINEan amino acid [n –S] */s936
POTLINEa row of elec­trolytic cells [n –S] */s937
TOPLINEthe out­line of the top of an animal’s body [n –S] */s938
VIOLENTmarked by intense phys­i­cal force or rough­ness [adj] */*939
TOWLINEa line used in tow­ing [n –S] */s940
POITRELpey­tral (a piece of armor for the breast of a horse) [n –S] */s941
POLITER–POLITE, show­ing con­sid­er­a­tion for oth­ers [adj] */*942
OVERLITOVERLIGHT, to light exces­sively [v] */*943
MERINOS–MERINO, a fine wool [n] */*944
MESTINOmes­tizo (a per­son of mixed ances­try) [n –NOS or –NOES] */s945
MOISTENto make or become moist [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s946
SENTIMOa mon­e­tary unit of the Philippines [n –MOS] */s947
EROTISMsex­ual excite­ment [n –S] */s948
MOISTERMOIST, slightly wet [adj] */*949
MORTISEto join or fas­ten securely [v –TISED, –TISING, –TISES] a/drs950
TRISOMEan organ­ism hav­ing one chro­mo­some in addi­tion to the usual diploid num­ber [n –S] */s951
ORPINES–ORPINE, a peren­nial herb [n] */*952
PINTOESPINTO, a spot­ted horse [n] */*953
POINTES–POINTE, a bal­let posi­tion [n] */*954
POUTINEa dish of french fries and cheese curds topped with gravy [n –S] */s955
ENVIROS–ENVIRO, an advo­cate for the preser­va­tion of the nat­ural envi­ron­ment [n] */*956
–RENVOIS–RENVOI, the expul­sion by a gov­ern­ment of an alien [n] */*957
VERSIONan account or descrip­tion from a par­tic­u­lar point of view [n –S] ae/s958
SNOWIERSNOWY, abound­ing in snow [adj] */*959
TOWNIES–TOWNY, townie (a non­stu­dent who lives in a col­lege town) [n] */*960
PROSTIEa pros­ti­tute [n –S] */s961
REPOSITto put away [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s962
RIPOSTE–to make a return thrust in fenc­ing [v –POSTED, –POSTING, –POSTES] */ds963
ROPIESTROPEY, ropy (resem­bling a rope or ropes) [adj] */*964
POUTIERPOUTY, tend­ing to pout [adj] */*965
UNITARDa leo­tard that also cov­ers the legs [n –S] */s966
RATLINS–RATLIN, rat­line (one of the ropes form­ing the steps of a rope lad­der on a ship) [n] */*967
NUTRIAS–NUTRIA, the coypu (an aquatic rodent) [n] */*968
TERRANEa rock for­ma­tion [n –S] */s969
ENTREATto ask for earnestly [v –ED, –ING, –S] */sy970
RATTEENa coarse woolen fab­ric [n –S] */s971
TERNATEarranged in groups of three [adj] */*972
INTERNE–a recent med­ical school grad­u­ate on a hos­pi­tal staff [n –S] */des973
REINTERINTER, to bury (to put in the ground and cover with earth) [v –TERRED, –TERRING, –TERS] */s974
RENTIERone that receives a fixed income [n –S] */s975
TERRINEan earth­en­ware jar [n –S] */s976
NETTIERNETTY, resem­bling a net [adj] */*977
TENTIER–TENTIE, tenty (watch­ful (closely obser­vant or alert)) [adj] */*978
ROADEOS–ROADEO, a com­pe­ti­tion for truck dri­vers [n] */*979
AEROSOLa gaseous sus­pen­sion of fine solid or liq­uid par­ti­cles [n –S] */s980
ROSEOLAa rose-colored skin rash [n –S] : ROSEOLAR [adj] */rs981
EIDOLONa phan­tom (some­thing exist­ing in appear­ance only) [n –LONS or –LA] */s982
OROIDES–OROIDE, an alloy used to imi­tate gold [n] */*983
OSTEOIDuncal­ci­fied bone matrix [n –S] */s984
LOONIES–LOONIE, a coin worth one Canadian dol­lar [n] */t985
ORIOLES–ORIOLE, an American song­bird [n] */*986
OOLITES–OOLITE, a vari­ety of lime­stone [n] */*987
OSTIOLEa small bod­ily open­ing [n –S] : OSTIOLAR [adj] */s988
STOOLIEan informer (one that informs (to sup­ply with infor­ma­tion)) [n –S] */s989
REGALIAthe rights and priv­i­leges of a king [n] */*990
BEADIERBEADY, resem­bling beads [adj] */*991
BEANIES–BEANIE, a small cap [n] */*992
BEASTIEa tiny ani­mal [n –S] */s993
DECIAREa met­ric unit of area [n –S] */s994
EUCAINEan anes­thetic [n –S] */s995
HEADIERHEADY, intox­i­cat­ing [adj] */*996
MEDIATEto act between dis­put­ing par­ties in order to bring about a set­tle­ment [v –ATED, –ATING, –ATES] */ds997
WEARIEDWEARY, to make or become weary [v] */*998
DEVIATEto turn aside from a course or norm [v –ATED, –ATING, –ATES] */ds999
FILAREEa European weed [n –S] */s1000
LEAFIERLEAFY, cov­ered with leaves [adj] */*1001
–FAERIES–FAERIE, a fairy (an imag­i­nary super­nat­ural being) [n] */*1002
FREESIAan African herb [n –S] */s1003
MEALIER–MEALY, soft, dry, and fri­able [adj] */*1004
ELAPINEper­tain­ing to a fam­ily of snakes [adj] */*1005
EPILATEto remove hair from [v –LATED, –LATING, –LATES] d/ds1006
PILEATEhav­ing a pileus [adj] */d1007
LEAVIERLEAVY, leafy (cov­ered with leaves) [adj] */*1008
VEALIERVEALY, imma­ture [adj] */*1009
ELATIVEan adjec­ti­val form in some lan­guages [n –S] r/s1010
MEANIES–MEANIE, a nasty per­son [n] */*1011
SEAMIERSEAMY, unpleas­ant (pleas­ing) [adj] */*1012
SERIEMAa Brazilian bird [n –S] */s1013
APERIESAPERY, the act of aping (to mimic (to imi­tate closely)) [n] jn/*1014
WEARIESWEARY, to make or become weary [v] */t1015
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