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INGS Words

2010 May 12
by admin

There are 6434 words with 9 or fewer let­ters that end in ING.  How many of these words take an S?  Answer: 897.  In other words, if you see an ING word on the board, and you add an S to it, you’ll have a valid play 13.94% of the time.  Here’s the list:

ACTINGS–ACTING, the occu­pa­tion of an actor [n] */*
AGEINGS–AGEING, aging (the process of grow­ing old) [n] */*
AGENTINGS–AGENTING, the busi­ness or activ­i­ties of an agent [n] */*
AGINGS–AGING, the process of grow­ing old [n] p/*
AIRINGS–AIRING, an expo­sure to the air [n] fp/*
ALIASINGS–ALIASING, the appear­ance of dis­tor­tions in com­puter graph­ics [n] */*
ANGLINGS–ANGLING, the sport of fish­ing [n] */*
ANTIKINGS–ANTIKING, a usurp­ing king [n] */*
ANTINGS–ANTING, the delib­er­ate plac­ing, by cer­tain birds, of liv­ing ants among the feath­ers [n] */*
ANYTHINGS–ANYTHING, a thing of any kind [n] */*
ARCADINGS–ARCADING, an arcade [n] */*
ARCHINGS–ARCHING, a series of arches [n] */*
ARMINGS–ARMING, the act of one that arms (to sup­ply with weapons) [n] f/*
ASKINGS–ASKING, the act of one who asks (to put a ques­tion to) [n] gm/*
ATHELINGS–ATHELING, an Anglo-Saxon prince or noble­man [n] */*
AUDINGS–AUDING, the process of hear­ing, rec­og­niz­ing, and inter­pret­ing a spo­ken lan­guage [n] */*
AWNINGS–AWNING, a rooflike can­vas cover [n] */*
BABBLINGS–BABBLING, idle talk [n] */*
BACKINGS–BACKING, sup­port [n] */*
BAGGINGS–BAGGING, mate­r­ial for mak­ing bags [n] */*
BAKINGS–BAKING, a quan­tity baked [n] */*
BANKINGS–BANKING, the busi­ness of a bank [n] */*
BANTLINGS–BANTLING, a very young child [n] */*
BASHINGS–BASHING, an act of beat­ing [n] */*
BASTINGS–BASTING, the thread used by a baster [n] */*
BATTINGS–BATTING, a batt (a sheet of cot­ton) [n] */*
BEADINGS–BEADING, beaded mate­r­ial [n] */*
–BEARINGS–BEARING, demeanor (the man­ner in which one con­ducts one­self) [n] */*
–BEATINGS–BEATING, a defeat [n] */*
BECOMINGS–BECOMING, a process of change [n] */*
BEDDINGS–BEDDING, mate­r­ial for mak­ing up a bed [n] */*
BEESWINGS–BEESWING, a crust that forms on old wines [n] */*
BEINGS–BEING, some­thing that exists [n] */*
BELLINGS–BELLING, a mock ser­e­nade for new­ly­weds [n] */*
BELTINGS–BELTING, mate­r­ial for belts [n] */*
BIDDINGS–BIDDING, a com­mand [n] */*
BIGGINGS–BIGGING, big­gin (a house) [n] */*
BILLINGS–BILLING, the rel­a­tive posi­tion in which a per­former is listed [n] */*
BINDINGS–BINDING, the cover and fas­ten­ings of a book [n] */*
BIRDINGS–BIRDING, bird-watching [n] */*
BIRLINGS–BIRLING, a lumberjack’s game [n] */*
BIRTHINGS–BIRTHING, the act of giv­ing birth [n] */*
BITEWINGS–BITEWING, a den­tal X-ray film [n] */*
BITTINGS–BITTING, an inden­ta­tion in a key [n] */*
BLACKINGS–BLACKING, black shoe pol­ish [n] */*
–BLADINGS–BLADING, the act of skat­ing on in-line skates [n] */*
–BLAGGINGS–BLAGGING, infor­mal talk in pub­lic [n] */*
–BLASTINGS–BLASTING, the act of one that blasts (to use an explo­sive) [n] */*
BLEBBINGS–BLEBBING, the form­ing of a blis­ter [n] */*
BLEEDINGS–BLEEDING, the act of los­ing blood [n] */*
BLESSINGS–BLESSING, a prayer (a devout peti­tion to a deity) [n] */*
–BLOGGINGS–BLOGGING, the act or prac­tice of main­tain­ing a blog [n] */*
BLOODINGS–BLOODING, a fox hunt­ing cer­e­mony [n] */*
BLUEINGS–BLUEING, blu­ing (a fab­ric col­or­ing) [n] */*
BLUINGS–BLUING, a fab­ric col­or­ing [n] */*
BOARDINGS–BOARDING, a sur­face of wooden boards [n] */*
BOATINGS–BOATING, the sport of trav­el­ing by boat [n] */*
BODINGS–BODING, an omen [n] */*
BOINGS–BOING, the sound of rever­ber­a­tion or vibra­tion [n] */*
BOMBINGS–BOMBING, an attack with bombs [n] */*
BONDINGS–BONDING, the for­ma­tion of a close per­sonal rela­tion­ship [n] */*
BOOKINGS–BOOKING, an engage­ment [n] */*
BORINGS–BORING, an inner cav­ity [n] */*
BOTTLINGS–BOTTLING, a bot­tled bev­er­age [n] */*
BOWINGS–BOWING, the tech­nique of man­ag­ing the bow of a stringed instru­ment [n] */*
BOWLINGS–BOWLING, a game in which balls are rolled at objects [n] */*
BOXINGS–BOXING, a cas­ing (a pro­tec­tive outer cov­er­ing) [n] */*
–BRACINGS–BRACING, a brace or rein­force­ment [n] */*
BRAIDINGS–BRAIDING, some­thing made of braided mate­r­ial [n] */*
BRANDINGS–BRANDING, the pro­mot­ing of a prod­uct by asso­ci­at­ing it with a brand name [n] */*
BREAKINGS–BREAKING, the change of a pure vowel to a diph­thong [n] */*
–BREEDINGS–BREEDING, upbring­ing [n] */*
BREWINGS–BREWING, a quan­tity brewed at one time [n] */*
BRIDGINGS–BRIDGING, a brac­ing (a brace or rein­force­ment) [n] */*
BRIEFINGS–BRIEFING, a short lec­ture [n] */*
–BRINGS–BRING, to take with one­self to a place [v] */*
BRISLINGS–BRISLING, a small her­ring [n] */*
BROKINGS–BROKING, bro­ker­age [n] */*
BRONZINGS–BRONZING, a brown­ish col­or­ing [n] */*
BUDDINGS–BUDDING, a type of asex­ual repro­duc­tion [n] */*
BUILDINGS–BUILDING, some­thing that is built [n] */*
BULLRINGS–BULLRING, a bull­fight arena [n] */*
BUMBLINGS–BUMBLING, an instance of clum­si­ness [n] */*
BUNDLINGS–BUNDLING, a for­mer courtship cus­tom [n] */*
BUNGLINGS–BUNGLING, an instance of clum­si­ness [n] */*
BUNTINGS–BUNTING, a fab­ric used for flags [n] */*
BURNINGS–BURNING, the fir­ing of ceramic mate­ri­als [n] */*
BUSHINGS–BUSHING, a lin­ing for a hole [n] */*
BUSINGS–BUSING, the act of trans­port­ing by bus [n] */*
BUSSINGS–BUSSING, bus­ing (the act of trans­port­ing by bus) [n] */*
CAGELINGS–CAGELING, a caged bird [n] */*
CALKINGS–CALKING, mate­r­ial used to calk [n] */*
CALLINGS–CALLING, a voca­tion or pro­fes­sion [n] */*
CAMPINGS–CAMPING, the act of liv­ing out­doors [n] */*
CANNINGS–CANNING, the busi­ness of pre­serv­ing food in air­tight con­tain­ers [n] s/*
CAPPINGS–CAPPING, a wax cov­er­ing in a hon­ey­comb [n] */*
CARDINGS–CARDING, the process of comb­ing and clean­ing cot­ton fibers; cleaned and combed fibers [n] */*
CARLINGS–CARLING, a beam sup­port­ing a ship’s deck [n] */*
CARPINGS–CARPING, the act of one who carps (to find fault unrea­son­ably) [n] */*
CARVINGS–CARVING, a carved fig­ure or design [n] */*
CASINGS–CASING, a pro­tec­tive outer cov­er­ing [n] */*
CASTINGS–CASTING, some­thing made in a mold [n] */*
CATLINGS–CATLING, a sur­gi­cal knife [n] */*
CAULKINGS–CAULKING, the mate­r­ial used to caulk [n] */*
CAVINGS–CAVING, the sport of explor­ing caves [n] */*
CEILINGS–CEILING, the over­head lin­ing of a room [n] */*
CENTRINGS–CENTRING, a tem­po­rary frame­work for an arch [n] */*
CHASINGS–CHASING, a design engraved on metal [n] */*
CHITLINGS–CHITLING, a part of the small intes­tine of swine [n] */*
CHROMINGS–CHROMING, a chromium ore [n] */*
CHURNINGS–CHURNING, the but­ter churned at one time [n] */*
CLADDINGS–CLADDING, some­thing that over­lays [n] */*
CLEARINGS–CLEARING, an open space [n] */*
–CLINGS–CLING, to make a high-pitched ring­ing sound [v] */*
–CLIPPINGS–CLIPPING, some­thing that is clipped out or off [n] */*
CLONINGS–CLONING, a tech­nique for repro­duc­ing by asex­ual means [n] */*
–CLOSINGS–CLOSING, a con­clud­ing part [n] */*
CLOTHINGS–CLOTHING, wear­ing apparel [n] */*
COAMINGS–COAMING, a raised bor­der [n] */*
COASTINGS–COASTING, coastal trade [n] */*
COATINGS–COATING, a cov­er­ing layer [n] */*
CODLINGS–CODLING, an unripe apple [n] */*
COLORINGS–COLORING, appear­ance in regard to color [n] */*
COMBINGS–hair removed by a comb [n] */*
COMINGS–COMING, arrival (the act of arriv­ing (to reach a des­ti­na­tion)) [n] */*
COOKINGS–COOKING, the act of one that cooks (to pre­pare food by heat­ing) [n] */*
COPINGS–COPING, the top part of a wall [n] */*
CORDINGS–CORDING, the ribbed sur­face of cloth [n] */*
COUCHINGS–COUCHING, a form of embroi­dery [n] */*
COUPLINGS–COUPLING, a join­ing device [n] */*
COURSINGS–COURSING, the pur­suit of game by hounds [n] */*
COVERINGS–COVERING, some­thing that cov­ers [n] */*
COVINGS–COVING, a con­cave mold­ing [n] */*
COWLINGS–COWLING, a cov­er­ing for an air­craft engine [n] */*
CRACKINGS–CRACKING, a chem­i­cal process [n] */*
–CRAVINGS–CRAVING, a great desire [n] */*
CRESTINGS–CRESTING, a dec­o­ra­tive cop­ing [n] */*
–CRIBBINGS–CRIBBING, a sup­port­ing frame­work [n] */*
CROSSINGS–CROSSING, an inter­sec­tion [n] */*
CRUISINGS–CRUISING, the act of dri­ving around in search of fun [n] */*
CUNNINGS–CUNNING, skill in decep­tion [n] */*
–CUPPINGS–CUPPING, an archaic med­ical process [n] */*
CURBINGS–CURBING, a con­crete bor­der along a street [n] */*
CURLINGS–CURLING, a game played on ice [n] */*
CUTTINGS–CUTTING, a sec­tion cut from a plant [n] */*
CYCLINGS–CYCLING, the act of rid­ing a bicy­cle [n] */*
CYMBLINGS–CYMBLING, cym­ling (a vari­ety of squash) [n] */*
CYMLINGS–CYMLING, a vari­ety of squash [n] */*
DABBLINGS–DABBLING, a super­fi­cial inter­est [n] */*
DAIRYINGS–DAIRYING, the busi­ness of a dairy [n] */*
DAMPINGS–DAMPING, the abil­ity of a device to pre­vent insta­bil­ity [n] */*
DARINGS–DARING, brav­ery (courage (the qual­ity that enables one to face dan­ger fear­lessly; spirit)) [n] */*
DARKLINGS–DARKLING, the dark [n] */*
DARLINGS–DARLING, a much-loved per­son [n] */*
DARNINGS–DARNING, things to be darned [n] */*
DEALINGS–DEALING, a busi­ness trans­ac­tion [n] */*
DECKINGS–DECKING, mate­r­ial for a ship’s deck [n] */*
DIALINGS–DIALING, the mea­sure­ment of time by sun­di­als [n] */*
DIALLINGS–DIALLING, dial­ing (the mea­sure­ment of time by sun­di­als) [n] */*
DIGGINGS–an exca­va­tion site [n] */*
DINGS–DING, to ring (to form a ring (a cir­cu­lar band) around) [v] */*
DOINGS–DOING, an action (the process of act­ing) [n] */*
DOPINGS–DOPING, the use of drugs by ath­letes [n] */*
DRAFTINGS–DRAFTING, mechan­i­cal draw­ing [n] */*
DRAWINGS–DRAWING, a por­trayal in lines of a form or fig­ure [n] */*
DREDGINGS–DREDGING, mat­ter that is dredged up [n] */*
DRESSINGS–DRESSING, mate­r­ial applied to cover a wound [n] */*
DRILLINGS–DRILLING, a heavy twilled cot­ton fab­ric [n] */*
DRINKINGS–DRINKING, a habit of drink­ing alco­holic bev­er­ages [n] */*
DRIPPINGS–DRIPPING, juice drawn from meat dur­ing cook­ing [n] */*
DRIVINGS–DRIVING, man­age­ment of a motor vehi­cle [n] */*
DROPPINGS–DROPPING, some­thing that has been dropped [n] */*
–DRUBBINGS–DRUBBING, a severe beat­ing [n] */*
DUBBINGS–DUBBING, dub­bin (mate­r­ial for soft­en­ing and water­proof­ing leather) [n] */*
DUCKLINGS–DUCKLING, a young duck [n] */*
DUCTINGS–DUCTING, a sys­tem of ducts [n] */*
DUMPINGS–DUMPING, the sell­ing of large quan­ti­ties of goods at below the mar­ket price [n] */*
DUMPLINGS–DUMPLING, a ball of dough cooked with stew or soup [n] */*
DUSTINGS–DUSTING, a light sprin­kling [n] */*
DWELLINGS–DWELLING, a place of res­i­dence [n] */*
DYEINGS–DYEING, some­thing col­ored with a dye [n] */*
DYINGS–DYING, a pass­ing out of exis­tence [n] */*
EANLINGS–EANLING, yean­ling (the young of a sheep or goat) [n] wy/*
EARINGS–EARING, a line on a ship [n] bgh/*
EARNINGS–some­thing earned [n] ly/*
EARRINGS–EARRING, an orna­ment for the ear­lobe [n] */*
EASTINGS–EASTING, a move­ment toward the east [n] b/*
EATINGS–EATING, the act of con­sum­ing food [n] bs/*
EDGINGS–EDGING, some­thing that forms or serves as an edge [n] */*
ENDINGS–ENDING, a ter­mi­na­tion [n] m/*
ERLKINGS–ERLKING, an evil spirit of Germanic folk­lore [n] */*
ETCHINGS–ETCHING, an etched design [n] */*
EVENINGS–EVENING, the lat­ter part of the day and early part of the night [n] */*
FACINGS–FACING, a lin­ing at the edge of a gar­ment [n] */*
FADINGS–FADING, an Irish dance [n] */*
FAGOTINGS–FAGOTING, a type of embroi­dery [n] */*
FAILINGS–FAILING, a minor fault or weak­ness [n] */*
–FAIRINGS–FAIRING, a struc­ture on an air­craft serv­ing to reduce drag [n] */*
–FARMINGS–FARMING, the busi­ness of oper­at­ing a farm [n] */*
FARTHINGS–FARTHING, a for­mer British coin [n] */*
FASTINGS–FASTING, absten­tion from eat­ing [n] */*
FATLINGS–FATLING, a young ani­mal fat­tened for slaugh­ter [n] */*
FEELINGS–FEELING, the func­tion or power of per­ceiv­ing by touch [n] */*
FELTINGS–FELTING, felted mate­r­ial [n] */*
FENCINGS–FENCING, the art of using a sword in attack and defense [n] */*
FETTLINGS–FETTLING, loose mate­r­ial thrown on the hearth of a fur­nace to pro­tect it [n] */*
FIGHTINGS–FIGHTING, the act of one that fights (to attempt to defeat an adver­sary) [n] */*
FILINGS–FILING, a par­ti­cle removed by a file [n] */*
FILLINGS–FILLING, that which is used to fill some­thing [n] */*
FINDINGS–FINDING, some­thing that is found [n] */*
FININGS–FINING, the clar­i­fy­ing of wines [n] */*
FIRINGS–FIRING, the process of matur­ing ceramic prod­ucts by heat [n] */*
FISHINGS–FISHING, the occu­pa­tion or pas­time of catch­ing fish [n] */*
FITTINGS–FITTING, a small often stan­dard­ized acces­sory part [n] */*
FIXINGS–accom­pa­ni­ments to the main dish of a meal [n] */*
–FLAGGINGS–FLAGGING, a type of pave­ment (a paved sur­face) [n] */*
–FLASHINGS–FLASHING, sheet metal used in water­proof­ing a roof [n] */*
FLATLINGS–[adv] */*
FLESHINGS–FLESHING, the dis­tri­b­u­tion of the lean and fat on an ani­mal [n] */*
–FLINGS–FLING, to throw with force [v] */*
FLOCKINGS–FLOCKING, a vel­vety design in short fibers on cloth or paper [n] */*
–FLOGGINGS–FLOGGING, a whip­ping (mate­r­ial used to whip) [n] */*
FLOORINGS–FLOORING, a floor [n] */*
–FLUTINGS–FLUTING, a series of par­al­lel grooves [n] */*
–FLYINGS–FLYING, the oper­a­tion of an air­craft [n] */*
FLYTINGS–FLYTING, a dis­pute in verse form [n] */*
FONDLINGS–FONDLING, one that is fon­dled [n] */*
FOOTINGS–FOOTING, a foothold (a secure sup­port for the feet) [n] */*
FOREWINGS–FOREWING, an ante­rior wing of an insect [n] */*
FORGINGS–FORGING, a forgery (the act of forg­ing) [n] */*
FOULINGS–FOULING, a deposit or crust [n] */*
FOWLINGS–FOWLING, the hunt­ing of birds [n] */*
FOXINGS–FOXING, a piece of mate­r­ial used to cover the upper por­tion of a shoe [n] */*
FRAGGINGS–FRAGGING, the act of one that frags (to injure with a type of grenade) [n] */*
FRAMINGS–FRAMING, frame­work [n] */*
FRAYINGS–FRAYING, some­thing worn off by rub­bing [n] */*
FRILLINGS–FRILLING, an arrange­ment of frills [n] */*
FROSTINGS–FROSTING, icing (a sweet mix­ture for cov­er­ing cakes) [n] */*
FURRINGS–FURRING, a trim­ming or lin­ing of fur [n] */*
GAMINGS–GAMING, the prac­tice of gam­bling [n] */*
–GASKINGS–GASKING, a gas­ket (pack­ing for mak­ing some­thing fluid-tight) [n] */*
GASSINGS–GASSING, a poi­son­ing by nox­ious gas [n] */*
GATINGS–GATING, the process of open­ing and clos­ing a chan­nel [n] */*
–GEARINGS–GEARING, a sys­tem of gears [n] */*
GELDINGS–GELDING, a cas­trated ani­mal [n] */*
GHOSTINGS–GHOSTING, a false image on a tele­vi­sion screen [n] */*
GILDINGS–GILDING, the appli­ca­tion of gilt [n] */*
–GINNINGS–GINNING, cot­ton as it comes from a gin [n] */*
GLAZINGS–GLAZING, glaziery (the work of a glazier) [n] */*
–GLEANINGS–GLEANING, some­thing that is gleaned [n] */*
GLEYINGS–GLEYING, devel­op­ment of gley [n] */*
GLOAMINGS–GLOAMING, twi­light (the early evening light) [n] */*
GLOOMINGS–GLOOMING, gloam­ing (twi­light (the early evening light)) [n] */*
GNAWINGS–GNAWING, a per­sis­tent dull pain [n] */*
GODLINGS–GODLING, a lesser god [n] */*
GOINGS–GOING, an advance toward an objec­tive [n] */*
GOLFINGS–GOLFING, the game of golf [n] */*
GOSLINGS–GOSLING, a young goose [n] */*
–GRATINGS–GRATING, a net­work of bars cov­er­ing an open­ing [n] */*
GRAYLINGS–GRAYLING, a food fish [n] */*
GRAZINGS–GRAZING, land used for the feed­ing of ani­mals [n] */*
GREENINGS–GREENING, a vari­ety of apple [n] */*
GREETINGS–GREETING, a salu­ta­tion [n] */*
GROUPINGS–GROUPING, a set of objects [n] */*
GRUELINGS–GRUELING, an exhaust­ing expe­ri­ence [n] */*
GUNNINGS–GUNNING, the sport of hunt­ing with a gun [n] */*
HANDLINGS–HANDLING, the man­ner in which some­thing is han­dled [n] */*
HANGINGS–HANGING, an exe­cu­tion by stran­gling with a sus­pended noose [n] */*
HARPINGS–HARPING, a wooden plank used in ship­build­ing [n] */*
HATCHINGS–HATCHING, a series of lines used to show shad­ing [n] t/*
HAWKINGS–HAWKING, fal­conry (the sport of hunt­ing with fal­cons) [n] */*
HAYINGS–HAYING, the sea­son for har­vest­ing hay [n] */*
HAZINGS–HAZING, an attempt to embar­rass or ridicule [n] */*
HEADINGS–HEADING, a title [n] */*
–HEARINGS–HEARING, a pre­lim­i­nary exam­i­na­tion [n] s/*
HEELINGS–HEELING, the act of inclin­ing lat­er­ally [n] w/*
HELPINGS–HELPING, a por­tion of food [n] */*
HERRINGS–HERRING, a food fish [n] */*
HIDINGS–HIDING, a beat­ing (a defeat) [n] */*
HILDINGS–HILDING, a vile per­son [n] */*
HIRELINGS–HIRELING, one that works for money only [n] */*
HISSINGS–HISSING, an object of scorn [n] */*
HOARDINGS–HOARDING, some­thing hoarded [n] */*
HOLDINGS–HOLDING, some­thing held [n] */*
HOPPINGS–HOPPING, a going from one place to another of the same kind [n] s/*
HORNINGS–HORNING, a mock ser­e­nade for new­ly­weds [n] */*
HOUSINGS–HOUSING, any dwelling place [n] */*
HUNTINGS–HUNTING, an instance of search­ing [n] */*
HURLINGS–HURLING, an Irish game [n] */*
HUSKINGS–HUSKING, a gath­er­ing of fam­i­lies to husk corn [n] */*
ICINGS–ICING, a sweet mix­ture for cov­er­ing cakes [n] */*
IMAGINGS–IMAGING, the process of pro­duc­ing an image [n] */*
IMPINGS–IMPING, the process of graft­ing [n] */*
INBEINGS–INBEING, the state of being inher­ent (exist­ing in some­thing as an essen­tial char­ac­ter­is­tic) [n] */*
INCOMINGS–INCOMING, an arrival (the act of arriv­ing (to reach a des­ti­na­tion)) [n] */*
INDEXINGS–INDEXING, the link­ing of wages and prices to cost-of-living lev­els [n] */*
INKLINGS–INKLING, a slight sug­ges­tion [n] t/*
INNINGS–INNING, a divi­sion of a base­ball game [n] gw/*
IRONINGS–IRONING, clothes pressed or to be pressed [n] */*
ITCHINGS–ITCHING, an uneasy or tin­gling skin sen­sa­tion [n] w/*
JESTINGS–JESTING, the act of one who jests (to joke (to say some­thing amus­ing)) [n] */*
JOGGINGS–JOGGING, the prac­tice of run­ning at a slow, steady pace [n] */*
JOININGS–JOINING, a junc­ture (the act of join­ing) [n] */*
JOTTINGS–JOTTING, a brief note [n] */*
JUGGLINGS–JUGGLING, jug­glery (the art of a jug­gler) [n] */*
KARTINGS–KARTING, the sport of rac­ing karts [n] */*
KAYAKINGS–KAYAKING, the act or skill of man­ag­ing a kayak [n] */*
KEEPINGS–KEEPING, cus­tody (guardian­ship) [n] */*
KEGLINGS–KEGLING, bowl­ing (a game in which balls are rolled at objects) [n] */*
KENNINGS–KENNING, a metaphor­i­cal com­pound word or phrase [n] */*
KILLINGS–KILLING, a sud­den notable suc­cess [n] s/*
KILTINGS–KILTING, an arrange­ment of kilt pleats [n] */*
KINDLINGS–KINDLING, mate­r­ial that is eas­ily ignited [n] */*
KINGS–KING, to reign as king (a male monarch) [v] */*
KITLINGS–KITLING, a young ani­mal [n] */*
KNITTINGS–KNITTING, work done by a knit­ter [n] */*
KNOTTINGS–KNOTTING, a fringe made of knot­ted threads [n] */*
KNOWINGS–KNOWING, knowl­edge [n] */*
LACEWINGS–LACEWING, a winged insect [n] */*
LACINGS–LACING, a con­trast­ing mar­ginal band of color [n] */*
LADINGS–LADING, cargo; freight [n] b/*
LAGGINGS–LAGGING, an insu­lat­ing mate­r­ial [n] bf/*
LAKINGS–LAKING, the red­den­ing of blood plasma by the release of hemo­glo­bin from the red cor­pus­cles [n] */*
LANDINGS–LANDING, a place for dis­charg­ing or tak­ing on pas­sen­gers or cargo [n] */*
LAPWINGS–LAPWING, a shore bird [n] */*
LASHINGS–LASHING, a flog­ging (a whip­ping (mate­r­ial used to whip)) [n] fs/*
LASTINGS–LASTING, a durable fab­ric [n] b/*
LATHINGS–LATHING, work made of or using laths [n] */*
LAUGHINGS–LAUGHING, laugh­ter (the act or sound of one that laughs) [n] */*
LAWINGS–LAWING, a bill for food or drink in a tav­ern [n] */*
LAYERINGS–LAYERING, lay­er­age (a method of plant prop­a­ga­tion) [n] */*
LEADINGS–LEADING, a cov­er­ing or bor­der of lead [n] p/*
LEANINGS–LEANING, a ten­dency (an incli­na­tion to act or think in a par­tic­u­lar way) [n] g/*
–LEARNINGS–LEARNING, acquired knowl­edge [n] */*
LEASINGS–LEASING, a false­hood [n] */*
LEAVINGS–LEAVING, a left­over (an unused or uncon­sumed por­tion) [n] */*
LEGGINGS–LEGGING, a cov­er­ing for the leg [n] */*
LEMMINGS–LEMMING, a mouse­like rodent [n] */*
LICKINGS–LICKING, a thrash­ing or beat­ing [n] */*
LIGHTINGS–LIGHTING, illu­mi­na­tion [n] */*
LIKINGS–LIKING, a feel­ing of attrac­tion or affec­tion [n] */*
LINGS–LING, a heath plant [n] cfs/*
LININGS–LINING, an inner layer [n] */*
LIPPINGS–LIPPING, a lip­like out­growth of bone [n] c/*
LISTINGS–LISTING, some­thing that is listed [n] */*
LIVINGS–LIVING, a means of sub­sis­tence [n] */*
LOADINGS–LOADING, a bur­den [n] */*
LOANINGS–LOANING, a lane (a nar­row pas­sage­way) [n] */*
LOATHINGS–LOATHING, extreme dis­like [n] */*
LODGINGS–LODGING, a tem­po­rary place to live [n] */*
LOGGINGS–LOGGING, the busi­ness of cut­ting down trees for tim­ber [n] bf/*
LONGINGS–LONGING, a strong desire [n] */*
LORDINGS–LORDING, a lordling (a young or unim­por­tant lord) [n] */*
LORDLINGS–LORDLING, a young or unim­por­tant lord [n] */*
LOSINGS–LOSING, a loss (the act of one that loses (to come to be with­out and be unable to find)) [n] c/*
LOWINGS–LOWING, the sound char­ac­ter­is­tic of cat­tle [n] */*
LUSTRINGS–LUSTRING, a glossy silk fab­ric [n] */*
LUTINGS–LUTING, a sub­stance used as a sealant [n] f/*
LYINGS–LYING, the act of telling lies [n] f/*
LYNCHINGS–LYNCHING, the act of one who lynches (to put to death with­out legal sanc­tion) [n] */*
MAILINGS–MAILING, a rented farm [n] */*
MAKINGS–MAKING, mate­r­ial from which some­thing can be devel­oped [n] */*
MALLINGS–MALLING, the prac­tice of shop­ping at malls (large build­ings with many shops) [n] */*
MANTLINGS–MANTLING, an orna­men­tal cloth [n] */*
MAPPINGS–MAPPING, a math­e­mat­i­cal cor­re­spon­dence [n] */*
MARBLINGS–MARBLING, an inter­mix­ture of fat and lean in meat [n] */*
MARKINGS–MARKING, a pat­tern of marks [n] */*
MARLINGS–MARLING, mar­line (a rope used on a ship) [n] */*
–MASKINGS–MASKING, a piece of scenery used to con­ceal parts of a stage from the audi­ence [n] */*
MATINGS–MATING, the period dur­ing which a seasonal-breeding ani­mal can mate [n] */*
MATTINGS–MATTING, a woven fab­ric used as a floor cov­er­ing [n] */*
MAYINGS–MAYING, the gath­er­ing of spring flow­ers [n] */*
MEANINGS–MEANING, some­thing that one intends to con­vey by lan­guage [n] */*
MEETINGS–MEETING, an assem­bly for a com­mon pur­pose [n] */*
–MENDINGS–MENDING, an accu­mu­la­tion of arti­cles to be mended [n] */*
MIDDLINGS–MIDDLING, a cut of pork [n] */*
MILLINGS–MILLING, a cor­ru­gated edge on a coin [n] */*
MININGS–MINING, the process or busi­ness of work­ing mines (exca­va­tions in the earth) [n] */*
MISDOINGS–MISDOING, an instance of doing wrong [n] */*
MODELINGS–MODELING, the treat­ment of vol­ume in sculp­ture [n] */*
MOLDINGS–MOLDING, a long, nar­row strip used to dec­o­rate a sur­face [n] */*
MOORINGS–MOORING, a place where a ves­sel may be moored [n] */*
MORNINGS–MORNING, the early part of the day [n] */*
MORPHINGS–MORPHING, the trans­for­ma­tion of one form into another [n] */*
MOSHINGS–MOSHING, fren­zied danc­ing at a rock con­cert [n] */*
MOTORINGS–MOTORING, the recre­ation of trav­el­ing by auto­mo­bile [n] */*
MOULDINGS–MOULDING, mold­ing (a long, nar­row strip used to dec­o­rate a sur­face) [n] */*
MOUNTINGS–MOUNTING, some­thing that pro­vides a back­ing or appro­pri­ate set­ting for some­thing else [n] */*
MOURNINGS–MOURNING, an out­ward sign of grief [n] */*
MOUSINGS–MOUSING, a wrap­ping around the shank end of a hook [n] */*
MOWINGS–MOWING, the act of cut­ting down stand­ing herbage [n] */*
MUGGINGS–MUGGING, a street assault or beat­ing [n] */*
MUNTINGS–MUNTING, muntin (a divid­ing strip for win­dow panes) [n] */*
MUSINGS–MUSING, con­tem­pla­tion [n] */*
NAETHINGS–NAETHING, noth­ing (the absence of all quan­tity or mag­ni­tude) [n] */*
NECKINGS–NECKING, a small mold­ing near the top of a col­umn [n] */*
NEEDLINGS–NEEDLING, the act of one who nee­dles (to sew with a slen­der, pointed instru­ment) [n] */*
NERVINGS–NERVING, a type of vet­eri­nary oper­a­tion [n] */*
NESTLINGS–NESTLING, a young bird [n] */*
NETTINGS–NETTING, a net [n] */*
NIDERINGS–NIDERING, a cow­ard (one who lacks courage) [n] */*
NIGGLINGS–NIGGLING, petty or metic­u­lous work [n] */*
NOGGINGS–NOGGING, a type of masonry (a struc­ture built of stone or brick) [n] */*
NONBEINGS–NONBEING, lack of being [n] */*
NOONINGS–NOONING, a meal eaten at noon [n] */*
NORTHINGS–NORTHING, move­ment toward the north [n] */*
NOSINGS–NOSING, a pro­ject­ing edge [n] */*
NOTHINGS–NOTHING, the absence of all quan­tity or mag­ni­tude [n] */*
NURSINGS–NURSING, the pro­fes­sion of one who nurses [n] */*
NURSLINGS–NURSLING, an infant (a child in the ear­li­est stages of life) [n] */*
NUTTINGS–NUTTING, the act of gath­er­ing nuts [n] */*
OFFERINGS–OFFERING, a con­tri­bu­tion [n] g/*
OFFINGS–OFFING, the near future [n] */*
ONCOMINGS–ONCOMING, an approach [n] */*
OPENINGS–OPENING, a vacant or unob­structed space [n] */*
OUTGOINGS–OUTGOING, a depar­ture [n] */*
OUTINGS–OUTING, a short plea­sure trip [n] */*
OUTRINGS–OUTRING, to ring louder than [v] */*
OUTSINGS–OUTSING, to sur­pass in singing (to utter with musi­cal inflec­tions of the voice) [v] */*
OUTSWINGS–OUTSWING, to sur­pass in swing­ing [v] */*
PACKINGS–PACKING, mate­r­ial used to pack [n] */*
PADDINGS–PADDING, mate­r­ial with which to pad [n] */*
PADDLINGS–PADDLING, the act of one who pad­dles (to pro­pel with a broad-bladed imple­ment) [n] */*
–PAGINGS–PAGING, a trans­fer of com­puter pages [n] */*
PAINTINGS–PAINTING, a pic­ture made with paints [n] */*
–PAIRINGS–PAIRING, a match­ing of two oppo­nents in a tour­na­ment [n] */*
PALINGS–PALING, a picket fence [n] */*
PANELINGS–PANELING, mate­r­ial with which to panel [n] */*
PARAWINGS–PARAWING, a wing­like para­chute [n] */*
PARGINGS–PARGING, a thin coat of mor­tar or plas­ter for seal­ing masonry [n] */*
PARINGS–PARING, some­thing pared off [n] */*
PARKINGS–PARKING, an area in which vehi­cles may be left [n] */*
PARTINGS–PARTING, a divi­sion or sep­a­ra­tion [n] */*
PASSINGS–PASSING, a death (the end of life) [n] */*
PAVINGS–PAVING, pave­ment (a paved sur­face) [n] */*
PEELINGS–PEELING, a piece or strip that has been peeled off [n] */*
PETTINGS–PETTING, amorous caress­ing and kiss­ing [n] */*
PHARMINGS–PHARMING, the pro­duc­tion of phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals from genet­i­cally altered plants or ani­mals [n] */*
PHRASINGS–PHRASING, man­ner or style of ver­bal expres­sion [n] */*
PICKINGS–PICKING, the act of one that picks (to select (to choose)) [n] */*
PIECINGS–PIECING, mate­r­ial to be sewn together [n] */*
PIERCINGS–PIERCING, a piece of jew­elry attached to pierced flesh [n] */*
PILINGS–PILING, a struc­ture of build­ing sup­ports [n] s/*
PILOTINGS–PILOTING, a branch of nav­i­ga­tion [n] */*
PINGS–PING, to pro­duce a brief, high-pitched sound [v] */*
PINKINGS–PINKING, a method of cut­ting or dec­o­rat­ing [n] */*
PIPINGS–PIPING, a sys­tem of pipes [n] */*
PITTINGS–PITTING, an arrange­ment of cav­i­ties or depres­sions [n] */*
PLAITINGS–PLAITING, some­thing that is plaited [n] */*
PLANKINGS–PLANKING, cov­er­ing made of planks [n] */*
PLANNINGS–PLANNING, the estab­lish­ment of goals or poli­cies [n] */*
PLANTINGS–PLANTING, an area where plants are grown [n] */*
PLATINGS–PLATING, a thin layer of metal [n] */*
–PLEADINGS–PLEADING, an alle­ga­tion in a legal action [n] */*
PLUMBINGS–PLUMBING, the pipe sys­tem of a build­ing [n] */*
POSTINGS–POSTING, the act of trans­fer­ring to a ledger [n] */*
PRESSINGS–PRESSING, an instance of stamp­ing with a press [n] */*
PRICKINGS–PRICKING, a prickly feel­ing [n] */*
PRIMINGS–PRIMING, the act of one that primes (to make ready (pre­pared)) [n] */*
PRINTINGS–PRINTING, a repro­duc­tion from a print­ing sur­face [n] */*
PUDDINGS–PUDDING, a thick, soft dessert [n] */*
PUDDLINGS–PUDDLING, the process of con­vert­ing pig iron to wrought iron [n] */*
PULINGS–PULING, a plain­tive cry [n] */*
PURFLINGS–PURFLING, an orna­men­tal bor­der [n] */*
PURGINGS–PURGING, the act of puri­fy­ing (to free from impu­ri­ties) [n] */*
PURLINGS–PURLING, an inver­sion of stitches in knit­ting [n] */*
QUILLINGS–QUILLING, mate­r­ial that is quilled [n] */*
QUILTINGS–QUILTING, mate­r­ial that is used for mak­ing quilts [n] */*
QUISLINGS–QUISLING, a trai­tor who aids the invaders of his coun­try [n] */*
RACINGS–RACING, the sport of engag­ing in con­tests of speed [n] bt/*
RAILINGS–RAILING, a fence-like bar­rier [n] */*
RAISINGS–RAISING, an ele­va­tion [n] */*
RALLYINGS–RALLYING, the sport of dri­ving in ral­lyes [n] */*
RANKINGS–RANKING, a list­ing of ranked indi­vid­u­als [n] */*
RASPINGS–RASPING, a tiny piece of wood removed with a coarse file [n] */*
RATINGS–RATING, rel­a­tive esti­mate or eval­u­a­tion [n] g/*
RATTLINGS–RATTLING, rat­line (one of the ropes form­ing the steps of a rope lad­der on a ship) [n] */*
RAVELINGS–RAVELING, a loose thread [n] */*
RAVELLINGS–RAVELLING, rav­el­ing (a loose thread) [n] */*
RAVENINGS–RAVENING, rapac­ity (the qual­ity of being rav­en­ous) [n] */*
RAVINGS–RAVING, irra­tional, inco­her­ent speech [n] c/*
READINGS–READING, mate­r­ial that is read [n] */*
RECORDINGS–RECORDING, CORDING, the ribbed sur­face of cloth [n] */*
REDWINGS–REDWING, a European thrush [n] */*
REEDINGS–REEDING, a con­vex mold­ing [n] b/*
REEDLINGS–REEDLING, a marsh bird [n] */*
REELINGS–REELING, sus­tained noise [n] */*
REHEARINGS–REHEARING, HEARING, a pre­lim­i­nary exam­i­na­tion [n] */*
REREADINGS–REREADING, READING, mate­r­ial that is read [n] */*
RESITTINGS–RESITTING, SITTING, a meet­ing or ses­sion [n] */*
RESPRINGS–RESPRING, SPRING, to move upward sud­denly and swiftly [v] */*
RESTRINGS–RESTRING, STRING, to pro­vide with strings (slen­der cords) [v] */*
RETAILINGS–RETAILING, TAILING, the part of a pro­ject­ing stone or brick that is inserted into a wall [n] */*
RIBBINGS–RIBBING, the act of one that ribs (to poke fun at) [n] c/*
RIDGLINGS–RIDGLING, a male ani­mal with unde­scended tes­ti­cles [n] */*
RIDINGS–RIDING, the act of one that rides (to sit on, con­trol, and be con­veyed by an ani­mal or machine) [n] */*
RIESLINGS–RIESLING, a white Rhine wine [n] */*
RIFLINGS–RIFLING, the sys­tem of grooves in a gun bar­rel [n] t/*
RIGGINGS–RIGGING, the sys­tem of lines, chains, and tackle used aboard a ship [n] */*
RINGS–RING, to form a ring (a cir­cu­lar band) around [v] bw/*
RINSINGS–RINSING, the act of one that rinses (to cleanse with clear water) [n] */*
RISINGS–RISING, the act of one that rises (to move upward) [n] */*
ROARINGS–ROARING, a loud, deep sound [n] */*
ROCKLINGS–ROCKLING, a marine fish [n] */*
ROLLINGS–ROLLING, the act of one that rolls (to move along by repeat­edly turn­ing over) [n] t/*
ROOFINGS–ROOFING, mate­r­ial for a roof [n] */*
ROVINGS–ROVING, a roll of tex­tile fibers [n] */*
ROWINGS–ROWING, the sport of rac­ing in light, long, and nar­row row­boats [n] */*
RUBBINGS–RUBBING, an image pro­duced by rub­bing [n] d/*
RUCHINGS–RUCHING, a ruche (a pleated strip of fine fab­ric) [n] */*
RULINGS–RULING, an author­i­ta­tive deci­sion [n] */*
RUMBLINGS–RUMBLING, a deep, thun­der­ous sound [n] c/*
RUNNINGS–RUNNING, a race [n] */*
RUSHINGS–RUSHING, yardage gained in foot­ball by run­ning plays [n] */*
SACKINGS–SACKING, mate­r­ial for mak­ing sacks [n] */*
SACRINGS–SACRING, the con­se­cra­tion of bread and wine of the Eucharist [n] */*
SAILINGS–SAILING, the act of one that sails (to move across the sur­face of water by the action of wind) [n] */*
SALTINGS–SALTING, land reg­u­larly flooded by tides [n] */*
SAMPLINGS–SAMPLING, a small part selected for analy­sis [n] */*
SANDLINGS–SANDLING, a marine fish [n] */*
SAPLINGS–SAPLING, a young tree [n] */*
SAVINGS–SAVING, the act or an instance of sav­ing [n] */*
SAYINGS–SAYING, a maxim (a brief state­ment of a gen­eral truth or prin­ci­ple) [n] */*
–SCANNINGS–SCANNING, close exam­i­na­tion [n] */*
SCOLDINGS–SCOLDING, a harsh reproof [n] */*
SCOURINGS–SCOURING, mate­r­ial removed by scour­ing [n] */*
SCOUTINGS–SCOUTING, the act of one that scouts (to observe for the pur­pose of obtain­ing infor­ma­tion) [n] */*
SCRAPINGS–SCRAPING, some­thing scraped off [n] */*
–SEATINGS–SEATING, mate­r­ial for cov­er­ing seats [n] */*
SEEDLINGS–SEEDLING, a young plant [n] */*
SEEINGS–SEEING, the act of one that sees (to per­ceive with the eyes) [n] */*
SEEMINGS–SEEMING, out­ward appear­ance [n] */*
SEISINGS–SEISING, seiz­ing (the act of one that seizes (to take hold of sud­denly and forcibly)) [n] */*
SEIZINGS–SEIZING, the act of one that seizes (to take hold of sud­denly and forcibly) [n] */*
SERGINGS–SERGING, a process of fin­ish­ing the raw edges of a fab­ric [n] */*
SERVINGS–SERVING, a por­tion of food [n] */*
SETTINGS–SETTING, the scenery used in a dra­matic pro­duc­tion [n] */*
SETTLINGS–SETTLING, sed­i­ment [n] */*
SEWINGS–SEWING, mate­r­ial that has been or is to be sewed [n] */*
SHADINGS–SHADING, pro­tec­tion against light or heat [n] */*
SHAFTINGS–SHAFTING, a sys­tem of rods for trans­mit­ting motion or power [n] */*
SHAVINGS–SHAVING, some­thing shaved off [n] */*
SHEALINGS–SHEALING, a shepherd’s hut [n] */*
–SHEARINGS–SHEARING, an instance of cut­ting hair or wool [n] */*
SHEETINGS–SHEETING, mate­r­ial in the form of sheets [n] */*
SHELVINGS–SHELVING, mate­r­ial for shelves [n] */*
SHIELINGS–SHIELING, sheal­ing (a shepherd’s hut) [n] */*
SHILLINGS–SHILLING, a for­mer mon­e­tary unit of Great Britain [n] */*
SHIPPINGS–SHIPPING, the busi­ness of one that ships [n] */*
SHIRRINGS–SHIRRING, a shirred arrange­ment of cloth [n] */*
SHIRTINGS–SHIRTING, fab­ric used for mak­ing shirts [n] */*
SHOOTINGS–SHOOTING, the act of one that shoots (to hit, wound, or kill with a mis­sile dis­charged from a weapon) [n] */*
–SHOPPINGS–SHOPPING, the act of one that shops (to exam­ine goods with intent to buy) [n] */*
SHORINGS–SHORING, a sys­tem of sup­port­ing tim­bers [n] */*
SHOWINGS–SHOWING, an exhi­bi­tion or dis­play [n] */*
SHOWRINGS–SHOWRING, a ring where ani­mals are dis­played [n] */*
SHUCKINGS–SHUCKING, the act of one that shucks (to remove the husk or shell from) [n] */*
SIBLINGS–SIBLING, one hav­ing the same par­ents as another [n] */*
SIDINGS–SIDING, mate­r­ial used for sur­fac­ing a frame build­ing [n] */*
SIFTINGS–SIFTING, the work of a sifter [n] */*
SIGHTINGS–SIGHTING, an obser­va­tion [n] */*
SINGS–SING, to utter with musi­cal inflec­tions of the voice [v] */*
SITTINGS–SITTING, a meet­ing or ses­sion [n] */*
SIZINGS–SIZING, a sub­stance used as a glaze or filler for porous mate­ri­als [n] */*
SKATINGS–SKATING, the sport of glid­ing on skates [n] */*
SKIINGS–SKIING, the sport of trav­el­ing on skis [n] */*
–SKILLINGS–SKILLING, a for­mer coin of Scandinavian coun­tries [n] */*
SKIMMINGS–SKIMMING, some­thing that is skimmed from a liq­uid [n] */*
SKIORINGS–SKIORING, a form of ski­ing [n] */*
SKIRTINGS–SKIRTING, a board at the base of a wall [n] */*
SLAMMINGS–SLAMMING, the prac­tice of switch­ing a person’s tele­phone ser­vice from one com­pany to another with­out per­mis­sion [n] */*
–SLASHINGS–SLASHING, the act of one that slashes (to cut with vio­lent sweep­ing strokes) [n] */*
SLATINGS–SLATING, the act of one that slates (to cover with slate (a roof­ing mate­r­ial)) [n] */*
SLATTINGS–SLATTING, mate­r­ial for mak­ing slats [n] */*
SLEDDINGS–SLEDDING, the act of one that sleds (to con­vey on a sled (a vehi­cle for car­ry­ing peo­ple or loads over snow or ice)) [n] */*
SLEEPINGS–SLEEPING, the act of one that sleeps (to be in a nat­ural, peri­odic state of rest) [n] */*
–SLINGS–SLING, to throw with a sud­den motion [v] */*
SLUBBINGS–SLUBBING, a slightly twisted roll of tex­tile fibers [n] */*
SMOCKINGS–SMOCKING, a type of embroi­dery [n] */*
SOARINGS–SOARING, the sport of fly­ing in a heavier-than-air craft with­out power [n] */*
SORINGS–SORING, the prac­tice of mak­ing a horse’s front feet sore to force high step­ping [n] */*
SOUNDINGS–SOUNDING, a sam­pling or test of opin­ions [n] */*
SOUTHINGS–SOUTHING, move­ment toward the south [n] */*
SPACINGS–SPACING, the dis­tance between any two objects [n] */*
SPAEINGS–SPAEING, the act of fore­telling (to tell of or about in advance) [n] */*
SPANKINGS–SPANKING, the act of one that spanks (to slap on the but­tocks) [n] */*
SPARLINGS–SPARLING, a young her­ring [n] */*
SPEAKINGS–SPEAKING, a speech or dis­course [n] */*
SPEEDINGS–SPEEDING, the act of dri­ving faster than the law allows [n] */*
SPEERINGS–SPEERING, inquiry (a ques­tion) [n] */*
SPELLINGS–SPELLING, a sequence of let­ters com­pos­ing a word [n] */*
–SPILINGS–SPILING, a pil­ing (a struc­ture of build­ing sup­ports) [n] */*
SPINNINGS–SPINNING, the act of one that spins (to draw out and twist into threads) [n] */*
SPOOLINGS–SPOOLING, the tem­po­rary stor­age of data for later out­put [n] */*
SPOUTINGS–SPOUTING, a chan­nel for drain­ing off water from a roof [n] */*
SPRINGS–SPRING, to move upward sud­denly and swiftly [v] */*
STABLINGS–STABLING, accom­mo­da­tion for ani­mals in a sta­ble [n] */*
STAGINGS–STAGING, a tem­po­rary plat­form [n] */*
–STALKINGS–STALKING, the act of one that stalks (to pur­sue stealth­ily) [n] */*
STANDINGS–STANDING, a posi­tion or con­di­tion in soci­ety [n] */*
STARLINGS–STARLING, a European bird [n] */*
STEADINGS–STEADING, a small farm [n] */*
STEALINGS–STEALING, the act of one that steals (to take with­out right or per­mis­sion) [n] */*
STEEVINGS–STEEVING, the angu­lar ele­va­tion of a bowsprit from a ship’s keel [n] */*
STERLINGS–STERLING, British money [n] */*
–STINGS–STING, to prick painfully [v] */*
STIRRINGS–STIRRING, a begin­ning of motion [n] */*
STOCKINGS–STOCKING, a knit­ted or woven cov­er­ing for the foot and leg [n] */*
STRINGS–STRING, to pro­vide with strings (slen­der cords) [v] */*
STRIPINGS–STRIPING, the stripes marked or painted on some­thing [n] */*
STUDDINGS–STUDDING, the frame­work of a wall [n] */*
STUFFINGS–STUFFING, mate­r­ial with which some­thing is stuffed [n] */*
STYLINGS–STYLING, the way in which some­thing is styled [n] */*
SUBBINGS–SUBBING, a thin coat­ing on the sup­port of a pho­to­graphic film [n] */*
SUBRINGS–SUBRING, a sub­set of a math­e­mat­i­cal ring that is itself a ring [n] */*
SUCKLINGS–SUCKLING, a young mam­mal that has not been weaned [n] */*
SUITINGS–SUITING, fab­ric for mak­ing suits [n] */*
SURFINGS–SURFING, the act or sport of rid­ing the surf (break­ing waves) [n] */*
–SWEEPINGS–SWEEPING, the act of one that sweeps (to clear or clean with a brush or broom) [n] */*
SWEETINGS–SWEETING, a sweet apple [n] */*
SWELLINGS–SWELLING, some­thing that is swollen [n] */*
SWIMMINGS–SWIMMING, the act of one that swims (to pro­pel one­self in water by nat­ural means) [n] */*
SWINGINGS–SWINGING, the prac­tice of swap­ping sex part­ners [n] */*
–SWINGS–SWING, to move freely back and forth [v] */*
TACKLINGS–TACKLING, equip­ment [n] */*
TAILINGS–TAILING, the part of a pro­ject­ing stone or brick that is inserted into a wall [n] */*
TAKINGS–TAKING, a seizure (the act of seiz­ing) [n] */*
TALKINGS–TALKING, con­ver­sa­tion [n] s/*
TANNINGS–TANNING, the process of con­vert­ing hides into leather [n] */*
TAPPINGS–TAPPING, the process or means by which some­thing is tapped [n] */*
TATTINGS–TATTING, del­i­cate hand­made lace [n] */*
TEACHINGS–TEACHING, a doc­trine (a belief or set of beliefs taught or advo­cated) [n] */*
TEETHINGS–TEETHING, the first growth of teeth [n] */*
THINGS–THING, an inan­i­mate object [n] */*
THINKINGS–THINKING, an opin­ion or judg­ment [n] */*
TICKINGS–TICKING, a strong cot­ton fab­ric [n] */*
TIDINGS–TIDING, a piece of news [n] */*
TILINGS–TILING, a sur­face of tiles [n] */*
TIMINGS–TIMING, the selec­tion of the proper moment for doing some­thing [n] */*
TINGS–TING, to emit a high-pitched metal­lic sound [v] s/*
–TINKLINGS–TINKLING, the sound made by some­thing that tin­kles [n] */*
TINTINGS–TINTING, the process of one that tints [n] */*
TITHINGS–TITHING, the act of levy­ing tithes [n] */*
TONGUINGS–TONGUING, the use of the tongue in artic­u­lat­ing notes on a wind instru­ment [n] */*
TOOLINGS–TOOLING, orna­men­ta­tion done with tools [n] */*
TOPPINGS–TOPPING, some­thing that forms a top [n] */*
TOURINGS–TOURING, cross-country ski­ing for plea­sure [n] */*
TOWELINGS–TOWELING, mate­r­ial used for tow­els [n] */*
–TRACINGS–TRACING, some­thing that is traced [n] */*
TRACKINGS–TRACKING, the place­ment of stu­dents within a cur­ricu­lum [n] */*
TRAININGS–TRAINING, sys­tem­atic instruc­tion [n] */*
TRAPPINGS–TRAPPING, a cov­er­ing for a horse [n] s/*
–TRIFLINGS–TRIFLING, a waste of time [n] */*
TRIMMINGS–TRIMMING, some­thing added as a dec­o­ra­tion [n] */*
TRIPPINGS–TRIPPING, the act of one that trips (to stum­ble (to miss one’s step in walk­ing or run­ning)) [n] */*
TRITHINGS–TRITHING, an admin­is­tra­tive divi­sion in England [n] */*
–TROLLINGS–TROLLING, the act of one that trolls (to fish with a slowly trail­ing line) [n] */*
TRUCKINGS–TRUCKING, truck­age (trans­porta­tion of goods by trucks) [n] */*
TRUSSINGS–TRUSSING, the frame­work of a struc­ture [n] */*
TUBINGS–TUBING, mate­r­ial in the form of a tube [n] */*
TUFTINGS–TUFTING, a clus­ter of tufts used for dec­o­ra­tion [n] */*
TUMBLINGS–TUMBLING, the sport of gym­nas­tics [n] */*
TURNINGS–TURNING, a rota­tion about an axis [n] */*
TURTLINGS–TURTLING, the act of one that tur­tles (to catch tur­tles (tor­toises)) [n] */*
TWILLINGS–TWILLING, a twilled fab­ric [n] */*
–TWINNINGS–TWINNING, the bear­ing of two chil­dren at the same birth [n] */*
TWISTINGS–TWISTING, a form of trick­ery used in sell­ing life insur­ance [n] */*
UNBENDINGS–UNBENDING, BENDING, BEND, to curve (to devi­ate from straight­ness) [n] */*
UNCOATINGS–UNCOATING, COATING, a cov­er­ing layer [n] */*
UNDOINGS–UNDOING, a cause of ruin [n] */*
UNSLINGS–UNSLING, to remove from a slung posi­tion [v] */*
UNSTRINGS–UNSTRING, to remove from a string [v] */*
UPFLINGS–UPFLING, to fling up [v] */*
UPPINGS–UPPING, the process of mark­ing young swans for iden­ti­fi­ca­tion pur­poses [n] c/*
UPRISINGS–UPRISING, a revolt [n] */*
UPSPRINGS–UPSPRING, to spring up [v] */*
UPSWINGS–UPSWING, to swing upward [v] */*
VAPORINGS–VAPORING, boast­ful talk [n] */*
VAULTINGS–VAULTING, the struc­ture form­ing a vault [n] */*
VEILINGS–VEILING, a veil [n] */*
VEININGS–VEINING, a net­work of veins [n] */*
VESTINGS–VESTING, the right of an employee to share in and with­draw from a pen­sion fund with­out penalty [n] */*
VIEWINGS–VIEWING, an act of see­ing, watch­ing, or look­ing [n] */*
VIKINGS–VIKING, a Scandinavian pirate [n] */*
VOGUEINGS–VOGUEING, vogu­ing (a dance con­sist­ing of a series of styled poses) [n] */*
VOGUINGS–VOGUING, a dance con­sist­ing of a series of styled poses [n] */*
VOICINGS–VOICING, the tonal qual­ity of an instru­ment in an ensem­ble [n] */*
WADDINGS–WADDING, a wad [n] */*
WAFFLINGS–WAFFLING, an inde­ci­sive state­ment or posi­tion [n] */*
WAISTINGS–WAISTING, a type of dress­mak­ing mate­r­ial [n] */*
WAITINGS–WAITING, the act of one who waits (to stay in expec­ta­tion of) [n] */*
WAKENINGS–WAKENING, the act of one that wak­ens (to wake (to rouse from sleep)) [n] a/*
WALKINGS–WALKING, the act of one that walks (to advance on foot) [n] */*
WARNINGS–WARNING, some­thing that warns [n] */*
WASHINGS–WASHING, arti­cles washed or to be washed [n] */*
WATERINGS–WATERING, the act of one that waters (to sprin­kle with water (a trans­par­ent, odor­less, taste­less liq­uid)) [n] */*
WAXINGS–WAXING, the act of one that waxes (to coat with wax (a nat­ural, heat-sensitive sub­stance)) [n] */*
WAXWINGS–WAXWING, a type of passer­ine bird [n] */*
WAYGOINGS–WAYGOING, the act of leav­ing [n] */*
WEAKLINGS–WEAKLING, a weak per­son [n] */*
–WEANLINGS–WEANLING, a recently weaned child or ani­mal [n] */*
WEBBINGS–WEBBING, a woven strip of fiber [n] */*
WEDDINGS–WEDDING, a mar­riage cer­e­mony [n] */*
WEEPINGS–WEEPING, the act of one that weeps (to express sor­row by shed­ding tears) [n] s/*
WELTINGS–WELTING, a cord or strip used to rein­force a seam [n] */*
WESTINGS–WESTING, a shift­ing west [n] */*
WETTINGS–WETTING, a liq­uid used in moist­en­ing some­thing [n] */*
WHALINGS–WHALING, the indus­try of hunt­ing and pro­cess­ing whales [n] */*
–WHEELINGS–WHEELING, the con­di­tion of a road for vehi­cles [n] */*
WHIPPINGS–WHIPPING, mate­r­ial used to whip [n] */*
WHITINGS–WHITING, a marine food fish [n] */*
WICKINGS–WICKING, mate­r­ial for wicks [n] */*
WIGGINGS–WIGGING, a scold­ing (a harsh reproof) [n] */*
WILDINGS–WILDING, a wild plant or ani­mal [n] */*
WILDLINGS–WILDLING, a wild­ing (a wild plant or ani­mal) [n] */*
WINDINGS–WINDING, mate­r­ial wound about an object [n] */*
WINDLINGS–WINDLING, a bun­dle of straw [n] */*
WINGDINGS–WINGDING, a lively party [n] */*
WINGS–WING, to travel by means of wings (organs of flight) [v] s/*
–WINNINGS–WINNING, money won in a game or com­pe­ti­tion [n] t/*
WIRINGS–WIRING, a sys­tem of elec­tric wires [n] */*
–WITCHINGS–WITCHING, sor­cery (alleged use of super­nat­ural pow­ers) [n] */*
WITLINGS–WITLING, one who con­sid­ers him­self witty [n] */*
WITTINGS–WITTING, knowl­edge [n] */*
WORDINGS–WORDING, the act or style of express­ing in words [n] */*
WORKINGS–WORKING, a min­ing exca­va­tion [n] */*
WRAPPINGS–WRAPPING, the mate­r­ial in which some­thing is wrapped [n] */*
WRECKINGS–WRECKING, the occu­pa­tion of sal­vaging wrecked objects [n] */*
–WRINGS–WRING, to twist so as to com­press [v] */*
WRITINGS–WRITING, a writ­ten com­po­si­tion [n] */*
YACHTINGS–YACHTING, the sport of sail­ing in yachts [n] */*
YAWPINGS–YAWPING, a loud, harsh cry [n] */*
YEALINGS–YEALING, a per­son of the same age [n] */*
–YEANLINGS–YEANLING, the young of a sheep or goat [n] */*
YEARLINGS–YEARLING, an ani­mal past its first year and not yet two years old [n] */*
–YEARNINGS–YEARNING, a strong or deep desire [n] */*
ZINGS–ZING, to move with a high-pitched hum­ming sound [v] */*

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