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THREES Last Letter Repeated

2010 June 12
by admin

Here is a list of all the three-letter words that can be made into four-letter words by repeat­ing the last let­ter (91 of the 1015, to be exact).  This list is a good source of sur­prise hooks.  In some cases, the def­i­n­i­tion changes, in oth­ers, it doesn’t:

AGE–to grow old [v AGED, AGING or AGEING, AGES] cgmprsw/ders
–AGEE–to one side [adv] r/*
ALE–an alco­holic bev­er­age [n –S] bdghkmprstvw/cefs
–ALEE–toward the side of a ves­sel shel­tered from the wind [adv] */*
–AWE–to inspire with awe (rev­er­en­tial fear) [v AWED, AWING or AWEING, AWES] */des
–AWEE–awhile (for a short time) [adv] */*
–BAL–a bal­moral (a type of shoe (a cov­er­ing for the foot)) [n –S] */deklms
–BALL–to form into a ball (a spher­i­cal object) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */sy
–BAS–BA, the eter­nal soul, in Egyptian mythol­ogy [n] ao/ehkst
–BASS–an edi­ble fish [n –ES] */ioy
–BAT–to hit a base­ball [v BATTED, BATTING, BATS] */ehst
–BATT–a sheet of cot­ton [n –S] */suy
–BEL–a unit of power [n –S] */lst
–BELL–to pro­vide with a bell (a ring­ing device) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */esy
BIB–to tip­ple (to drink alco­holic bev­er­ages) [v BIBBED, BIBBING, BIBS] */bs
BIBB–a mast sup­port [n –S] */s
–BIT–to restrain (to hold back from action) [v BITTED, BITTING, BITS] o/est
BITT–to secure a cable [v –ED, –ING, –S] */sy
–BOS–BO, a pal [n] a/hks
BOSS–to super­vise [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */y
BOT–the larva of a bot­fly [n –S] */ahst
BOTT–bot (the larva of a bot­fly) [n –S] */s
BROa brother (a male sib­ling (one hav­ing the same par­ents as another)) [n BROS] */osw
BROO–a bree (broth (a thin clear soup)) [n BROOS] */dkms
BRRbrrr (used to indi­cate that one feels cold) [interj] */r
BRRR–used to indi­cate that one feels cold [interj] */*
–BUNa small bread roll [n –S] */adgknst
BUNN–bun (a small bread roll) [n –S] */sy
BURto burr (to remove a rough edge from) [v BURRED, BURRING, BURS] */abdglnprsy
BURR–to remove a rough edge from [v –ED, –ING, –S] */osy
–BUSto trans­port by bus (a large motor vehi­cle) [v BUSED, BUSING, BUSES or BUSSED, BUSSING, BUSSES] */hksty
BUSS–to kiss (to touch with the lips as a sign of affec­tion) [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */*
–BUTa flat­fish (any of an order of marine fishes) [n –S] a/est
BUTT–to hit with the head [v –ED, –ING, –S] */esy
–CARan auto­mo­bile [n –S] s/bdeklnprst
CARR–a marsh (a tract of low, wet land) [n –S] */sy
–CELa sheet of cel­lu­loid used in ani­ma­tion [n –S] */lst
–CELL–to store in a hon­ey­comb [v –ED, –ING, –S] */aios
COBa corn­cob (the woody core of an ear of corn) [n –S] */bs
COBB–a sea gull [n –S] */sy
–CONto study care­fully [v CONNED, CONNING, CONS] i/eiknsy
CONN–to direct the steer­ing of a ship [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
–COSa vari­ety of let­tuce [n –ES] */hsty
COSS–kos (a land mea­sure in India) [n COSS] */*
CURa mon­grel dog [n –S] */bdeflnrst
CURR–to purr (to utter a low, vibrant sound) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */sy
–DEL–an oper­a­tor in dif­fer­en­tial cal­cu­lus [n –S] */efilst
–DELL–a small, wooded val­ley [n –S] */sy
–DIFdiff (a dif­fer­ence) [n –S] */fs
–DIFF–a dif­fer­ence [n –S] */s
–DISto insult or crit­i­cize [v DISSED, DISSING, DISSES] */chks
DISS–to dis (to insult or crit­i­cize) [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */*
DOL–a unit of pain inten­sity [n –S] i/elst
DOLL–to dress styl­ishly [v –ED, –ING, –S] */sy
–DOR–a black European bee­tle [n –S] o/ekmprsy
DORR–dor (a black European bee­tle) [n –S] */s
–DOS–DO, the first tone of the dia­tonic musi­cal scale [n] au/est
DOSS–to sleep in any con­ve­nient place [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */*
–FES–FE, a Hebrew let­ter [n] */st
–FESS–to con­fess (to acknowl­edge or dis­close) [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */e
FILa coin of Iraq and Jordan [n –S] */aelmos
–FILL–to put as much as can be held into [v –ED, –ING, –S] : FILLABLE [adj] */eosy
FIZa hiss­ing or sput­ter­ing sound [n FIZZES] */z
FIZZ–to make a hiss­ing or sput­ter­ing sound [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */y
–GALa girl (a female child (a young per­son)) [n –S] e/aels
–GALL–to vex or irri­tate [v –ED, –ING, –S] */sy
GULa design in ori­en­tal car­pets [n –S] */flps
GULL–to deceive (to mis­lead by false­hood) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */sy
HAJ–hadj (a pil­grim­age to Mecca) [n –ES] */ij
HAJJ–hadj (a pil­grim­age to Mecca) [n –ES] */i
–HIS–the pos­ses­sive form of the pro­noun he [pron] acgkpt/nst
HISS–to make a sibi­lant sound [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */y
HOG–to take more than one’s share [v HOGGED, HOGGING, HOGS] s/gs
HOGG–a young sheep [n –S] */s
–JAGto cut unevenly [v JAGGED, JAGGING, JAGS] */gs
JAGG–to jag (to cut unevenly) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */sy
JIBto refuse to pro­ceed fur­ther [v JIBBED, JIBBING, JIBS] */bes
JIBB–to shift from side to side while sail­ing [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
–JINjinn (a super­nat­ural being in Muslim mythol­ogy) [n –S] d/knsx
–JINN–a super­nat­ural being in Muslim mythol­ogy [n –S] d/is
–KIS–KI, the vital force in Chinese thought [n] s/st
KISS–to touch with the lips as a sign of affec­tion [v –ED, –ING, –ES] : KISSABLE [adj], KISSABLY [adv] */y
–KOSa land mea­sure in India [n KOS] */s
KOSS–kos (a land mea­sure in India) [n KOSS] */*
–LAS–LA, the sixth tone of the dia­tonic musi­cal scale [n] a/ehst
–LASS–a young woman [n –ES] cg/io
–LESlez (a les­bian — an offen­sive term) [n LESES] ao/st
–LESS–not as great in quan­tity or degree [adj LESSER, LEAST] b/*
–LIN–linn (a water­fall) [n –S] b/egknosty
–LINN–a water­fall [n –S] */s
–MAS–MA, mother [n] a/ahkst
–MASS–to assem­ble in a mass (a body of coher­ent mat­ter) [v –ED, –ING, –ES] a/aey
–MAT–to pack down so as to form a dense mass [v MATTED, MATTING, MATS] */ehst
–MATT–to matte (to pro­duce a dull fin­ish on) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */es
–MEL–honey [n –S] */dlst
–MELL–to mix (to put together into one mass) [v –ED, –ING, –S] s/s
MIG–a type of play­ing mar­ble [n –S] */gs
–MIGG–mig (a type of play­ing mar­ble) [n –S] */s
MIL–a unit of length [n –S] */deklost
–MILL–to grind by mechan­i­cal means [v –ED, –ING, –S] : MILLABLE [adj] */es
–MIS–MI, the third tone of the dia­tonic musi­cal scale [n] a/eost
MISS–to fail to make con­tact with [v –ED, –ING, –ES] a/y
MOL–mole (the quan­tity of a com­pound that has a weight equal to the compound’s mol­e­c­u­lar weight) [n –S] */adelsty
MOLL–a gangster’s girl­friend [n –S] */sy
–MOS–MO, a moment (a brief period of time) [n] */hkst
MOSS–to cover with moss (a growth of small, leafy-stemmed plants) [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */oy
MOT–a witty say­ing [n –S] */ehst
MOTT–motte (a small growth of trees on a prairie) [n –S] */eos
MUG–to assault with intent to rob [v MUGGED, MUGGING, MUGS] s/gs
MUGG–to make funny faces [v –ED, –ING, –S] */sy
–MUM–to act in a dis­guise [v MUMMED, MUMMING, MUMS] */mpsu
–MUMM–to mum (to act in a dis­guise) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */sy
–MUS–MU, a Greek let­ter [n] ae/ehkst
MUSS–to mess (to make dirty or untidy) [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */y
–MUT–mutt (a mon­grel dog) [n –S] s/est
MUTT–a mon­grel dog [n –S] */s
–NET–to catch in a net (a type of open­work fab­ric) [v NETTED, NETTING, NETS] */st
NETT–to net (to catch in a net (a type of open­work fab­ric)) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */sy
NILnoth­ing (the absence of all quan­tity or mag­ni­tude) [n –S] a/ls
–NILL–to be unwill­ing [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
NOG–to fill in a space in a wall with bricks [v NOGGED, NOGGING, NOGS] s/gs
NOGG–a strong ale [n –S] */s
–PAL–to asso­ciate as friends [v PALLED, PALLING, PALS] o/elmpsy
–PALL–to become insipid (dull and unin­ter­est­ing) [v –ED, –ING, –S] s/sy
–PAR–to shoot in a stan­dard num­ber of strokes in golf [v PARRED, PARRING, PARS] s/adekrst
PARR–a young salmon [n –S] */sy
–PAS–a dance step [n PAS] su/ehst
–PASS–to go by [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */e
–PIS–PI, a Greek let­ter [n] */hos
PISS–to uri­nate — some­times con­sid­ered vul­gar [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */*
POLa politi­cian [n –S] */elosy
POLL–to ques­tion for the pur­pose of sur­vey­ing pub­lic opin­ion [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
PULa coin of Afghanistan [n PULS or PULI] */aeilps
PULL–to exert force in order to cause motion toward the force [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
PURto purr (to utter a low, vibrant sound) [v PURRED, PURRING, PURS] s/eilrs
PURR–to utter a low, vibrant sound [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
–PUSa vis­cous fluid formed in infected tis­sue [n –ES] o/hs
PUSS–a cat [n –ES] */y
–PUTto place in a par­tic­u­lar posi­tion [v PUT, PUTTING, PUTS] */stz
PUTT–to hit with a light stroke in golf [v –ED, –ING, –S] */iosy
–RAGto scold (to rebuke harshly) [v RAGGED, RAGGING, RAGS] bcdf/aegis
RAGG–a wool fiber [n –S] */sy
–RED–of the color of blood [adj REDDER, REDDEST], to redd (to put in order) [v REDDED, REDDING, REDS] bci/deos
REDD–to put in order [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
REP–to rep­re­sent (to bring into the pres­ence of some­one) [v REPPED, REPPING, REPS] p/ops
REPP–rep [n –S] */s
–RIFto dis­miss from employ­ment [v RIFFED, RIFFING, RIFS] */efst
–RIFF–to rif­fle (to flip through hastily) [v –ED, –ING, –S] g/s
–SALsalt [n –S] */elpst
–SALL–shall — SALL is the only form of this verb; it can­not be con­ju­gated [v] */y
–SELself (the total, essen­tial, or par­tic­u­lar being of one per­son) [n –S] */fls
–SELL–to give up to another for money or other valu­able con­sid­er­a­tion [v SOLD, SELLING, SELLS] : SELLABLE [adj] */es
–SETto put in a par­tic­u­lar posi­tion [v SET, SETTING, SETS] */ast
SETT–the bur­row of a bad­ger [n –S] */s
SIB–a sib­ling (one hav­ing the same par­ents as another) [n –S] */bs
SIBB–sib (a sib­ling (one hav­ing the same par­ents as another)) [n –S] */s
–SUNto expose to the sun (the star around which the earth revolves) [v SUNNED, SUNNING, SUNS] */gkns
SUNN–an East Indian shrub [n –S] */asy
–TAS–TA, an expres­sion of grat­i­tude [n] eu/ks
–TASS–a drink­ing cup [n –ES] */e
TEGa year­ling sheep [n –S] */gs
–TEGG–a sheep in its sec­ond year [n –S] */s
–TELan ancient mound in the Middle East [n –S] */aels
–TELL–to give a detailed account of [v TOLD, TELLING, TELLS] : TELLABLE [adj] */sy
–THEused to spec­ify or make par­tic­u­lar [definite_article] */emnwy
THEE–the objec­tive case of the pro­noun thou [pron] */*
TIL–the sesame plant [n –S] */elst
–TILL–to pre­pare land for crops by plow­ing [v –ED, –ING, –S] : TILLABLE [adj] s/s
–TOR–a high, craggy hill [n –S] */aceinorsty
TORR–a unit of pres­sure [n –S] */s
–TYEa chain on a ship [n –S] s/ers
TYEE–a food fish [n –S] */s
VUGa small cav­ity in a rock or lode [n –S] */ghs
VUGG–vug (a small cav­ity in a rock or lode) [n –S] */sy
–WATwet (cov­ered or sat­u­rated with a liq­uid) [adj WATTER, WATTEST], a hare [n –S] st/st
–WATT–a unit of power [n –S] */s
–WISto know — WIS and WIST are the only accepted forms of this verb; it can­not be con­ju­gated fur­ther [v past tense WIST] iy/ehpst
WISS–to wish (to feel an impulse toward attain­ment or pos­ses­sion of some­thing) [v –ED, –ING, –ES] s/*
WYNwynn (the rune for W) [n –S] */dns
WYNN–the rune for W [n –S] */s
–YET–up to now [adv] */it
YETT–a gate [n –S] */s

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