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Exclamations & Interjections

2010 October 17
by admin

This is a great list of excla­ma­tions and inter­jec­tions.  It’s based on a list that was orig­i­nally com­piled by Rebecca Slivka of the Seattle Scrabble Club (NASPA Club #253).  Rebecca has com­piled a num­ber of really extra­or­di­nary lists – her lists (and oth­ers) are posted here:  http://​www​.seat​tle​scrab​ble​.org/​s​t​u​d​y​.​php.

AARGHused to express dis­gust [interj] */*
AARRGHaargh (used to express dis­gust) [interj] */h
AARRGHH–aargh (used to express dis­gust) [interj] */*
ACHOOahchoo (used to rep­re­sent the sound of a sneeze) [interj] */*
ADIOSused to express farewell [interj] r/*
–AHA–used to express sur­prise, tri­umph, or deri­sion [interj] h/*
AHCHOOused to rep­re­sent the sound of a sneeze [interj] */*
–AHEMused to attract atten­tion [interj] */*
–AHOYused in hail­ing a ship or per­son [interj] */*
–ALACKused to express sor­row or regret [interj] */*
–ALAS–used to express sor­row or regret [interj] bgnt/*
ARRIBAused to express plea­sure [interj] */*
ATTABOYused to express encour­age­ment or approval [interj] */*
ATTAGIRLused to express encour­age­ment or approval [interj] */*
–AVASTused as a com­mand to stop [interj] */*
–AVAUNTused as an order of dis­missal [interj] */*
AWused to express protest, dis­gust, or dis­be­lief [interj] cdhjlmnprstvwy/aeln
–BAH–an excla­ma­tion of dis­gust [interj] */t
BEGONEused as an order of dis­missal [interj] */*
BEGORAHbegorra (used as a mild oath) [interj] */*
BEGORRAused as a mild oath [interj] */h
BEGORRAH–begorra (used as a mild oath) [interj] */*
BEJABERSbeje­sus (used as a mild oath) [interj] */*
BEJEEZUSbeje­sus (used as a mild oath) [interj] */*
BEJESUSused as a mild oath [interj] */*
–BLIMEYused as an expres­sion of sur­prise [interj] */*
–BLIMYblimey (used as an expres­sion of sur­prise) [interj] */*
BRRbrrr (used to indi­cate that one feels cold) [interj] */r
BRRR–used to indi­cate that one feels cold [interj] */*
CARAMBAused to express sur­prise or dis­may [interj] */*
CIAOused as an expres­sion of greet­ing and farewell [interj] */*
CRACKY–used to express sur­prise [interj] */*
–CRICKEYused as a mild oath [interj] */*
CRIKEYused as a mild oath [interj] */*
CRIMINEused to express sur­prise or anger [interj] */*
CRIMINYcrim­ine (used to express sur­prise or anger) [interj] */*
–CRIPEused as a mild oath [interj] */s
–CRIPES–used as a mild oath [interj] */*
DAMMITused to express anger [interj] */*
–DUHused to indi­cate that some­thing just stated is too obvi­ous [interj] */*
EEKused to express sud­den fright [interj] gklmprsw/*
–EGADused as a mild oath [interj] */s
–EGADS–egad (used as a mild oath) [interj] */*
EHused to express doubt or sur­prise [interj] fhpy/*
ERused to express hes­i­ta­tion [interj] fhps/aegnrs
EUREKAused to express tri­umph upon dis­cov­er­ing some­thing [interj] */*
FAUGHused to express dis­gust [interj] */*
FIEused to express dis­ap­proval [interj] */f
–FOHfaugh (used to express dis­gust) [interj] */n
GADZOOKSused as a mild oath [interj] */*
GARDYLOOused as a warn­ing cry [interj] */*
GEEZ–jeez (used as a mild oath) [interj] */*
GIDDAPused as a com­mand to a horse to go faster [interj] */*
GIDDYAPgid­dap (used as a com­mand to a horse to go faster) [interj] */*
GIDDYUPgid­dap (used as a com­mand to a horse to go faster) [interj] */*
GOLLYused as a mild oath [interj] */*
–GOR–used as a mild oath [interj] */empy
GORBLIMYblimey (used as an expres­sion of sur­prise) [interj] */*
GOSH–used as an excla­ma­tion of sur­prise [interj] */*
HEIGHused to attract atten­tion [interj] */t
HEY–used to attract atten­tion [interj] tw/*
HIused as a greet­ing [interj] acgkp/cdemnpst
HIC–used to rep­re­sent a hic­cup [interj] c/k
HMhmm (used to express thought­ful con­sid­er­a­tion) [interj] o/m
–HMM–used to express thought­ful con­sid­er­a­tion [interj] */*
–HUHused to express sur­prise [interj] */*
HUICused to encour­age hunt­ing hounds [interj] */*
HUNH–used to ask for a rep­e­ti­tion of an utter­ance [interj] */*
–HUPused to mark a march­ing cadence [interj] w/*
ICKused to express dis­gust [interj] dhklmnprstw/y
JEEPERSused as a mild oath [interj] */*
JEEZ–used as a mild oath [interj] */*
JIMINYused to express sur­prise [interj] */*
JIMMINYjiminy (used to express sur­prise) [interj] */*
KERCHOOahchoo (used to rep­re­sent the sound of a sneeze) [interj] */*
LACKADAYused to express regret [interj] a/*
LOused to attract atten­tion or to express sur­prise [interj] */bgoptwx
MAZELTOVused to express con­grat­u­la­tions [interj] */*
MMused to express assent or sat­is­fac­tion [interj] hu/*
NERTSused to express defi­ance or dis­gust [interj] i/*
NERTZnerts (used to express defi­ance or dis­gust) [interj] */*
OCHONEused to express grief [interj] */*
–OHO–used to express sur­prise or exul­ta­tion [interj] bc/*
OIoy (used to express dis­may or pain) [interj] kp/l
–OOPSused to express mild apol­ogy, sur­prise, or dis­may [interj] cghlpw/*
OWused to express sud­den pain [interj] bcdhjlmnprstvwy/eln
OYused to express dis­may or pain [interj] bcfghjst/*
–PAH–used as an excla­ma­tion of dis­gust [interj] o/*
PARDEEpardi (used as a mild oath) [interj] */*
PARDI–used as a mild oath [interj] */e
PARDIE–pardi (used as a mild oath) [interj] */*
PARDY–pardi (used as a mild oath) [interj] */*
PERDIEpardi (used as a mild oath) [interj] */*
PERDYpardi (used as a mild oath) [interj] */*
PFFTused to express a sud­den end­ing [interj] */*
PFUIphooey (used as an excla­ma­tion of dis­gust or con­tempt) [interj] */*
–PHEWused to express relief, fatigue, or dis­gust [interj] */*
–PHOOEYused as an excla­ma­tion of dis­gust or con­tempt [interj] */*
PHPHTpht (used as an expres­sion of mild anger or annoy­ance) [interj] */*
PHTused as an expres­sion of mild anger or annoy­ance [interj] */*
–POHused to express dis­gust [interj] */*
PRITHEEused to express a wish or request [interj] */*
PROSITused as a drink­ing toast [interj] */*
PROST–prosit (used as a drink­ing toast) [interj] */*
PRYTHEEprithee (used to express a wish or request) [interj] */*
PSSTused to attract someone’s atten­tion [interj] */*
PSTpsst (used to attract someone’s atten­tion) [interj] */*
PTOOEYptui (used to express the sound of spit­ting) [interj] */*
–PTUIused to express the sound of spit­ting [interj] */*
–PUGH–used to express dis­gust [interj] */*
QUOTHA–used to express sur­prise or sar­casm [interj] */*
–RAHused to cheer on a team or player [interj] */*
RIGHTO–used to express cheer­ful con­sent [interj] */*
SHused to urge silence [interj] a/aehy
–SHA–used to urge silence [interj] */dghmtwy
SHAZAMused to sig­nify a mag­i­cal occur­rence [interj] */*
SHEESHused to express mild annoy­ance [interj] */*
SHH–sh (used to urge silence) [interj] */*
SLAINTEused to toast one’s health [interj] */*
SOOEYused in call­ing pigs [interj] */*
TACET–be silent — used as a musi­cal direc­tion [interj] */*
TOUCHE–used to acknowl­edge a hit in fenc­ing [interj] */drs
TSKto utter an excla­ma­tion of annoy­ance [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
TSKTSKto tsk (to utter an excla­ma­tion of annoy­ance) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
UHused to express hes­i­ta­tion [interj] dh/*
UMused to indi­cate hes­i­ta­tion [interj] bcghlmrsvy/mp
–UMM–um (used to indi­cate hes­i­ta­tion) [interj] m/*
VIVEused as an excla­ma­tion of approval [interj] */*
VOILAused to call atten­tion to some­thing [interj] */*
VOLTI–used to direct musi­cians to turn the page [interj] */*
–VUMused to express sur­prise [interj] o/*
WAESUCKwae­sucks (used to express pity) [interj] */s
WAESUCKS–used to express pity [interj] */*
WHAMMOused to indi­cate a star­tling event [interj] */*
WHAMO–whammo (used to indi­cate a star­tling event) [interj] */*
WHEEused to express delight [interj] */lnp
WHOA–used to com­mand an ani­mal to stop [interj] */*
WILCOused to indi­cate that a mes­sage received will be com­plied with [interj] */*
WIRRAused to express sor­row [interj] */*
WISHA–used to express sur­prise [interj] */*
–YAH–used as an excla­ma­tion of dis­gust [interj] a/*
YIKESused to express fear or pain [interj] */*
YIPE–used to express fear or sur­prise [interj] */s
YIPES–yipe (used to express fear or sur­prise) [interj] */*
YIPPEEused to express joy [interj] */*
YOused to call atten­tion or to express affir­ma­tion [interj] */bdkmnuw
YOICKSused to encour­age hunt­ing hounds [interj] */*
YUCCHused to express dis­gust [interj] */*
YUCHyucch (used to express dis­gust) [interj] */*
–YUMused to express plea­sur­able sat­is­fac­tion [interj] */*
ZOOKSused as a mild oath [interj] */*
ZOUNDSused as a mild oath [interj] */*
ZOWIEused to express sur­prise or plea­sure [interj] */*
ZZZused to sug­gest the sound of snor­ing [interj] */*
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