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NAME Words

2010 June 18
by admin

This is an inter­est­ing list of “names” that are accept­able plays (240 at last count).  Let me know if you have a word/name to add to the list.

ALan East Indian tree [n –S] abdgps/abelpst
ALAN–a large hunt­ing dog [n –S] */degst
ALEC–a her­ring (a food fish) [n –S] */s
ALMAalmah (an Egyptian girl who sings and dances pro­fes­sion­ally) [n –S] h/hs
ANNAa for­mer coin of India and Pakistan [n –S] cm/ls
ART–an esthet­i­cally pleas­ing and mean­ing­ful arrange­ment of ele­ments [n –S] cdfhkmptw/sy
BAKER–one that bakes (to pre­pare food in an oven) [n –S] */sy
BELLE–an attrac­tive woman [n –S] */ds
–BEN–an inner room [n –S] */dest
BENJAMINben­zoin (a gum resin) [n –S] */s
BENNYan amphet­a­mine tablet [n –NIES] */*
BERTHA–a wide col­lar [n –S] */s
–BETH–a Hebrew let­ter [n –S] */s
–BIFFto hit (to strike forcibly) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */sy
–BILLto present a state­ment of costs to [v –ED, –ING, –S] : BILLABLE [adj] */sy
–BILLY–a short club [n –LIES] */*
BOa pal [n BOS] a/abdgopstwxy
BOB–to move up and down [v BOBBED, BOBBING, BOBS] */s
BOBBYa police offi­cer [n –BIES] */*
BONITAbonito (a marine food fish) [n –S] */s
BONNIEbonny (pretty (pleas­ing to the eye)) [adj] */r
–BRAD–to fas­ten with thin nails [v BRADDED, BRADDING, BRADS] */s
–BRANT–a wild goose [n –S] */s
–BRENT–brant (a wild goose) [n –S] */s
–BROCKa bad­ger [n –S] */s
BUDto put forth buds (unde­vel­oped plant parts) [v BUDDED, BUDDING, BUDS] */s
BUSTERone that breaks up some­thing [n –S] */s
CARL–a peas­ant (a per­son of infe­rior social rank) [n –S] */es
CAROLto sing joy­ously [v –OLED, –OLING, –OLS or –OLLED, –OLLING, –OLS] */is
CARTER–one that carts (to con­vey in a cart (a two-wheeled vehi­cle)) [n –S] */s
CELESTEcelesta (a key­board instru­ment) [n –S] */s
–CHADa scrap of paper [n –S] : CHADLESS [adj] */s
CHARLEYchar­lie (a fool) [n –LEYS] */s
CHARLIEa fool [n –LIES] */s
CHASEto pur­sue (to fol­low in order to over­take or cap­ture) [v CHASED, CHASING, CHASES] */drs
CHEVYto chase about [v CHEVIED, CHEVYING, CHEVIES] */*
CHICO–a prickly shrub [n –COS] */s
CHRISTIEchristy (a ski­ing turn) [n –S] */s
CHRISTYa ski­ing turn [n –TIES] */*
–CHUCKto throw (to pro­pel through the air with a move­ment of the arm) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */sy
CLARENCEa closed car­riage [n –S] */s
–CLAYto treat with clay (a fine-grained, earthy mate­r­ial) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
CLIFFa high, steep face of rock [n –S] */sy
COOPERto make or mend bar­rels [v –ED, –ING, –S] s/sy
CORKY–cork­like (resem­bling cork (a porous tree bark)) [adj CORKIER, CORKIEST] */*
DAISY–a flow­er­ing plant [n –SIES] : DAISIED [adj] */*
–DALE–a val­ley (a depres­sion of the earth’s sur­face) [n –S] */s
DALTONa unit of atomic mass [n –S] */s
DAPHNEa flow­er­ing shrub [n –S] */s
DAVYa safety lamp [n –VIES] */*
–DAWN–to begin to grow light in the morn­ing [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
DEANto serve as dean (the head of a fac­ulty) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
DEB–a debu­tante [n –S] */st
DEXTERsit­u­ated on the right [adj] */*
–DICKto waste time — an offen­sive term [v –ED, –ING, –S] */sy
–DIRKto stab with a small knife [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
DOLLY–to move on a wheeled plat­form [v –LIED, –LYING, –LIES] */*
–DON–to put on [v DONNED, DONNING, DONS] u/aegs
DONNAan Italian lady [n DONNAS or DONNE] */s
DOT–to cover with dots (tiny round marks) [v DOTTED, DOTTING, DOTS] */ehsy
–DUKEto fight (to attempt to defeat an adver­sary) [v DUKED, DUKING, DUKES] */ds
EARL–a British noble­man [n –S] p/sy
EDedu­ca­tion [n –S] bfglmprtwz/hs
EDDYto move against the main cur­rent [v –DIED, –DYING, –DIES] nt/*
EINSTEINa very intel­li­gent per­son [n –S] */s
ERICAa shrub of the heath fam­ily [n –S] */s
FAITHto believe or trust [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
FANNYthe but­tocks (either of the two rounded parts of the rump) [n –NIES] */*
–FAY–to join closely [v –ED, –ING, –S] o/s
FELICITYhap­pi­ness [n –TIES] */*
–FERN–a flow­er­less vas­cu­lar plant [n –S] : FERNLESS, FERNLIKE [adj] */sy
FLORENCEflorin (a for­mer gold coin of Europe) [n –S] */s
FORD–to cross by wad­ing [v –ED, –ING, –S] : FORDABLE [adj] */os
–FRANKhon­est and unre­served in speech [adj FRANKER, FRANKEST], to mark (a piece of mail) for free deliv­ery [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
FRANKLINa medieval English landowner [n –S] */s
–FRITZ–a non­func­tion­ing state [n –ES] */*
GABBYtalk­a­tive [adj –BIER, –BIEST] */*
GENE–a hered­i­tary unit [n –S] a/st
GILBERTa unit of mag­ne­to­mo­tive force [n –S] */s
GINGERto fla­vor with gin­ger (a pun­gent spice) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */sy
GLENa small val­ley [n –S] : GLENLIKE [adj] */s
GLORIAa halo [n –S] */s
–GORE–to pierce with a horn or tusk [v GORED, GORING, GORES] */ds
–GRACEto give beauty to [v GRACED, GRACING, GRACES] */ds
GRAHAMwhole-wheat flour [n –S] */s
–GRANT–to bestow upon [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
GUYto ridicule (to make fun of) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
HANKto fas­ten a sail [v –ED, –ING, –S] st/sy
HARRYto pil­lage (to plun­der (to rob of goods by force)) [v –RIED, –RYING, –RIES] cg/*
HECTORto bully (to treat abu­sively) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
HENRYa unit of induc­tance [n –RIES or –RYS] */s
HOLLYa tree [n –LIES] w/*
HONEY–to sweeten with honey (a sweet, vis­cid fluid) [v HONEYED or HONIED, HONEYING, HONEYS] p/s
–HOPE–to have a desire or expec­ta­tion [v HOPED, HOPING, HOPES] */drs
HOYLEa rule book [n –S] */s
IRISa part of the eye [n IRISES or IRIDES], to give the form of a rain­bow to [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */*
JACKto raise with a type of lever [v –ED, –ING, –S] */sy
JACKY–a sailor (a mem­ber of a ship’s crew) [n JACKIES] */*
JAKEall right; fine [adj] */s
–JANEa girl or woman [n –S] */s
–JAYa corvine bird [n JAYS] */s
JEANa durable cot­ton fab­ric [n –S] : JEANED [adj] */s
JENNYa female don­key (the domes­tic ass) [n –NIES] */*
JERRYa German sol­dier [n –RIES] */*
–JESSto fas­ten straps around the legs of a hawk [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */e
JESSE–to jess (to fas­ten straps around the legs of a hawk) [v JESSED, JESSING, JESSES] */ds
JEWELto adorn or equip with jew­els (pre­cious stones) [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
–JILLa unit of liq­uid mea­sure [n –S] */s
–JIMMYto pry open with a crow­bar [v –MIED, –MYING, –MIES] */*
JOa sweet­heart [n JOES] */begtwy
–JOE–a fel­low [n –S] */sy
JOEY–a young kan­ga­roo [n –EYS] */s
JOHNa toi­let [n –S] */s
–JONESto have a strong crav­ing for some­thing [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */*
JORDANa type of con­tainer [n –S] */s
JOSEPHa woman’s long cloak [n –S] */s
JOSHto tease (to make fun of) [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */*
–JOY–to rejoice (to feel joy­ful) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
–KAY–the let­ter K [n KAYS] o/os
KELLYa bright green color [n –LIES] */*
KELVINa unit of tem­per­a­ture [n –S] */s
–KENto know (to have a true under­stand­ing of) [v KENNED, KENT, KENNING, KENS] */ost
KERRYone of an Irish breed of cat­tle [n –RIES] s/*
KIP–to sleep (to be in a nat­ural, peri­odic state of rest) [v KIPPED, KIPPING, KIPS] s/s
–KIT–to equip (to pro­vide with what­ever is needed) [v KITTED, KITTING, KITS] s/ehs
KITTYa kit­ten or cat [n –TIES] */*
KRISa short sword [n –ES] */*
LACEY–lacy (resem­bling lace­work (a del­i­cate open­work fab­ric)) [adj LACIER, LACIEST] */*
LANCEto pierce with a lance (a spearlike weapon) [v LANCED, LANCING, LANCES] g/drst
LASSIE–a lass (a young woman) [n –S] g/s
–LAURAa type of monastery [n –RAS or –RAE] */es
LAURELto crown with a wreath of ever­green leaves [v –RELED, –RELING, –RELS or –RELLED, –RELLING, –RELS] */s
LEEshel­ter from the wind [n –S] afg/krst
LENOa style of weav­ing [n –NOS] */s
LILYa flow­er­ing plant [n LILIES] : LILYLIKE [adj] s/*
LOUIElooie (a lieu­tenant of the armed forces) [n –S] */s
LOUISa for­mer gold coin of France [n LOUIS] */*
LUCIFERa fric­tion match [n –S] */s
MAC–a rain­coat (a water­proof coat) [n –S] */ehks
–MAMIEmamey (a trop­i­cal tree) [n –S] */s
–MARC–the residue remain­ing after a fruit has been pressed [n –S] */hs
MARCELto make a deep, soft wave in the hair [v –CELLED, –CELLING, –CELS] */s
MARGEa mar­gin [n –S] */s
–MARIAMARE, a dark area on the sur­face of the moon or Mars [n] */*
MARINAa dock­ing area for small boats [n –S] */s
–MARK–to make a vis­i­ble impres­sion on [v –ED, –ING, –S] */as
MARTINa small bird [n –S] */gis
MARYJANEmar­i­juana [n –S] */s
MASONto build with stone or brick [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
MATILDAa hobo’s bun­dle [n –S] */s
–MATT–to matte (to pro­duce a dull fin­ish on) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */es
MAXWELLa unit of mag­netic flux [n –S] */s
–MAY–to gather flow­ers in the spring [v –ED, –ING, –S], used as an aux­il­iary to express per­mis­sion [v present 2d per­son sing. MAY, MAYEST, or MAYST, past tense MIGHT] */aos
–MEL–honey [n –S] */dlst
MELODYan agree­able suc­ces­sion of musi­cal sounds [n –DIES] */*
MERCY–com­pas­sion shown to an offender or enemy [n –CIES] */*
MERLE–a black­bird [n –S] */s
MERLINa European fal­con [n –S] */s
–MICK–an Irishman — an offen­sive term [n –S] */s
MICKEYa drugged drink [n –EYS] */s
MIKEto amplify or record by use of a micro­phone [v MIKED, MIKING, MIKES] */ds
–MILLER–one that mills (to grind by mechan­i­cal means) [n –S] */s
MOLLY–mol­lie (a trop­i­cal fish) [n –LIES] */*
–MORGANa unit of dis­tance between genes [n –S] */s
–MORRISan English folk dance [n –RISES] */*
MORSE–des­ig­nat­ing a code used in teleg­ra­phy [adj] */l
–NAN–a round flat bread [n –S] */as
NAPOLEONa type of pas­try (a sweet baked food) [n –S] */s
NELLIEan effem­i­nate male [n –S] */s
NELLYnel­lie (an effem­i­nate male) [n –LIES] */*
NELSONa wrestling hold [n –S] */s
NEWT–a small sala­man­der [n –S] */s
NEWTONa unit of force [n –S] */s
–NICKto make a shal­low cut in [v –ED, –ING, –S] s/s
NORM–a stan­dard regarded as typ­i­cal for a spe­cific group [n –S] e/s
–OLIVEthe small oval fruit of a Mediterranean tree [n –S] */s
–PAM–the jack of clubs in cer­tain card games [n –S] s/s
–PAT–to touch lightly [v PATTED, PATTING, PATS] s/ehsy
PATSY–a per­son who is eas­ily fooled [n –SIES] */*
PATTIEpatty (a small, flat cake of chopped food) [n –S] */s
PATTYa small, flat cake of chopped food [n –TIES] */*
PENNYa coin of the United Kingdom [n PENNIES or PENCE] */*
PETERto dimin­ish grad­u­ally [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
PIERCEto cut or pass into or through [v PIERCED, PIERCING, PIERCES] */drs
–PINKY–pinkie (the lit­tle fin­ger) [n PINKIES] */*
PIPER–one that plays on a tubu­lar musi­cal instru­ment [n –S] */s
RALPHto vomit (to eject the con­tents of the stom­ach through the mouth) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
RANDY–lust­ful (marked by exces­sive sex­ual desire) [adj –DIER, –DIEST], a rude per­son [n RANDIES] b/*
REGINAqueen [n –NAE or –NAS] : REGINAL [adj] */els
–RICHhav­ing wealth [adj RICHER, RICHEST] */*
–RICKto pile hay in stacks [v –ED, –ING, –S] bcptw/s
ROBto take prop­erty from ille­gally [v ROBBED, ROBBING, ROBS] */es
ROBINa song­bird (a bird that utters a musi­cal call) [n –S] */gs
–RODto pro­vide with a rod (a straight, slen­der piece of wood, metal, or other mate­r­ial) [v RODDED, RODDING, RODS] pt/es
ROMEOa male lover (one that loves another) [n –MEOS] */s
–ROSEto make the color of a rose (a red­dish flower) [v ROSED, ROSING, ROSES] abep/dst
RUTH–com­pas­sion [n –S] t/s
–SALLY–to rush out sud­denly [v –LIED, –LYING, –LIES] */*
SANDY–con­tain­ing or cov­ered with sand [adj SANDIER, SANDIEST] */*
SAUL–soul (the spir­i­tual aspect of human beings) [n –S] */st
SAWYERone that saws wood for a liv­ing [n –S] */s
SHAWN–SHAW, to show (to cause or per­mit to be seen) [v] */*
SHEILAa young woman [n –S] */s
SHELLY–abound­ing in seashells (the shell of a marine mol­lusk) [adj SHELLIER, SHELLIEST] */*
SMITH–a worker in met­als [n –S] */sy
SONNYa small boy [n –NIES] */*
STELLAa for­mer coin of the United States [n –S] */rs
SUEto insti­tute legal pro­ceed­ings against [v SUED, SUING, SUES] */drst
–TAD–a small boy [n –S] */s
TAMMIEtammy (a fab­ric of mixed fibers) [n –S] */s
TAMMYa fab­ric of mixed fibers [n –MIES] */*
–TEDto spread for dry­ing [v TEDDED, TEDDING, TEDS] */s
–TEDDYa woman’s under­gar­ment [n –DIES] */*
TERRYan absorbent fab­ric [n –RIES] */*
TEXASthe upper­most struc­ture on a steam­boat [n –ES] */*
–THATCHERone that thatches (to cover with thatch (plant stalks or foliage)) [n –S] */s
TIFFANYa thin, mesh fab­ric [n –NIES] */*
TIMOTHYa European grass [n –THIES] */*
TOBYa type of drink­ing mug [n –BIES] */*
–TOD–a British unit of weight [n –S] */sy
–TOM–to be a black per­son eager to win the approval of white peo­ple — an offen­sive term [v TOMMED, TOMMING, TOMS] a/bes
TOMMYa loaf of bread [n –MIES] */*
TONY–styl­ish (fash­ion­able) [adj TONIER, TONIEST] as/*
TROYa sys­tem of weights [n TROYS] s/s
TURNERone that turns (to move around a cen­tral point) [n –S] */sy
–TWAINa set of two [n –S] a/s
–VANto trans­port in a van (a type of motor vehi­cle) [v VANNED, VANNING, VANS] */egs
–VERAvery (absolute (free from restric­tion)) [adj] */*
VERONICAa hand­ker­chief bear­ing the image of Christ’s face [n –S] */s
VICTORone who defeats an adver­sary [n –S] e/sy
VICTORIAa light car­riage [n –S] */s
VIOLETa flow­er­ing plant [n –S] */s
–WALLY–waly (some­thing visu­ally pleas­ing) [n –LIES] */*
WARD–to turn aside [v –ED, –ING, –S] as/s
WARRENa place where rab­bits live and breed [n –S] */s
WEBSTERa weaver (one that weaves (to form by inter­lac­ing threads)) [n –S] */s
–WILLto decide upon [v –ED, –ING, –S] : WILLABLE [adj], used as an aux­il­iary fol­lowed by a sim­ple infini­tive to express futu­rity, incli­na­tion, like­li­hood, or require­ment [v past sing. 2d per­son WOULD, WOULDEST, or WOULDST] st/sy
–WILLY–to wil­low (to clean tex­tile fibers with a cer­tain machine) [v –LIED, –LYING, –LIES] */*
WILTto become limp (lack­ing rigid­ity) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
WOODY–con­tain­ing or resem­bling wood [adj WOODIER, WOODIEST], a wood-paneled sta­tion wagon [n WOODIES] */*
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