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Drilling the TWO-to-THREE Hooks

2010 June 25
by admin

778 of the 1015 three-letter words can be formed by adding a let­ter to a two-letter word.  Specifically, 528 words can be formed by adding a let­ter to the left (or front), and 539 words can be formed by adding a let­ter to the right (or back).  Eliminating dupli­cates yields 778 unique words (i.e. some three-letter words can be formed either way, e.g. HOS can be formed by either adding an H to OS, or adding an S to HO).

The grids I’ve attached below are designed for drilling these 778 three-letter words:

1) Grid — Filled In: THREES Hook Grid FILLED

2) Grid — Blank (with counts): THREES Hook Grid BLANK

3) Grid — Bank (with­out counts): THREES Hook Grid GRID ONLY

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