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2010 October 25
by admin

Who says you can’t play trade­marks in Scrabble?   This list is based on a list that was orig­i­nally com­piled by Rebecca Slivka of the Seattle Scrabble Club (NASPA Club #253).  Rebecca has com­piled a num­ber of really extra­or­di­nary lists – her lists (and oth­ers) are posted here:  http://​www​.seat​tle​scrab​ble​.org/​s​t​u​d​y​.​php.

AQUALUNGan under­wa­ter breath­ing appa­ra­tus — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
BAKELITEany of var­i­ous syn­thetic resins and plas­tics — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
BENADRYLanti­his­t­a­mine used to treat aller­gic reac­tions involv­ing the nasal pas­sages and also to treat motion sick­ness — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
BIROa ball­point pen — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
BOURSINa mild, smooth, creamy cheese with­out rind — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
BRILLO–a scour­ing pad — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
CELOTEXa build­ing board that is employed as insu­la­tion or pan­el­ing — a trade­mark [n –ES] /
CROCKPOTan elec­tric cook­ing pot — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
DACRONa syn­thetic poly­ester tex­tile fiber — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
DOBROan acoustic gui­tar hav­ing a metal res­onator — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
DUMPSTERa large trash recep­ta­cle — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
EMMYa stat­uette awarded annu­ally by a pro­fes­sional orga­ni­za­tion for notable achieve­ment in tele­vi­sion — a trade­mark [n EMMYS] gj/s
FEDEXto send by Federal Express [v –ED, –ING, –ES] /
FORMICA–any of var­i­ous lam­i­nated prod­ucts used espe­cially for sur­face fin­ish — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
FRISBEEa plas­tic disk sev­eral inches in diam­e­ter sailed between play­ers by a flip of the wrist — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
JACUZZIa whirlpool bath and a recre­ational bathing tub or pool — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
JELLO–a gelatin dessert usu­ally with the fla­vor and color of fruit — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
JETWAYa tele­scop­ing cor­ri­dor that extends from an air­port ter­mi­nal to an air­craft — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
KEWPIEa small chubby doll with a top­knot of hair — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
KLEENEXa cleans­ing tis­sue — a trade­mark [n –ES] /
LEVISa pop­u­lar brand of jeans — a trade­mark [n] c/
LILOa type of inflat­able air mat­tress — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
LUCITEan acrylic resin or plas­tic con­sist­ing essen­tially of poly­mer­ized methyl methacry­late — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
LUREX–a metal­lic yarn or thread — a trade­mark [n –ES] /
LYCRAa span­dex syn­thetic fiber — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
MAILGRAMa mes­sage sent by wire to a post office that deliv­ers it to the addressee — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
MASONITEfiber­board made from steam-exploded wood fiber — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
MYLARa poly­ester film — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
ORLONan acrylic fiber — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
OZALIDa process of print­ing pos­i­tive images from film — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
PERNODa French liqueur — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
PERSPEXan acrylic plas­tic con­sist­ing essen­tially of poly­methyl methacry­late — a trade­mark [n –ES] /
POPSICLEfla­vored and col­ored water frozen on a stick — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
PYREX–borosil­i­cate glass and glass­ware resis­tant to heat, chem­i­cals, and elec­tric­ity — a trade­mark [n –ES] /
REALTORa real estate agent who is a mem­ber of the National Association of Realtors — a col­lec­tive mark [n –S] /s
–REXINEa strong, coated cloth used as a cov­er­ing mate­r­ial for books — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
SECONALa prepa­ra­tion of sec­o­bar­bi­tal — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
SPANSULEa time-release cap­sule of a drug — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
SPODEa fine china [n –S] /s
STELLITEa cobalt-base alloy with chromium and other met­als, used to make cut­ting tools and for sur­faces sub­ject to heavy wear — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
STETSONa broad-brimmed high-crowned felt hat — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
–TANNOYa pub­lic address sys­tem — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
TEFLONsyn­thetic fluorine-containing resins used espe­cially for mold­ing arti­cles and for coat­ings to pre­vent stick­ing (as of food in cook­ware) — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
TERYLENEa kind of poly­ester fab­ric — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
TOFUTTIa food made with­out dairy prod­ucts — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
VASELINEpetro­leum jelly — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
VELCROa clo­sure con­sist­ing of a piece of fab­ric of small hooks that sticks to a cor­re­spond­ing fab­ric of small loops — a trade­mark [n –S] /s
XEROXto copy on a xero­graphic copier [v –ED, –ING, –ES] /

[To Include: HOOVER]

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