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Scrabble Bloggers Wanted

2010 March 28
by admin

Scrabble Bloggers Wanted

In addi­tion to com­ments on any/all con­tent, we need posters to:

  1. Post study notes for the word lists on the Word Study page. We need com­men­tary, tips, mneu­mon­ics, and any­thing else that will help read­ers famil­iar­ize them­selves with the words on these lists. The best of these posts will be grouped together and posted as links from the per­ma­nent Word Study. These posts will also be cat­e­go­rized (so that can be pulled up by cat­e­gory using the Category Search tool).
  2. Post dif­fer­ent words lists, com­men­tary on dif­fer­ent word lists, and other com­men­tary of inter­est to any­one actively try­ing to improve their word knowledge.
  3. Post on dif­fer­ent aspects of game strategy.
  4. Post infor­ma­tion and/or com­men­tary on the his­tory and com­pi­la­tion of the OWL2-LWL, Scrabble clubs, Scrabble tour­na­ments, and the Scrabble com­mu­nity. If youre inter­est­ing in post­ing, check out the site, read a few of the other post, maybe post a com­ment or two, then con­tact us at contact@​oldtownscrabble.​com.

Note: It is not antic­i­pated that this site will gen­er­ate rev­enue – in the unlikely event that is does, con­tribut­ing authors will be com­pen­sated in pro­por­tion to their con­tri­bu­tions. Authors retain copy­right to all con­tri­bu­tions and no con­tri­bu­tions will be included in deriv­a­tive prod­ucts with­out explicit permission.

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