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Stuff you may need:

THE CHEAT SHEET: The Cheat Sheet includes the 1015 accept­able three-letter words, all two-to-three hooks, vowel dumps (i.e. words that are at least 70% vow­els) from two to five let­ters in length, two-i four-letter words (there aren’t any two-i three let­ter words), the one two-u word (ulu) and all 15 two-u four let­ter words: www​.cross​-tables​.com/cs. Different ver­sions can be down­loaded from other sites.

SCORESHEET: Here is a stan­dard NSA score­sheet: NSA_Standard_Scoresheet.  Here are links to other scoresheets:

Ottawa Scrabble Club, http://​www​.ottawascrab​ble​club​.com/​s​c​o​r​e​s​h​e​e​t​s​.​h​tml
Forest Lake Scrabble, http://​flscrab​ble​.tri​pod​.com/​i​d​2​2​.​h​tml
Los Angeles Scrabble Club, http://​www​.the​scrab​ble​club​.com/​s​c​o​r​e​s​h​e​e​t​s​.​h​tml
Calgary Scrabble Group, http://​www​.cal​gar​y374​.org/​S​c​o​r​e​S​h​e​e​t​s​P​a​g​e​.​php
Seattle Scrabble Club, http://​www​.seat​tle​scrab​ble​.org/​l​i​n​k​s​.​php

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