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VOWEL DUMPS Short (4 of 4)

2010 March 12
by admin

NOTE: This post relates to the “VOWEL DUMPS Short” (Beg. 1.5) word list or note sheet (see the Word List page).

This is my fourth post on the VOWEL DUMPS Short word list.  I’m start­ing with word #69 (the first five-letter word on the list) and fin­ish­ing the list out (down to word #89).

The first word is AALII.  A good asso­ci­a­tion here is AAL (remem­ber, though, AAL is the shrub, add two Is and you get the tree).  Everyone knows ADIEU, but did you know the plural is either ADIEUS or ADIEUX?  AECIUM fol­lows the UM-to-A pat­tern (most of the more well-known UM words both take an S to form the plural and fol­low the UM-to-A pat­tern, but not all UM words – AECIUM, for exam­ple, does NOT take an S (AECIUMS is NOT a word), unlike AQUARIUM that goes to either AQUARIUMS or AQUARIA in the plural.

AERIE is a great word.  It has the same feel as its def­i­n­i­tion (lofty).  AERIED is the related adjec­tive.  It has two alter­nate spellings: EYRIE and EYRY.  There are a few inter­est­ing front hooks in this sec­tion of the list and the first of those hooks is off of AERIE:

FAERIE a fairy (an imag­i­nary super­nat­ural being) [n –S]
LAURA a type of monastery [n –RAS or –RAE]
PEERIE peery (a child’s toy) [n –S]
BLOOIE blooey (being out of order) [adj]
FLOOIE flooey (awry) [adj]

I get a lot of mileage out of AI and the idea of a three-toed sloth.  Think of a three-toed sloth mix­ing up some gar­lic may­on­naise – that image should get the word AIOLI to stick (and help you remem­ber out to spell it).  The plural of AQUA is either AQUAS or AQUAE.  AREA fol­lows the same pat­tern (although, tech­ni­cally, the dif­fer­ent plural derive from dif­fer­ent def­i­n­i­tions of the word, although the impor­tant point is the AREAS and AREAE are both accept­able plays), and so does AURA (AURAS or AURAE).  There are a few words here that fol­low the US-to-I pat­tern in the plural: AUREUS (the plural is AUREI) and URAEUS (the plural is URAEI) – note that both of these words are ana­grams of each other (just move the A).  Also note that an ES can be also added to URAEUS to make it plural (URAEUSES) – this is NOT the case for AUREUS).

AURA has an inter­est­ing front hook: LAURA (LAURAS or LAURAE).  A PEERIE is a child’s toy (a spin­ning toy – do a google image search if you’re curi­ous; I thought maybe is was some kind of mar­ble).  BLOOIE and FLOOIE are both fun adjec­tives and should be easy to mem­o­rize.  MIAOU (and it’s var­i­ous spellings) were cov­ered in a pre­vi­ous post on the VOWEL DUMPS Short list.

There is ODEUM, ODIUM, and OIDUM:

ODEUM a the­ater or con­cert hall [n ODEA or ODEUMS]
ODIUM hatred (intense dis­like or aver­sion) [n –S]
OIDIUM a type of fun­gus (any of a major group of lower plants) [n OIDIA] : OIDIOID [adj]

The plural of ODEUM is either ODEA or ODEUMS.  The other two words DO NOT fol­low this pat­terns (only na S for ODIUM and only the UM-to-A option for OIDIUM).  OIDIUM is related to one of the funnest words in the Scrabble lex­i­con – OIDIOID (I haven’t been able to play it yet, but I’m hoping).

And that’s if for the VOWEL DUMP Short list (for now, at least).

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