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FOURS Last Letter Repeated

2010 June 12
by admin

Here is a list of all the four-letter words that can be made into five-letter words by repeat­ing the last let­ter.  This list is a good source of sur­prise hooks.  Note that 30 of the 101 two-letter words are valid three-letter words with the last let­ter repeated (nearly 30%).  91 of the 1015 three-letter words fol­low this pat­tern (approx­i­mately 9%).  In the case of four-letter words, the per­cent­age drops to approx­i­mately 1% (39 out of 4030).  In some cases, the def­i­n­i­tion changes, in oth­ers, it doesn’t:

–ABYS–ABY, to pay the penalty for [v] */ms
ABYSS–a bot­tom­less chasm [n –ES] : ABYSSAL [adj] */*
–AMAS–AMA, amah (an Oriental nurse) [n] cglm/s
–AMASS–to gather (to bring together into one place or group) [v –ED, –ING, –ES] c/*
–AMIS–AMI, a friend [n] t/s
–AMISS–being out of proper order [adj] */*
–BRAS–BRA, a brassiere [n] */hs
BRASS–to coat with brass (an alloy of cop­per and zinc) [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */y
BRISa Jewish cir­cum­ci­sion rite [n –ES] a/ks
BRISS–bris (a Jewish cir­cum­ci­sion rite) [n –ES] */*
BRITa young her­ring [n –S] */hst
BRITT–brit (a young her­ring) [n –S] */s
CHARto burn slightly [v CHARRED, CHARRING, CHARS] */dekmrsty
CHARR–a small-scaled trout [n –S] */osy
–DJINjinni (jinn (a super­nat­ural being in Muslim mythol­ogy)) [n –S] */ns
–DJINN–jinni (jinn (a super­nat­ural being in Muslim mythol­ogy)) [n –S] */isy
–DONE–DO, to begin and carry through to com­ple­tion [v] */e
DONEE–a recip­i­ent of a gift [n –S] */s
EYASa young hawk [n –ES] */s
EYASS–eyas (a young hawk) [n –ES] */*
FRITto fuse into a vit­re­ous sub­stance [v FRITTED, FRITTING, FRITS] a/hstz
FRITT–to frit (to fuse into a vit­re­ous sub­stance) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
FRIZto frizz (to form into small, tight curls) [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */z
FRIZZ–to form into small, tight curls [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */y
–FUSEto equip with a fuse (a det­o­nat­ing device) [v FUSED, FUSING, FUSES] */dels
FUSEE–a large-headed fric­tion match [n –S] */s
FUZEto fuse (to equip with a fuse (a det­o­nat­ing device)) [v FUZED, FUZING, FUZES] */des
FUZEE–fusee (a large-headed fric­tion match) [n –S] */s
GNARto snarl (to growl viciously) [v GNARRED, GNARRING, GNARS] */lrs
GNARR–to gnar (to snarl (to growl viciously)) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
–HIREto engage the ser­vices of for pay­ment [v HIRED, HIRING, HIRES] : HIREABLE [adj] s/ders
HIREE–one that is hired [n –S] */s
HOWF–a place fre­quently vis­ited [n –S] */fs
HOWFF–howf (a place fre­quently vis­ited) [n –S] */s
IDYLa poem or prose work depict­ing scenes of rural sim­plic­ity [n –S] */ls
IDYLL–idyl (a poem or prose work depict­ing scenes of rural sim­plic­ity) [n –S] : IDYLLIC [adj] */s
–KVASkvass (a Russian beer) [n –ES] */s
KVASS–a Russian beer [n –ES] */*
–MAILto send by a gov­ern­men­tal postal sys­tem. [v –ED, –ING, –S] : MAILABLE [adj] e/els
MAILL–a pay­ment (some­thing that is paid) [n –S] */s
POUFa loose roll of hair [n –S] : POUFED, POUFFY [adj] */fs
POUFF–pouf (a loose roll of hair) [n –S] : POUFFED [adj] */esy
PROS–PRO, an argu­ment or vote in favor of some­thing [n] */eosty
PROSS–a pros­ti­tute [n –ES] */*
PURE–free from any­thing dif­fer­ent, infe­rior, or con­t­a­m­i­nat­ing [adj PURER, PUREST] */er
PUREE–to reduce to a thick pulp by cook­ing and siev­ing [v –REED, –REEING, –REES] */ds
–RAGE–to act or speak with vio­lent anger [v RAGED, RAGING, RAGES] */des
–RAGEE–ragi (an East Indian cereal grass) [n –S] d/s
RAKEto gather with a toothed imple­ment [v RAKED, RAKING, RAKES] bcd/ders
–RAKEE–raki (a Turkish liqueur) [n –S] */s
RAZEto tear down or demol­ish [v RAZED, RAZING, RAZES] bcg/ders
RAZEE–to make lower by remov­ing the upper deck, as a ship [v –ZEED, –ZEEING, –ZEES] */ds
READto look at so as to take in the mean­ing of, as some­thing writ­ten or printed [v READ, READING, READS] : READABLE [adj], READABLY [adv] bdot/dsy
READD–ADD, to com­bine or join so as to bring about an increase [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
–SCATto leave hastily [v SCATTED, SCATTING, SCATS] */st
SCATT–a tax [n –S] */sy
–SHOTto load with shot (small lead or steel pel­lets) [v SHOTTED, SHOTTING, SHOTS] */est
SHOTT–chott (a saline lake) [n –S] */s
–SIRE–to beget (to cause to exist) [v SIRED, SIRING, SIRES] */dens
SIREE–sir­ree (sir (a respect­ful form of address used to a man)) [n –S] */s
SPAZ–a clumsy, fool­ish, or incom­pe­tent per­son — a deroga­tory term [n SPAZZES] */z
SPAZZ–spaz (a clumsy, fool­ish, or incom­pe­tent per­son — a deroga­tory term) [n –ES] */*
–STOTto bound with a stiff-legged gait [v STOTTED, STOTTING, STOTS] */st
STOTT–to stot (to bound with a stiff-legged gait) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
SYCEa male ser­vant in India [n –S] */es
SYCEE–fine uncoined sil­ver for­merly used in China as money [n –S] */s
–TOPE–to drink liquor to excess [v TOPED, TOPING, TOPES] s/ders
TOPEE–topi (a sun hel­met) [n –S] */s
TORI–TORUS, a large con­vex mold­ing [n] */ci
TORII–the gate­way of a Japanese tem­ple [n TORII] */*
–TRESvery (absolute (free from restric­tion)) [adj] */s
TRESS–a long lock of hair [n –ES] : TRESSED [adj] s/y
UNDEwavy (hav­ing waves) [adj] */er
UNDEE–unde (wavy (hav­ing waves)) [adj] */*
WHIRto move with a buzzing sound [v WHIRRED, WHIRRING, WHIRS] */lrs
WHIRR–to whir (to move with a buzzing sound) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */sy
WHIZto move with a buzzing or hiss­ing sound [v WHIZZED, WHIZZING, WHIZZES] */z
WHIZZ–to whiz (to move with a buzzing or hiss­ing sound) [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */y

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