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TWOS Last Letter Repeated

2010 June 12
by admin

Here is a list of all the two-letter words that can be made into three-letter words by repeat­ing the last let­ter (30 of the 101, to be exact).  This list is a good source of sur­prise hooks.  In some cases, the def­i­n­i­tion changes, in oth­ers, it doesn’t: 

ADan adver­tise­ment [n –S] bcdfghlmprstw/dosz
ADD–to com­bine or join so as to bring about an increase [v –ED, –ING, –S] : ADDABLE [adj] */s
ALan East Indian tree [n –S] abdgps/abelpst
ALL–every­thing that one has [n –S] bcfghlmpstw/sy
ASto the same degree [adv] abfghklmprtvwz/hkps
ASS–a hoofed mam­mal [n –ES] blmpst/*
ATin the posi­tion of [prep] bcefghklmopqrstvw/et
ATT–a mon­e­tary unit of Laos [n ATT] bmw/*
BAthe eter­nal soul, in Egyptian mythol­ogy [n –S] ao/adghlmnprsty
–BAA–to bleat (to utter the cry of a sheep) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */ls
BEto have actu­al­ity [v present sing. 1st per­son AM, 2d ARE or ART, 3d IS, past sing. 1st and 3d per­sons WAS, 2d WERE or WAST or WERT, past par­tici­ple BEEN, present par­tici­ple BEING] o/deglnsty
BEE–a winged insect [n –S] */fnprst
BOa pal [n BOS] a/abdgopstwxy
BOO–to cry “boo” [v –ED, –ING, –S] */bkmnrst
DEof; from — used in names [prep] o/beflnvwxy
DEE–the let­ter D [n –S] */dmprst
EFthe let­ter F [n –S] dkr/fst
EFF–ef (the let­ter F) [n –S] t/s
ELan ele­vated rail­road or train [n –S] bcdegmst/dfklms
ELL–the let­ter L [n –S] bcdfhjmstwy/s
ERused to express hes­i­ta­tion [interj] fhps/aegnrs
ERR–to make a mis­take [v –ED, –ING, –S] : ERRABLE [adj] */s
ESess (the let­ter S) [n ESES] bfhlopry/s
ESS–the let­ter S [n –ES] cfjlmn/*
FEa Hebrew let­ter [n –S] */dehmnrstuwyz
FEE–to pay a fee (a fixed charge) to [v FEED, FEEING, FEES] */bdlst
GOto move along [v WENT, GONE, GOING or GWINE, GOES], a Japanese board game [n GOS] ae/abdorstxy
GOO–a sticky or vis­cid sub­stance [n GOOS] */dfknps
HMhmm (used to express thought­ful con­sid­er­a­tion) [interj] o/m
–HMM–used to express thought­ful con­sid­er­a­tion [interj] */*
IFa pos­si­bil­ity [n –S] dkr/fs
IFF–if and only if [conj] bdjmrt/y
INto har­vest (to gather a crop) [v INNED, INNING, INS] abdfghjklprstwyz/kns
INN–to put up at an inn (a pub­lic lodg­ing house) [v –ED, –ING, –S] jl/s
LOused to attract atten­tion or to express sur­prise [interj] */bgoptwx
LOO–to sub­ject to a for­feit at loo (a card game) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */fkmnpst
MOa moment (a brief period of time) [n MOS] */abcdglmnoprstw
MOO–to make the deep, moan­ing sound of a cow [v –ED, –ING, –S] */dlnrst
NEborn with the name of [adj] ao/begtw
NEE–born with the name of [adj] k/dmp
NOa neg­a­tive reply [n NOS or NOES] o/bdghmorstw
NOO–now [adv] */kn
ODa hypo­thet­i­cal force of nat­ural power [n –S] bcghmnprsty/ades
ODD–unusual (not usual) [adj ODDER, ODDEST], one that is odd [n –S] */s
OFcom­ing from [prep] */ft
OFF–to go away [v –ED, –ING, –S] bcdt/s
PEa Hebrew let­ter [n –S] ao/acdeghnprstw
PEE–to uri­nate — some­times con­sid­ered vul­gar [v PEED, PEEING, PEES] e/dklnprs
REthe sec­ond tone of the dia­tonic musi­cal scale [n –S] aeio/bcdefgimpstvx
REE–the female Eurasian sand­piper [n –S] bdfgpt/dfkls
SHused to urge silence [interj] a/aehy
SHH–sh (used to urge silence) [interj] */*
TOin the direc­tion of [prep] */degmnoprtwy
TOO–in addi­tion [adv] */klmnt
UMused to indi­cate hes­i­ta­tion [interj] bcghlmrsvy/mp
–UMM–um (used to indi­cate hes­i­ta­tion) [interj] m/*
WE1st per­son pl. pro­noun in the nom­i­na­tive case [pron] aeo/bdent
WEE–very small [adj WEER, WEEST], a short time [n –S] at/dklnprst
WOwoe (tremen­dous grief) [n WOS] t/egknopstw
WOO–to seek the affec­tion of [v –ED, –ING, –S] */dfls

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