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(4) ARSINE+?

2011 February 16
by admin

[Click HERE for an expla­na­tion of bingo stems]

 ARCSINE  the inverse func­tion to the sine [n –S] */s
 ARSENIC  a metal­lic ele­ment [n –S] */s
 CARNIES– CARNIE, carny (a car­ni­val (a trav­el­ing amuse­ment show)) [n] */*
 RANDIES  RANDY, a rude per­son [n] b/t
 SANDIER  SANDY, con­tain­ing or cov­ered with sand [adj] */*
  SARDINE  to pack tightly [v –DINED, –DINING, –DINES] */ds
 INFARES– INFARE, a recep­tion for new­ly­weds [n] */*
 EARINGS– EARING, a line on a ship [n] bgh/*
–ERASING  ERASE, to rub or scrape out [v] */*
 GAINERS– GAINER, one that gains (to acquire (to come into pos­ses­sion of)) [n] */*
 REAGINS– REAGIN, a type of anti­body (a body pro­tein that pro­duces immu­nity against cer­tain microor­gan­isms or tox­ins) [n] */*
 REGAINS– REGAIN, GAIN, to acquire (to come into pos­ses­sion of) [v] */*
 REGINAS– REGINA, queen [n] */*
–SEARING  SEAR, to burn the sur­face of [v] */*
 SERINGA– a Brazilian tree [n –S] */s
 HERNIAS– HERNIA, the pro­tru­sion of an organ through its sur­round­ing wall [n] */*
 SENARII  SENARIUS, a Greek or Latin verse con­sist­ing of six met­ri­cal feet [n] */*
 SNAKIER  SNAKEY, snaky (resem­bling a snake) [adj] */*
–ALINERS– ALINER, aligner (one that aligns (to arrange in a straight line)) [n] */*
 NAILERS– NAILER, one that nails (to fas­ten with a nail (a slen­der piece of metal)) [n] */*
 RENAILS– RENAIL, NAIL, to fas­ten with a nail (a slen­der piece of metal) [v] t/*
 MARINES– MARINE, a sol­dier trained for ser­vice at sea and on land [n] */*
 REMAINS– REMAIN, to con­tinue in the same state [v] c/*
 SEMINAR– an advanced study group at a col­lege or uni­ver­sity [n –S] */sy
 INSANER– INSANE, men­tally unsound [adj] */*
 INSNARE  to ensnare (to trap (to catch in a trap (a device for cap­tur­ing and hold­ing ani­mals))) [v –SNARED, –SNARING, –SNARES] */drs
 ERASION  an era­sure (the act of eras­ing (to rub or scrape out)) [n –S] */s
 PANIERS– PANIER, pan­nier (a large bas­ket) [n] */*
 RAPINES– RAPINE, the tak­ing of prop­erty by force [n] */*
 SIERRAN– SIERRA, a moun­tain range [adj] */*
 ARSINES– ARSINE, a poi­so­nous gas [n] */*
 ANESTRI  ANESTRUS, a period of sex­ual dor­mancy [n] */*
 ANTSIER  ANTSY, fid­gety (ner­vously rest­less) [adj] */*
 NASTIER  NASTY, offen­sive to the senses [adj] */*
 RATINES– RATINE, a heavy fab­ric [n] */*
 RETAINS– RETAIN, to keep pos­ses­sion of [v] */*
 RETINAS– RETINA, a mem­brane of the eye [n] */*
 RETSINA  a resin-flavored Greek wine [n –S] */s
 STAINER  one that stains (to dis­color or dirty) [n –S] */s
 STEARIN  the solid por­tion of a fat [n –S] : STEARIC [adj] */es
 RAVINES– RAVINE, a nar­row, steep-sided val­ley [n] */*

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