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(5) SENIOR+?

2011 February 16
by admin

[Click HERE for an expla­na­tion of bingo stems]

 ERASION  an era­sure (the act of eras­ing (to rub or scrape out)) [n –S] */s
 COINERS– COINER, one that coins (to make coins (metal cur­rency)) [n] */*
 CRONIES  CRONY, a close friend [n] */*
 ORCEINS– ORCEIN, a red­dish brown dye [n] */*
 RECOINS– RECOIN, COIN, to make coins (metal cur­rency) [v] */*
  DINEROS– DINERO, a for­mer sil­ver coin of Peru [n] */*
 INDORSE  to endorse (to sign the back of a nego­tiable doc­u­ment) [v –DORSED, –DORSING, –DORSES] */ders
 ORDINES  ORDO, a cal­en­dar of reli­gious direc­tions [n] s/*
 ROSINED  ROSIN, to treat with rosin (a brit­tle resin) [v] */*
 SORDINE  a device used to muf­fle the tone of a musi­cal instru­ment [n –S] */s
 ERINGOS– ERINGO, eryngo (a med­i­c­i­nal herb) [n] */*
 IGNORES– IGNORE, to refuse to notice [v] */*
 REGIONS– REGION, an admin­is­tra­tive area or divi­sion [n] */*
–SIGNORE– signor (an Italian title of cour­tesy for a man) [n –GNORI] */*
 HEROINS– HEROIN, an addic­tive nar­cotic [n] */*
 INSHORE  near the shore [adj] */*
 IRONIES  IRONY, the use of words to express the oppo­site of what is lit­er­ally said [n] */*
 NOISIER  NOISY, mak­ing loud sounds [adj] */*
 JOINERS– JOINER, a car­pen­ter [n] */*
 REJOINS– REJOIN, JOIN, to unite (to bring together so as to form a whole) [v] */*
 NEROLIS– NEROLI, a fra­grant oil [n] */*
 MERINOS– MERINO, a fine wool [n] */*
 EROSION  the act of erod­ing (to wear away by con­stant fric­tion) [n –S] */s
 ORPINES– ORPINE, a peren­nial herb [n] */*
 IRONERS– IRONER, a machine for press­ing clothes [n] */*
 SENIORS– SENIOR, a per­son who is older than another [n] */*
 SONSIER– SONSIE, sonsy (comely (pleas­ing to look at)) [adj] */*
 NORITES– NORITE, a gran­u­lar rock [n] */*
–OESTRIN  estrin (estrone (an estro­gen (a female sex hor­mone pro­mot­ing or pro­duc­ing estrus))) [n –S] */s
 ORIENTS– ORIENT, to adjust in rela­tion to some­thing else [v] */*
–STONIER  STONY, abound­ing in stones [adj] */*
 URINOSE  per­tain­ing to urine (a liq­uid con­tain­ing body wastes) [adj] */*
 ENVIROS– ENVIRO, an advo­cate for the preser­va­tion of the nat­ural envi­ron­ment [n] */*
–RENVOIS– RENVOI, the expul­sion by a gov­ern­ment of an alien [n] */*
 VERSION  an account or descrip­tion from a par­tic­u­lar point of view [n –S] ae/s
 SNOWIER  SNOWY, abound­ing in snow [adj] */*

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