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2012 February 17
by admin

I haven’t put up a list in a while, so here’s a quick one.  There are 1015 threes – how many take a y as a back hook?  The answer: 91.  Here they are:

AIRY– hav­ing the nature of air [adj AIRIER, AIRIEST] dfh
ALLY– to unite in a for­mal rela­tion­ship [v –LIED, –LYING, –LIES] bdg­prstw l
ARMY– a large body of men trained and armed for war [n –MIES] b
ARTY– show­ily or pre­ten­tiously artis­tic [adj ARTIER, ARTIEST] ptw
–ASHY– cov­ered with ashes [adj ASHIER, ASHIEST] dmw
–AWAY– from a cer­tain place [adv]
AWNY– AWN, a bristle­like appendage of cer­tain grasses [adj] flt
BODY– to give form to [v BODIED, BODYING, BODIES]
BOGY– a gob­lin (an evil or mis­chie­vous crea­ture) [n –GIES]
–BOXY– resem­bling a box [adj BOXIER, BOXIEST] : BOXILY [adv]
–BRAY– to utter a harsh cry [v BRAYED, BRAYING, BRAYS]  s
BURY– to put in the ground and cover with earth [v BURIED, BURYING, BURIES]
BUSY– occu­pied [adj BUSIER, BUSIEST], to make busy (occu­pied) [v BUSIED, BUSYING, BUSIES]
COLY– an African bird [n COLIES]
CONY– a rab­bit [n CONIES]
COPY– to imi­tate (to behave in the same way as) [v COPIED, COPYING, COPIES] : COPYABLE [adj]
CORY– a for­mer mon­e­tary unit of Guinea [n CORY]
COSY– cozy (snug and com­fort­able) [adj COSIER, COSIEST], cozy (to attempt to get on friendly terms) [v COSIED, COSYING, COSIES]
COWY– sug­ges­tive of a cow [adj COWIER, COWIEST]
COZY– snug and com­fort­able [adj COZIER, COZIEST] : COZILY [adv], to attempt to get on friendly terms [v COZIED, COZYING, COZIES]
DEFY– to resist openly and boldly [v –FIED, –FYING, –FIES]
DENY– to declare to be untrue [v –NIED, –NYING, –NIES]
DEWY– moist with dew [adj DEWIER, DEWIEST]
DEXY– dexie (a tablet of dex) [n DEXIES]
DIDY– a dia­per [n –DIES]
DOGY– dogie (a stray calf) [n –GIES]
DORY– a flat-bottomed boat [n –RIES]
DOTY– stained by decay [adj DOTIER, DOTIEST]
EELY– resem­bling an eel (a snake­like fish) [adj EELIER, EELIEST] s
EGGY– con­tain­ing eggs [adj] l
ELMY– abound­ing in elms (a decid­u­ous tree) [adj –MIER, –MIEST]
FOGY– an old-fashioned per­son [n –GIES] : FOGYISH [adj]
–FOXY– crafty (skill­ful in deceiv­ing) [adj FOXIER, FOXIEST]
FURY– vio­lent anger [n –RIES]
–GABY– a dolt (a stu­pid per­son) [n –BIES]
GAMY– plucky (brave and spir­ited) [adj GAMIER, GAMIEST]
GAPY– infested with gape­worms [adj]
GOBY– a small fish [n GOBIES]
GORY– bloody (stained with blood) [adj GORIER, GORIEST]
ICKY– repul­sive [adj ICKIER, ICKIEST] : ICKILY [adv] dkp
IFFY– full of uncer­tainty [adj IFFIER, IFFIEST] bjm
ILLY– badly (in a bad man­ner) [adv] bdfghsw
INKY– resem­bling ink [adj INKIER, INKIEST] dhklpz
JOEY– a young kan­ga­roo [n –EYS]  s
LACY– resem­bling lace­work (a del­i­cate open­work fab­ric) [adj LACIER, LACIEST]
LADY– a woman of refine­ment and gen­tle man­ners [n –DIES] g
LEVY– to impose or col­lect by legal author­ity [v LEVIED, LEVYING, LEVIES]
LINY– resem­bling a line [adj LINIER, LINIEST]
LOGY– slug­gish (dis­play­ing lit­tle move­ment or activ­ity) [adj –GIER, –GIEST] o
–MANY– con­sist­ing of or amount­ing to a large num­ber [adj MORE, MOST]
MIRY– swampy (marshy (resem­bling a marsh (a tract of low, wet land))) [adj MIRIER, MIRIEST]
MOLY– a wild gar­lic [n –LIES]
MONY– many (con­sist­ing of or amount­ing to a large num­ber) [adj]
MOPY– mopey (dejected) [adj MOPIER, MOPIEST]
NIXY– an unde­liv­er­able piece of mail [n NIXIES]
NOSY– unduly curi­ous [adj NOSIER, NOSIEST]
OAKY– tast­ing of oak sap [adj OAKIER, OAKIEST]
–OBEY– to fol­low the com­mands or guid­ance of [v –ED, –ING, –S] : OBEYABLE [adj]  s
OILY– cov­ered or soaked with oil [adj OILIER, OILIEST] dnr
–OKAY– to approve (to regard favor­ably) [v –ED, –ING, –S] t s
OLDY– oldie (a pop­u­lar song of an ear­lier day) [n OLDIES] m
ORBY– resem­bling a cir­cle or sphere [adj ORBIER, ORBIEST] cf
PACY– pacey (keep­ing a fast pace (rate of speed)) [adj PACIER, PACIEST] s
PALY– some­what pale [adj PALIER, PALIEST]
PATY– formee (hav­ing the arms nar­row at the cen­ter and expand­ing toward the ends — used of a heraldic cross) [adj]
PINY– sug­ges­tive of or cov­ered with pine trees [adj PINIER, PINIEST] s
PIPY– shrill (hav­ing a high-pitched and pierc­ing qual­ity) [adj PIPIER, PIPIEST]
PITY– to feel pity (sor­row aroused by another’s mis­for­tune) [v PITIED, PITYING, PITIES]
PIXY– a play­fully mis­chie­vous fairy or elf [n PIXIES] : PIXYISH [adj]
POLY– a type of white blood cell [n POLYS], a gar­ment made of poly­ester [n POLIES]  ps
–POXY– afflicted with a pox [adj POXIER, POXIEST] e
PUNY– of infe­rior size, strength, or sig­nif­i­cance [adj PUNIER, PUNIEST]
QUAY– a wharf [n QUAYS] : QUAYLIKE [adj]  s
RIMY– frosty (cov­ered with frost) [adj RIMIER, RIMIEST] g
RUBY– of a deep-red color [adj –BIER, –BIEST], to tint with the color of a ruby (a deep-red pre­cious stone) [v –BIED, –BYING, –BIES]
SAGY– fla­vored with sage [adj SAGIER, SAGIEST]
SEXY– arous­ing sex­ual desire [adj SEXIER, SEXIEST]
–SHAY– a chaise (a light car­riage) [n SHAYS]  s
–SPAY– to remove the ovaries of [v –ED, –ING, –S]  s
–THEY– the 3d per­son pl. pro­noun in the nom­i­na­tive case [pron]
TINY– very small [adj TINIER, TINIEST]
TODY– a West Indian bird [n TODIES]
TONY– styl­ish (fash­ion­able) [adj TONIER, TONIEST] as
TORY– a polit­i­cal con­ser­v­a­tive [n –RIES] s
TOWY– resem­bling coarse hemp or flax fiber [adj]
VARY– to become or make dif­fer­ent [v VARIED, VARYING, VARIES] o
WADY– wadi (the bed of a usu­ally dry water­course) [n –DIES]
–WANY– wan­ing in some parts [adj WANIER, WANIEST]
WARY– watch­ful (closely obser­vant or alert) [adj WARIER, WARIEST]
WAXY– resem­bling wax [adj WAXIER, WAXIEST]
WINY– hav­ing the taste or qual­i­ties of wine [adj WINIER, WINIEST] t

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