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“Hole” Words

2010 September 18
by admin

These are some fun words.  Kids, for exam­ple, will have have a lot of fun with words like PIEHOLE, COALHOLE, BUNGHOLE, etc.

AIRHOLEa hole to let air in or out [n –S] */s
ANETHOLE–a chem­i­cal com­pound [n –S] */s
ARMHOLEan open­ing for the arm in a gar­ment [n –S] */s
ASSHOLEa stu­pid, incom­pe­tent, or detestable per­son — an offen­sive term [n –S] */s
BLOWHOLEan air or gas vent [n –S] */s
BOLTHOLEa place or way of escape [n –S] */s
BOREHOLEa hole bored in the earth [n –S] */s
BUNGHOLEa hole in a keg or bar­rel [n –S] */s
COALHOLEa com­part­ment for stor­ing coal [n –S] */s
–DHOLEa wild dog of India [n –S] */s
EYEHOLEa small open­ing [n –S] */s
FEEDHOLEone of a series of holes in paper tape [n –S] */s
FOXHOLEa small pit used for cover in a bat­tle area [n –S] */s
GUNKHOLEto make a series of short boat trips [v –HOLED, –HOLING, –HOLES] */ds
HELLHOLEa hor­ri­ble place [n –S] */s
KEYHOLEa hole for a key [n –S] */s
KNEEHOLEa space for the knees [n –S] */s
KNOTHOLEa hole in a plank [n –S] */s
LOOPHOLEto make small open­ings in [v –HOLED, –HOLING, –HOLES] */ds
MANHOLEa hole pro­vid­ing entrance to an under­ground or enclosed struc­ture [n –S] */s
MUDHOLEa hole or hol­low place full of mud [n –S] */s
OILHOLEa hole through which lubri­cat­ing oil is injected [n –S] */s
PEEPHOLEa small open­ing through which one may look [n –S] */s
PESTHOLEa place liable to epi­demic dis­ease [n –S] */s
PIEHOLEa mouth [n –S] */s
PINHOLEa small hole made by a pin [n –S] */s
PORTHOLEa small win­dow in a ship’s side [n –S] */s
POSTHOLEa hole dug to secure a fence post [n –S] */s
POTHOLEa deep hole in a road [n –S] : POTHOLED [adj] */ds
RATHOLEa hole made by a rat [n –S] */s
SHOTHOLEa hole drilled in rock to hold explo­sives [n –S] */s
SINKHOLEa nat­ural depres­sion in a land sur­face [n –S] */s
TAPHOLEa hole in a blast fur­nace [n –S] */s
–THOLEto endure (to last (to con­tinue in exis­tence)) [v THOLED, THOLING, THOLES] */ds
WELLHOLEthe shaft of a well [n –S] */s
–WHOLEall the parts or ele­ments enter­ing into and mak­ing up a thing [n –S] */s
WORMHOLEa hole made by a bur­row­ing worm [n –S] */s
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