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Single or Double Last Letter Words

2010 August 23
by admin

Remember that rule about long and short vow­els and whether or not the last let­ter is repeated when con­ju­gat­ing a verb?  Take the word ANVIL, for exam­ple.  It’s a verb, so you can add –ED, –ING, or –S, but how do you spell it:  ANVILING or ANVILLING?  As it turns out, either way.  There are a num­ber of words that go both ways – and I’ve listed them below.

I’ve also included dif­fer­ent words that when taken together pro­duce more or less the same result as the ambidex­trous words described above.  For exam­ple, take the word BAR (a verb, to exclude or shut out).  It’s con­ju­gated BARRED, BARRING, BARS.  But BARED, BARING and BARES are also accept­able words.  In cases like this, I include the dif­fer­ent root words (in this case, BAR and BARE).

There are also cases when things are even a lit­tle more enter­tain­ing, like BAL, BALE, BALL (BALS, BALED, BALING, BALES, BALLED, BALLING, BALLS), or even FIL, FILE, FILL, FILLE (FILS, FILED, FILING, FILES, FILLED, FILLING, FILLS, FILLES).

One of the most inter­est­ing sets of words on the list is HALLO, HOLLO, HULLO, HALLOO, HOLLOO, HULLOO.  They all fol­low the same con­ju­ga­tion pat­tern: HALLOED, HALLOING, HALLOS OR HALLOES.  Here’s the list:

ANVILto shape on an anvil (a heavy iron block) [v –VILED, –VILING, –VILS or –VILLED, –VILLING, –VILS] */s
APPARELto pro­vide with outer gar­ments [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
ATTRITto lose by attri­tion [v –TRITTED, –TRITTING, –TRITS] */es
ATTRITE–to attrit (to lose by attri­tion) [v –TRITED, –TRITING, –TRITES] */ds
–BAL–a bal­moral (a type of shoe (a cov­er­ing for the foot)) [n –S] */deklms
–BALE–to form into tightly com­pressed bun­dles [v BALED, BALING, BALES] */drs
–BALL–to form into a ball (a spher­i­cal object) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */sy
–BAN–a mon­e­tary unit of Romania [n BANI], to pro­hibit (to for­bid by author­ity) [v BANNED, BANNING, BANS] */degiks
–BANE–to kill with poi­son [v BANED, BANING, BANES] */ds
–BAR–to exclude (to shut out) [v BARRED, BARRING, BARS] k/bdefkmns
–BARE–naked (being with­out cloth­ing or cov­er­ing) [adj BARER, BAREST], to expose (to lay open to view) [v BARED, BARING, BARES] */drs
BARREto play a type of gui­tar chord [v BARRED, BARRING, BARRES] */dlnst
BARREL–to move fast [v –RELED, –RELING, –RELS or –RELLED, –RELLING, –RELS] */s
–BASSETto out­crop (to pro­trude above the soil) [v –SETED, –SETING, –SETS or –SETTED, –SETTING, –SETS] */st
–BAT–to hit a base­ball [v BATTED, BATTING, BATS] */ehst
–BATE–to reduce the force of [v BATED, BATING, BATES] a/ds
–BATT–a sheet of cot­ton [n –S] */suy
BAYONETto stab with a dagger-like weapon [v –NETED, –NETING, –NETS or –NETTED, –NETTING, –NETS] */s
BECUDGELto cud­gel thor­oughly [v –GELLED, –GELLING, –GELS or –GELED, –GELING, –GELS] */s
BEDEVILto harass (to bother per­sis­tently) [v –ILED, –ILING, –ILS or –ILLED, –ILLING, –ILS] */s
BEDRIVELto cover with saliva [v –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS or –ELED, –ELING, –ELS] */s
BEGRIMto begrime (to dirty (to make dirty (unclean))) [v –GRIMMED, –GRIMMING, –GRIMS] */es
BEGRIME–to dirty (to make dirty (unclean (clean))) [v –GRIMED, –GRIMING, –GRIMES] */ds
BEJEWELto adorn with jew­els [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
BENEFITto be help­ful or use­ful to [v –FITED, –FITING, –FITS or –FITTED, –FITTING, –FITS] */s
BEVELto cut at an angle [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
BIASto prej­u­dice [v –ASED, –ASING, –ASES or –ASSED, –ASSING, –ASSES] : BIASEDLY [adv] o/*
BOWELto dis­bowel (to remove the intestines of) [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
–BRAILto haul in a sail [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
BRAILLEto write in braille (raised writ­ing for the blind) [v BRAILLED, BRAILLING, BRAILLES] */drs
–BREVET–to con­fer an hon­orary rank upon [v –VETED, –VETING, –VETS or –VETTED, –VETTING, –VETS] */s
–BUSto trans­port by bus (a large motor vehi­cle) [v BUSED, BUSING, BUSES or BUSSED, BUSSING, BUSSES] */hksty
BUSHELto mend cloth­ing [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
–CANto put in a can (a cylin­dri­cal con­tainer) [v CANNED, CANNING, CANS], used as an aux­il­iary to express abil­ity [v CANST, COULD, COULDEST, COULDST present sing. 2d per­son CAN or CANST, past sing. 2d per­son COULD, COULDEST, or COULDST] s/est
–CANALto dig an arti­fi­cial water­way through [v –NALLED, –NALLING, –NALS or –NALED, –NALING, –NALS] */s
CANCELto annul (to make or declare void or invalid) [v –CELED, –CELING, –CELS or –CELLED, –CELLING, –CELS] */s
–CANE–to beat with a rod [v CANED, CANING, CANES] */drs
CANVASto can­vass (to exam­ine thor­oughly) [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */s
CANVASS–to exam­ine thor­oughly [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */*
CAPto pro­vide with a cap (a type of head cov­er­ing) [v CAPPED, CAPPING, CAPS] */ehos
–CAPE–a sleeve­less gar­ment [n –S] : CAPED [adj] s/drs
CARACOLto cara­cole (to per­form a half turn on a horse) [v –COLLED, –COLLING, –COLS] */es
CARACOLE–to per­form a half turn on a horse [v –COLED, –COLING, –COLES] */drs
CARAVANto travel in a group [v –VANED, –VANING, –VANS or –VANNED, –VANNING, –VANS] */s
CARBURETto com­bine chem­i­cally with car­bon [v –RETED, –RETING, –RETS or –RETTED, –RETTING, –RETS] */s
CAROLto sing joy­ously [v –OLED, –OLING, –OLS or –OLLED, –OLLING, –OLS] */is
CAUCUSto hold a polit­i­cal meet­ing [v –CUSED, –CUSING, –CUSES or –CUSSED, –CUSSING, –CUSSES] */*
CAVILto carp (to find fault unrea­son­ably) [v –ILED, –ILING, –ILS or –ILLED, –ILLING, –ILS] */s
CHAIRMANthe pre­sid­ing offi­cer of a meet­ing [n CHAIRMEN], to act as chair­man of [v –MANED, –MANING, –MANS or –MANNED, –MANNING, –MANS] */s
CHANNELto direct along some desired course [v –NELED, –NELING, –NELS or –NELLED, –NELLING, –NELS] */s
CHARto burn slightly [v CHARRED, CHARRING, CHARS] */dekmrsty
–CHARE–to do small jobs [v CHARED, CHARING, CHARES] */ds
CHEFto work as a chef (a chief cook) [v CHEFFED, CHEFFING, CHEFS or CHEFED, CHEFING, CHEFS] */s
–CHIN–to hold with the chin (the lower part of the face) [v CHINNED, CHINNING, CHINS] */aekos
CHINE–to cut through the back­bone of [v CHINED, CHINING, CHINES] */ds
CHISELto use a chisel (a cut­ting tool) [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
CHORUSto sing in uni­son [v –RUSED, –RUSING, –RUSES or –RUSSED, –RUSSING, –RUSSES] */*
–CODto fool (to deceive (to mis­lead by false­hood)) [v CODDED, CODDING, CODS] */aes
–CODE–to con­vert into sym­bols [v CODED, CODING, CODES] */cdnrsx
COIFto style the hair [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
COIFFEto coif (to style the hair) [v COIFFED, COIFFING, COIFFES] */ds
COMBATto fight against [v –BATED, –BATING, –BATS or –BATTED, –BATTING, –BATS] */s
–CONto study care­fully [v CONNED, CONNING, CONS] i/eiknsy
–CONE–to shape like a cone (a geo­met­ric solid) [v CONED, CONING, CONES] s/dsy
–COPto steal (to take with­out right or per­mis­sion) [v COPPED, COPPING, COPS] s/esy
–COPE–to con­tend or strive [v COPED, COPING, COPES] s/dnrs
CORBELto pro­vide a wall with a bracket [v –BELED, –BELING, –BELS or –BELLED, –BELLING, –BELS] */s
COUNSELto advise (to give advice to) [v –SELED, –SELING, –SELS or –SELLED, –SELLING, –SELS] */s
–CRAPto throw a 2, 3, or 12 in a dice game [v CRAPPED, CRAPPING, CRAPS] s/es
–CRAPE–to crepe (to frizz the hair) [v CRAPED, CRAPING, CRAPES] s/ds
CRENELto pro­vide with crenelles [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
CUDGELto beat with a heavy club [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
CUPELto refine gold or sil­ver in a cup­like ves­sel [v –PELED, –PELING, –PELS or –PELLED, –PELLING, –PELS] */s
CURa mon­grel dog [n –S] */bdeflnrst
CURE–to restore to health [v CURED, CURING, CURES] */drst
CURR–to purr (to utter a low, vibrant sound) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */sy
CURVET–to prance (to spring for­ward on the hind legs) [v –VETED, –VETING, –VETS or –VETTED, –VETTING, –VETS] */s
DEFOCUSto cause to go out of focus [v –CUSED, –CUSING, –CUSES or –CUSSED, –CUSSING, –CUSSES] */*
DEFUELto remove fuel from [v –FUELED, –FUELING, –FUELS or –FUELLED, –FUELLING, –FUELS] */s
DERATto rid of rats [v –RATTED, –RATTING, –RATS] */es
DERATE–to lower the rated capa­bil­ity of [v –RATED, –RATING, –RATES] */ds
DETASSELto remove tas­sels from [v –SELED, –SELING, –SELS or –SELLED, –SELLING, –SELS] */s
–DEVILto pre­pare food with pun­gent sea­son­ing [v –ILED, –ILING, –ILS or –ILLED, –ILLING, –ILS] */s
DIAGRAMto illus­trate by a dia­gram (a graphic design) [v –GRAMED, –GRAMING, –GRAMS or –GRAMMED, –GRAMMING, –GRAMS] */s
DIALto manip­u­late a cal­i­brated disk [v DIALED, DIALING, DIALS or DIALLED, DIALLING, DIALS] */s
–DINto make a loud noise [v DINNED, DINNING, DINS] */egkost
DINE–to eat din­ner [v DINED, DINING, DINES] */drs
DISBOWELto remove the intestines of [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
DISHEVELto make messy (dirty or untidy) [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
DOGNAPto steal a dog [v –NAPED, –NAPING, –NAPS or –NAPPED, –NAPPING, –NAPS] */s
DOL–a unit of pain inten­sity [n –S] i/elst
–DOLE–to dis­trib­ute in small por­tions [v DOLED, DOLING, DOLES] */ds
DOLL–to dress styl­ishly [v –ED, –ING, –S] */sy
–DOS–DO, the first tone of the dia­tonic musi­cal scale [n] au/est
–DOSE–to give a spec­i­fied quan­tity of med­i­cine to [v DOSED, DOSING, DOSES] */drs
DOSS–to sleep in any con­ve­nient place [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */*
DOT–to cover with dots (tiny round marks) [v DOTTED, DOTTING, DOTS] */ehsy
DOTE–to show exces­sive affec­tion [v DOTED, DOTING, DOTES] */drs
DOWELto fas­ten with wooden pins [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
DRIVEL–to let saliva flow from the mouth [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
DUET–to per­form a duet (a musi­cal com­po­si­tion for two) [v DUETED, DUETING, DUETS or DUETTED, DUETTING, DUETS] */s
–DUPto open (to cause to become open) [v DUPPED, DUPPING, DUPS] */es
DUPE–to deceive (to mis­lead by false­hood) [v DUPED, DUPING, DUPES] : DUPABLE [adj] */drs
EMBOWELto dis­bowel (to remove the intestines of) [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
EMPANELto impanel (to enter on a list for jury duty) [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
ENAMELto cover with a hard, glossy sur­face [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
ENSORCELto bewitch (to affect by witch­craft or magic) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */ls
ENSORCELL–[v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
EQUALhav­ing the same capa­bil­ity, quan­tity, or effect as another [adj], to be equal to [v EQUALED, EQUALING, EQUALS or EQUALLED, EQUALLING, EQUALS] */s
FACET–to cut small plane sur­faces on [v –ETED, –ETING, –ETS or –ETTED, –ETTING, –ETS] */es
–FAT–hav­ing an abun­dance of flesh [adj FATTER, FATTEST], to make fat (hav­ing an abun­dance of flesh) [v FATTED, FATTING, FATS] */es
–FATE–to des­tine (to deter­mine before­hand) [v FATED, FATING, FATES] */ds
FERRELfer­rule (to fur­nish with a metal ring or cap to pre­vent split­ting) [v –RELED, –RELING, –RELS or –RELLED, –RELLING, –RELS] */s
–FET–to fetch (to go after and bring back) [v FETTED, FETTING, FETS] */aes
FETE–to honor with a cel­e­bra­tion [v FETED, FETING, FETES] */ds
FILa coin of Iraq and Jordan [n –S] */aelmos
FILE–to arrange in order for future ref­er­ence [v FILED, FILING, FILES] : FILEABLE [adj] */drst
–FILL–to put as much as can be held into [v –ED, –ING, –S] : FILLABLE [adj] */eosy
FILLE–a girl (a female child (a young per­son)) [n –S] */drst
–FINto equip with fins (exter­nal paddle-like struc­tures) [v FINNED, FINNING, FINS] */dekos
FINE–of excel­lent qual­ity [adj FINER, FINEST], to sub­ject to a fine (a mon­e­tary penalty) [v FINED, FINING, FINES] */drs
–FLAMto deceive (to mis­lead by false­hood) [v FLAMMED, FLAMMING, FLAMS] */esy
–FLAME–to burn brightly [v FLAMED, FLAMING, FLAMES] a/dnrs
FLANNELto cover with flan­nel (a soft fab­ric) [v –NELED, –NELING, –NELS or –NELLED, –NELLING, –NELS] */s
–FLITto move lightly and swiftly [v FLITTED, FLITTING, FLITS] */es
–FLITE–to quar­rel (to engage in an angry dis­pute) [v FLITED, FLITING, FLITES] */ds
FOCUSa point at which rays con­verge or from which they diverge [n –CUSES or –CI], to bring to a focus [v –CUSED, –CUSING, –CUSES or –CUSSED, –CUSSING, –CUSSES] */*
FRIVOLto behave play­fully [v –OLED, –OLING, –OLS or –OLLED, –OLLING, –OLS] */s
FRIZto frizz (to form into small, tight curls) [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */z
FRIZZ–to form into small, tight curls [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */y
FUELto pro­vide with fuel (mate­r­ial used to pro­duce energy) [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
FUNNELto pass through a fun­nel (a cone-shaped uten­sil) [v –NELED, –NELING, –NELS or –NELLED, –NELLING, –NELS] */s
–GAGto stop up the mouth [v GAGGED, GAGGING, GAGS] */aes
–GAGE–to pledge as secu­rity [v GAGED, GAGING, GAGES] */drs
–GAMto visit socially [v GAMMED, GAMMING, GAMS] o/abepsy
GAMBOLto leap about play­fully [v –BOLED, –BOLING, –BOLS or –BOLLED, –BOLLING, –BOLS] */s
GAME–plucky (brave and spir­ited) [adj GAMER, GAMEST], to gam­ble (to play a game of chance for money or valu­ables) [v GAMED, GAMING, GAMES] */drsy
GAPto make an open­ing in [v GAPPED, GAPPING, GAPS] */esy
–GAPE–to stare with open mouth [v GAPED, GAPING, GAPES] a/drs
GAVEL–to sig­nal for atten­tion or order by use of a gavel (a small mal­let) [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
GIBto fas­ten with a wedge of wood or metal [v GIBBED, GIBBING, GIBS] */es
GIBBETto exe­cute by hang­ing [v –BETED, –BETING, –BETS or –BETTED, –BETTING, –BETS] */s
GIBE–to jeer (to mock (to ridicule (to make fun of))) [v GIBED, GIBING, GIBES] : GIBINGLY [adv] */drs
GIMBALto sup­port on a set of rings [v –BALED, –BALING, –BALS or –BALLED, –BALLING, –BALS] */s
GOSSIPto talk idly about the affairs of oth­ers [v –SIPED, –SIPING, –SIPS or –SIPPED, –SIPPING, –SIPS] */sy
–GRAVEL–to pave with gravel (a mix­ture of rock frag­ments) [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */sy
–GRIDa grat­ing (a net­work of bars cov­er­ing an open­ing) [n –S] : GRIDDED [adj] */es
–GRIDE–to scrape harshly [v GRIDED, GRIDING, GRIDES] */ds
–GRIPto grasp (to seize firmly with the hand) [v GRIPPED or GRIPT, GRIPPING, GRIPS] */esty
–GRIPE–to grasp (to seize firmly with the hand) [v GRIPED, GRIPING, GRIPES] */drsy
GRIPPEa virus dis­ease [n –S] */drs
GROVEL–to crawl in an abject man­ner [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
GRUEL–to dis­able by hard work [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
HALLO–to shout (to utter loudly) [v –ED, –ING, –S or –ES] */aostw
HALLOO–to hallo (to shout (to utter loudly)) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
HANDSELto give a gift to [v –SELED, –SELING, –SELS or –SELLED, –SELLING, –SELS] */s
HANSEL–to hand­sel (to give a gift to) [v –SELED, –SELING, –SELS or –SELLED, –SELLING, –SELS] */s
–HAT–to pro­vide with a hat (a cov­er­ing for the head) [v HATTED, HATTING, HATS] cgkpstw/ehs
HATCHELto sep­a­rate flax fibers with a comb [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
–HATE–to despise (to loathe (to detest greatly)) [v HATED, HATING, HATES] */drs
HICCUPto make a peculiar-sounding, spas­modic inhala­tion [v –CUPED, –CUPING, –CUPS or –CUPPED, –CUPPING, –CUPS] */s
HIRSELto herd sheep [v –SELED, –SELING, –SELS or –SELLED, –SELLING, –SELS] */s
HOCUSto deceive or cheat [v –CUSED, –CUSING, –CUSES or –CUSSED, –CUSSING, –CUSSES] */*
HOLLOto hallo (to shout (to utter loudly)) [v –ED, –ING, –S or –ES] */aosw
HOLLOO–to hallo (to shout (to utter loudly)) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
–HOP–to move by jump­ing on one foot [v HOPPED, HOPPING, HOPS] csw/es
–HOPE–to have a desire or expec­ta­tion [v HOPED, HOPING, HOPES] */drs
HOSTELto stay at inns overnight while trav­el­ing [v –TELED, –TELING, –TELS or –TELLED, –TELLING, –TELS] */s
–HOUSEL–to admin­is­ter the Eucharist to [v –SELED, –SELING, –SELS or –SELLED, –SELLING, –SELS] */s
HOVEL–to live in a small, mis­er­able dwelling [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] s/s
HULLO–to hallo (to shout (to utter loudly)) [v –ED, –ING, –S or –ES] */aos
HULLOO–to hallo (to shout (to utter loudly)) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
IMPANELto enter on a list for jury duty [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
IMPERILto place in jeop­ardy [v –ILED, –ILING, –ILS or –ILLED, –ILLING, –ILS] */s
INITIALto mark with the first let­ters of one’s name [v –TIALED, –TIALING, –TIALS or –TIALLED, –TIALLING, –TIALS] */s
JEWELto adorn or equip with jew­els (pre­cious stones) [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
JIBto refuse to pro­ceed fur­ther [v JIBBED, JIBBING, JIBS] */bes
JIBB–to shift from side to side while sail­ing [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
JIBE–to gibe (to jeer (to mock (to ridicule))) [v JIBED, JIBING, JIBES] : JIBINGLY [adv] */drs
KENNELto keep in a shel­ter for dogs [v –NELED, –NELING, –NELS or –NELLED, –NELLING, –NELS] */s
KERNEL–to envelop as a ker­nel (the inner part of a nut) [v –NELED, –NELING, –NELS or –NELLED, –NELLING, –NELS] */s
KIDNAPto take a per­son by force and often for ran­som [v –NAPED, –NAPING, –NAPS or –NAPPED, –NAPPING, –NAPS] */s
–KIT–to equip (to pro­vide with what­ever is needed) [v KITTED, KITTING, KITS] s/ehs
KITE–to obtain money or credit fraud­u­lently [v KITED, KITING, KITES] s/drs
LABELto describe or des­ig­nate [v –BELED, –BELING, –BELS or –BELLED, –BELLING, –BELS] */s
–LAM–to flee hastily [v LAMMED, LAMMING, LAMS] bcfgs/abeps
LAME–phys­i­cally dis­abled [adj LAMER, LAMEST], to make lame (phys­i­cally dis­abled) [v LAMED, LAMING, LAMES] bf/drs
LATERALto exe­cute a type of pass in foot­ball [v –ALED, –ALING, –ALS or –ALLED, –ALLING, –ALS] */s
LAURELto crown with a wreath of ever­green leaves [v –RELED, –RELING, –RELS or –RELLED, –RELLING, –RELS] */s
LEAFLETto dis­trib­ute printed sheets of paper [v –LETED, –LETING, –LETS or –LETTED, –LETTING, –LETS] */s
LEVELto make even (flat and smooth) [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
LIBELto make or pub­lish a defam­a­tory state­ment about [v –BELED, –BELING, –BELS or –BELLED, –BELLING, –BELS] */s
–LOP–to cut off branches or twigs from [v LOPPED, LOPPING, LOPS] cfgps/es
–LOPE–to run with a steady, easy gait [v LOPED, LOPING, LOPES] es/drs
LUGto carry or pull with effort [v LUGGED, LUGGING, LUGS] gps/es
LUGE–to race on a luge (a small sled) [v LUGED, LUGEING or LUGING, LUGES] k/drs
MARSHALto put in proper order [v –ED, –ING, –S] */ls
MARSHALL–to mar­shal (to put in proper order) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
MARVELto be filled with won­der or aston­ish­ment [v –VELED, –VELING, –VELS or –VELLED, –VELLING, –VELS] */s
–MAT–to pack down so as to form a dense mass [v MATTED, MATTING, MATS] */ehst
–MATE–to join as mates (part­ners in a union) [v MATED, MATING, MATES] */drsy
–MATT–to matte (to pro­duce a dull fin­ish on) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */es
MATTE–to pro­duce a dull fin­ish on [v MATTED, MATTING, MATTES] */drs
MEDALto honor with a medal (a com­mem­o­ra­tive piece of metal) [v –ALED, –ALING, –ALS or –ALLED, –ALLING, –ALS] */s
METAL–to cover with metal (any of var­i­ous duc­tile, fusible, and lus­trous sub­stances) [v –ALED, –ALING, –ALS or –ALLED, –ALLING, –ALS] */s
MISBIASto bias wrongly [v –ASED, –ASING, –ASES or –ASSED, –ASSING, –ASSES] */*
MISLABELto label incor­rectly or falsely [v –BELED, –BELING, –BELS or –BELLED, –BELLING, –BELS] */s
MODEL–to plan or form after a pat­tern [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
MONOGRAMto mark with a design of one’s ini­tials [v –GRAMED, –GRAMING, –GRAMS or –GRAMMED, –GRAMMING, –GRAMS] */s
–MOP–to wipe with a mop (an imple­ment for clean­ing floors) [v MOPPED, MOPPING, MOPS] */esy
–MOPE–to act in a dejected or gloomy man­ner [v MOPED, MOPING, MOPES] */drsy
MORSEL–to divide into small pieces [v –SELED, –SELING, –SELS or –SELLED, –SELLING, –SELS] */s
–MUS–MU, a Greek let­ter [n] ae/ehkst
–MUSE–to pon­der (to con­sider some­thing deeply and thor­oughly) [v MUSED, MUSING, MUSES] a/drs
MUSS–to mess (to make dirty or untidy) [v –ED, –ING, –ES] */y
NICKELto plate with nickel (a metal­lic ele­ment) [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
NONPLUSto baf­fle (to con­fuse (to mix up men­tally)) [v –PLUSED, –PLUSING, –PLUSES or –PLUSSED, –PLUSSING, –PLUSSES] */*
OUTCAVILto sur­pass in cav­il­ing (to carp (to find fault unrea­son­ably)) [v –ILED, –ILING, –ILS or –ILLED, –ILLING, –ILS] */s
OUTDUELto sur­pass in duel­ing (to fight for­mally) [v –DUELED, –DUELING, –DUELS or –DUELLED, –DUELLING, –DUELS] */s
OUTRIVALto outdo in a com­pe­ti­tion or rivalry [v –VALED, –VALING, –VALS or –VALLED, –VALLING, –VALS] */s
–PAL–to asso­ciate as friends [v PALLED, PALLING, PALS] o/elmpsy
–PALE–lack­ing inten­sity of color [adj PALER, PALEST], to make or become pale [v PALED, PALING, PALES] s/adrst
–PALL–to become insipid (dull and unin­ter­est­ing) [v –ED, –ING, –S] s/sy
–PAN–to crit­i­cize harshly [v PANNED, PANNING, PANS] s/egst
–PANE–a sheet of glass for a win­dow [n –S] : PANED [adj] */dls
PANEL–to dec­o­rate with thin sheets of mate­r­ial [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
PANNEa lus­trous vel­vet [n –S] */drs
–PAR–to shoot in a stan­dard num­ber of strokes in golf [v PARRED, PARRING, PARS] s/adekrst
PARALLELto be sim­i­lar or anal­o­gous to [v –LELED, –LELING, –LELS or –LELLED, –LELLING, –LELS] */s
PARCELto divide into parts or shares [v –CELED, –CELING, –CELS or –CELLED, –CELLING, –CELS] */s
–PARE–to cut off the outer cov­er­ing of [v PARED, PARING, PARES] s/dorsu
PARGET–to cover with plas­ter [v –GETED, –GETING, –GETS or –GETTED, –GETTING, –GETS] */s
PARR–a young salmon [n –S] */sy
–PAT–to touch lightly [v PATTED, PATTING, PATS] s/ehsy
–PATE–the top of the head [n –S] : PATED [adj] s/dnrs
PEDALto oper­ate by means of foot levers [v –ALED, –ALING, –ALS or –ALLED, –ALLING, –ALS] */os
PEDESTALto pro­vide with an archi­tec­tural sup­port or base [v –TALED, –TALING, –TALS or –TALLED, –TALLING, –TALS] */s
PENCILto pro­duce by using a pen­cil (a writ­ing and draw­ing imple­ment) [v –CILED, –CILING, –CILS or –CILLED, –CILLING, –CILS] */s
PERIL–to imperil (to place in jeop­ardy) [v –ILED, –ILING, –ILS or –ILLED, –ILLING, –ILS] */s
–PIN–to fas­ten with a pin (a slen­der, pointed piece of metal) [v PINNED, PINNING, PINS] s/aegksty
PINE–to yearn intensely [v PINED, PINING, PINES] os/dsy
PIP–to break through the shell of an egg [v PIPPED, PIPPING, PIPS] */esy
PIPE–to con­vey by means of a pipe (a hol­low cylin­der) [v PIPED, PIPING, PIPES] */drst
PISTOLto shoot with a small firearm [v –TOLED, –TOLING, –TOLS or –TOLLED, –TOLLING, –TOLS] */es
PISTOLE–a for­mer European gold coin [n –S] */ds
PLANto for­mu­late a plan (a method for achiev­ing an end) [v PLANNED, PLANNING, PLANS] */ekst
–PLANE–to make smooth or even [v PLANED, PLANING, PLANES] */drst
–PLATto plait (to braid (to weave together)) [v PLATTED, PLATTING, PLATS] s/esy
–PLATE–to coat with a thin layer of metal [v PLATED, PLATING, PLATES] */dnrs
POLa politi­cian [n –S] */elosy
–POLE–to pro­pel with a pole (a long, thin piece of wood or metal) [v POLED, POLING, POLES] */drs
POLL–to ques­tion for the pur­pose of sur­vey­ing pub­lic opin­ion [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
POMMELto strike with the fists [v –MELED, –MELING, –MELS or –MELLED, –MELLING, –MELS] */s
–PREFOCUSto focus before­hand [v –CUSED, –CUSING, –CUSES or –CUSSED, –CUSSING, –CUSSES] */*
–PRIMfor­mally pre­cise or proper [adj PRIMMER, PRIMMEST], to give a prim expres­sion to [v PRIMMED, PRIMMING, PRIMS] */aeiops
–PRIME–to make ready (pre­pared) [v PRIMED, PRIMING, PRIMES] */drs
PROGRAMto arrange in a plan of pro­ceed­ings [v –GRAMED, –GRAMING, –GRAMS or –GRAMMED, –GRAMMING, –GRAMS] */s
PROGRAMME[n –S] */drs
PROTOCOLto form a pre­lim­i­nary draft of an offi­cial doc­u­ment [v –COLED, –COLING, –COLS or –COLLED, –COLLING, –COLS] */s
PULa coin of Afghanistan [n PULS or PULI] */aeilps
PULE–to whine (to utter a plain­tive, high-pitched sound) [v PULED, PULING, PULES] */drs
PULL–to exert force in order to cause motion toward the force [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
PUMMELto pom­mel (to strike with the fists) [v –MELED, –MELING, –MELS or –MELLED, –MELLING, –MELS] */os
QUARRELto engage in an angry dis­pute [v –RELED, –RELING, –RELS or –RELLED, –RELLING, –RELS] */s
–RAGto scold (to rebuke harshly) [v RAGGED, RAGGING, RAGS] bcdf/aegis
–RAGE–to act or speak with vio­lent anger [v RAGED, RAGING, RAGES] */des
RAGG–a wool fiber [n –S] */sy
RAPto strike sharply [v RAPPED, RAPPING, RAPS] cftw/est
–RAPE–to force to sub­mit to sex­ual inter­course [v RAPED, RAPING, RAPES] cdg/drs
–RAPPELto descend from a steep height by means of a rope [v RAPPELLED or RAPPELED, RAPPELLING or RAPPELING, RAPPELS] */s
–RATto hunt rats (long-tailed rodents) [v RATTED, RATTING, RATS] bdfgp/ehos
–RATE–to esti­mate the value of [v RATED, RATING, RATES] cgiopu/dlrs
RAVEL–to sep­a­rate the threads of [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] gt/s
RECHANNELCHANNEL, to direct along some desired course [v –NELLED, –NELLING, –NELS, –NELED, –NELING] */s
–RED–of the color of blood [adj REDDER, REDDEST], to redd (to put in order) [v REDDED, REDDING, REDS] bci/deos
REDD–to put in order [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
REDE–to advise (to give advice to) [v REDED, REDING, REDES] b/ds
REDIAL–DIAL, to manip­u­late a cal­i­brated disk [v –DIALED, –DIALING, –DIALS or –DIALLED, –DIALLING, –DIALS] pu/s
REFOCUSFOCUS, to bring to a focus [v –CUSED, –CUSING, –CUSES or –CUSSED, –CUSSING, –CUSSES] p/*
REFUELFUEL, to pro­vide with fuel (mate­r­ial used to pro­duce energy) [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
RELABELLABEL, to describe or des­ig­nate [v –BELED, –BELING, –BELS or –BELLED, –BELLING, –BELS] */s
REMODELto make over [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
REPANELPANEL, to dec­o­rate with thin sheets of mate­r­ial [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
REPINPIN, to fas­ten with a pin (a slen­der, pointed piece of metal) [v –PINNED, –PINNING, –PINS] */es
REPINE–to express dis­con­tent [v –PINED, –PINING, –PINES] */drs
REPROGRAMPROGRAM, to arrange in a plan of pro­ceed­ings [v –GRAMMED, –GRAMMING, –GRAMS, –GRAMED, –GRAMING] p/s
RETOTALTOTAL, to ascer­tain the entire amount of [v –TALED, –TALING, –TALS or –TALLED, –TALLING, –TALS] */s
REVELto engage in rev­elry (noisy mer­ry­mak­ing) [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
REVICTUALVICTUAL, to pro­vide with food [v –ALLED, –ALLING, –ALS, –ALED, –ALING] */s
RICOCHETto rebound from a sur­face [v –CHETED, –CHETING, –CHETS or –CHETTED, –CHETTING, –CHETS] */s
RIMto pro­vide with a rim (an outer edge) [v RIMMED, RIMMING, RIMS] bgpt/esy
RIME–to rhyme (to com­pose verse with cor­re­spond­ing ter­mi­nal sounds) [v RIMED, RIMING, RIMES] cgp/drs
RIPto tear or cut apart roughly [v RIPPED, RIPPING, RIPS] dgt/es
RIPE–fully devel­oped [adj RIPER, RIPEST] : RIPELY [adv], to cleanse (to clean (to rid of dirt or stain)) [v RIPED, RIPING, RIPES] cgt/dnrs
RIVALto strive to equal or sur­pass [v –VALED, –VALING, –VALS or –VALLED, –VALLING, –VALS] */s
RIVET–to fas­ten with a type of metal bolt [v –ETED, –ETING, –ETS or –ETTED, –ETTING, –ETS] gpt/s
ROBto take prop­erty from ille­gally [v ROBBED, ROBBING, ROBS] */es
–ROBE–to cover with a robe (a long, loose outer gar­ment) [v ROBED, ROBING, ROBES] p/ds
ROWELto prick with a spiked wheel in order to urge for­ward [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] t/s
–SABto sob (to cry with a con­vul­sive catch­ing of the breath) [v SABBED, SABBING, SABS] */es
SABE–to savvy (to under­stand) [v SABED, SABEING, SABES] */drs
SANDALto pro­vide with san­dals (light, open shoes) [v –DALED, –DALING, –DALS or –DALLED, –DALLING, –DALS] */s
SCANDALto defame (to attack the good name of) [v –DALED, –DALING, –DALS or –DALLED, –DALLING, –DALS] */s
–SCARto form a scar (a mark left by the heal­ing of injured tis­sue) [v SCARRED, SCARRING, SCARS] e/efpsty
–SCARE–to frighten (to make afraid (filled with appre­hen­sion)) [v SCARED, SCARING, SCARES] */drsy
–SCRAPto dis­card (to throw away) [v SCRAPPED, SCRAPPING, SCRAPS] */es
–SCRAPE–to rub so as to remove an outer layer [v SCRAPED, SCRAPING, SCRAPES] */drs
SENTINELto stand guard [v –NELED, –NELING, –NELS or –NELLED, –NELLING, –NELS] */s
–SHAM–to feign (to pre­tend (to assume or dis­play a false appear­ance of)) [v SHAMMED, SHAMMING, SHAMS] */es
–SHAME–to cause to feel a painful sense of guilt or degra­da­tion [v SHAMED, SHAMING, SHAMES] */ds
–SHINto climb by grip­ping and pulling alter­nately with the hands and legs [v SHINNED, SHINNING, SHINS] */esy
SHINE–to emit light [v SHONE or SHINED, SHINING, SHINES] */drs
–SHOVEL–to take up with a shovel (a dig­ging imple­ment) [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
SHRIVEL–to con­tract into wrin­kles [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
SIGNAL–to notify by a means of com­mu­ni­ca­tion [v –NALED, –NALING, –NALS or –NALLED, –NALLING, –NALS] */s
SIP–to drink in small quan­ti­ties [v SIPPED, SIPPING, SIPS] */es
SIPE–to seep (to pass slowly through small open­ings) [v SIPED, SIPING, SIPES] */ds
–SLATto pro­vide with slats (nar­row strips of wood or metal) [v SLATTED, SLATTING, SLATS] */esy
–SLATE–to cover with slate (a roof­ing mate­r­ial) [v SLATED, SLATING, SLATES] */drsy
SLIMslen­der (thin (hav­ing rel­a­tively lit­tle den­sity or thick­ness)) [adj SLIMMER, SLIMMEST], to make slim (slen­der (thin (hav­ing rel­a­tively lit­tle den­sity or thick­ness))) [v SLIMMED, SLIMMING, SLIMS] */esy
–SLIME–to cover with slime (vis­cous mud) [v SLIMED, SLIMING, SLIMES] */ds
–SLIPto slide sud­denly and acci­den­tally [v SLIPPED or SLIPT, SLIPPING, SLIPS] */est
–SLIPE–to peel (to strip off an outer cov­er­ing of) [v SLIPED, SLIPING, SLIPES] */ds
–SLOPto spill or splash [v SLOPPED, SLOPPING, SLOPS] */es
–SLOPE–to slant (to devi­ate from the hor­i­zon­tal or ver­ti­cal) [v SLOPED, SLOPING, SLOPES] a/drs
–SNIPto cut with a short, quick stroke [v SNIPPED, SNIPPING, SNIPS] */es
SNIPE–to shoot at indi­vid­u­als from a con­cealed place [v SNIPED, SNIPING, SNIPES] */drs
SNIVELto cry or whine with snif­fling [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
SOMERSETto roll the body in a com­plete cir­cle, head over heels [v –SETED, –SETING, –SETS or –SETTED, –SETTING, –SETS] */s
SONNETto com­pose a son­net (a type of poem) [v –NETED, –NETING, –NETS or –NETTED, –NETTING, –NETS] */s
SPANCELto bind or fet­ter with a rope [v –CELED, –CELING, –CELS or –CELLED, –CELLING, –CELS] */s
–SPAR–to pro­vide with spars (stout poles used to sup­port rig­ging) [v SPARRED, SPARRING, SPARS] */eks
–SPARE–mea­ger (defi­cient in quan­tity or qual­ity) [adj SPARER, SPAREST] : SPARELY [adv], to refrain from pun­ish­ing, harm­ing, or destroy­ing [v SPARED, SPARING, SPARES] */drs
SPIRALto move like a spi­ral (a type of plane curve) [v –RALED, –RALING, –RALS or –RALLED, –RALLING, –RALS] */s
–SPITto impale on a spit (a pointed rod on which meat is turned) [v SPITTED, SPITTING, SPITS] */esz
SPITE–to treat with mal­ice [v SPITED, SPITING, SPITES] */ds
SQUIRRELto store up for future use [v –RELED, –RELING, –RELS or –RELLED, –RELLING, –RELS] */sy
–STAGto attend a social func­tion with­out a female com­pan­ion [v STAGGED, STAGGING, STAGS] */esy
STAGE–to pro­duce for pub­lic view [v STAGED, STAGING, STAGES] */drsy
–STARto shine as a star (a nat­ural lumi­nous body vis­i­ble in the sky) [v STARRED, STARRING, STARS] */ekst
–STARE–to gaze fixedly [v STARED, STARING, STARES] */drs
STENCILto mark by means of a per­fo­rated sheet of mate­r­ial [v –CILED, –CILING, –CILS or –CILLED, –CILLING, –CILS] */s
–STOPto dis­con­tinue the progress or motion of [v STOPPED or STOPT, STOPPING, STOPS] e/est
–STOPE–to exca­vate in lay­ers, as ore [v STOPED, STOPING, STOPES] */drs
–STRIPto remove the outer cov­er­ing from [v STRIPPED or STRIPT, STRIPPING, STRIPS] */esty
–STRIPE–to mark with stripes (long, dis­tinct bands) [v STRIPED, STRIPING, STRIPES] */drs
SUBTOTALto total a por­tion of [v –TALED, –TALING, –TALS or –TALLED, –TALLING, –TALS] */s
SULFURETto treat with sul­fur [v –RETED, –RETING, –RETS or –RETTED, –RETTING, –RETS] */s
SURPLUSto treat as being in excess of what is needed [v –PLUSED, –PLUSING, –PLUSES or –PLUSSED, –PLUSSING, –PLUSSES] */*
–SWAGto sway (to move slowly back and forth) [v SWAGGED, SWAGGING, SWAGS] */es
–SWAGE–to shape with a ham­mer­ing tool [v SWAGED, SWAGING, SWAGES] */drs
SWIVEL–to turn on a piv­oted sup­port [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
SYMBOLto serve as a sym­bol (a rep­re­sen­ta­tion) of [v –BOLED, –BOLING, –BOLS or –BOLLED, –BOLLING, –BOLS] */s
TABLET–to inscribe on a small, flat sur­face [v –LETED, –LETING, –LETS or –LETTED, –LETTING, –LETS] */s
TAP–to strike gen­tly [v TAPPED, TAPPING, TAPS] a/aes
–TAPE–to fas­ten with tape (a long, nar­row strip or band) [v TAPED, TAPING, TAPES] : TAPEABLE [adj] e/drs
–TAR–to cover with tar (a black vis­cous liq­uid) [v TARRED, TARRING, TARS] s/enopst
–TARE–to deter­mine the weight of a con­tainer hold­ing goods [v TARED, TARING, TARES] s/ds
TARREto urge to action [v TARRED, TARRING, TARRES] */ds
TASSEL–to adorn with dan­gling orna­ments [v –SELED, –SELING, –SELS or –SELLED, –SELLING, –SELS] */s
–TEASEL–to raise a soft sur­face on fab­ric with a bristly flower head [v –SELED, –SELING, –SELS or –SELLED, –SELLING, –SELS] */s
TEAZELto teasel (to raise a soft sur­face on fab­ric with a bristly flower head) [v –ZELED, –ZELING, –ZELS or –ZELLED, –ZELLING, –ZELS] */s
TEETOTALto abstain com­pletely from alco­holic bev­er­ages [v –TALED, –TALING, –TALS or –TALLED, –TALLING, –TALS] */s
TELNETto access an account over the Internet using an appro­pri­ate pro­ce­dure [v –NETTED, –NETTING, –NETS or –NETED, –NETING, –NETS] */s
TENDRILa leaf­less organ of climb­ing plants [n –S] */s
–TIN–to coat with tin (a metal­lic ele­ment) [v TINNED, TINNING, TINS] */egsty
TINE–to lose (to come to be with­out and be unable to find) [v TINED, TINING, TINES] */ads
TINSELto give a showy or gaudy appear­ance to [v –SELED, –SELING, –SELS or –SELLED, –SELLING, –SELS] */s
TITTUPto move in a lively man­ner [v –TUPED, –TUPING, –TUPS or –TUPPED, –TUPPING, –TUPS] */s
–TOP–to cut off the top (the high­est part, point, or sur­face) of [v TOPPED, TOPPING, TOPS] as/ehios
–TOPE–to drink liquor to excess [v TOPED, TOPING, TOPES] s/ders
TOT–to total (to ascer­tain the entire amount of) [v TOTTED, TOTTING, TOTS] s/es
TOTALto ascer­tain the entire amount of [v –TALED, –TALING, –TALS or –TALLED, –TALLING, –TALS] */s
TOTE–to carry by hand [v TOTED, TOTING, TOTES] : TOTEABLE [adj] */dmrs
TOWELto wipe with a towel (an absorbent cloth) [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
TRAMELto tram­mel (to hin­der (to impede (to obstruct the progress of))) [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */ls
TRAMELL–to tram­mel (to hin­der (to impede (to obstruct the progress of))) [v –ED, –ING, –S] */s
TRAMMELto hin­der (to impede (to obstruct the progress of)) [v –MELED, –MELING, –MELS or –MELLED, –MELLING, –MELS] */s
–TRAVEL–to go from one place to another [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
–TROWELto smooth with a trowel (a hand tool hav­ing a flat blade) [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
TUBto wash in a tub (a round, open ves­sel) [v TUBBED, TUBBING, TUBS] s/aes
TUBE–to pro­vide with a tube (a long, hol­low cylin­der) [v TUBED, TUBING, TUBES] */drs
–TUNto store in a large cask [v TUNNED, TUNNING, TUNS] s/aegs
TUNE–to put into the proper pitch [v TUNED, TUNING, TUNES] */drs
TUNNELto dig a tun­nel (an under­ground pas­sage­way) [v –NELED, –NELING, –NELS or –NELLED, –NELLING, –NELS] */s
–TWINto bring together in close asso­ci­a­tion [v TWINNED, TWINNING, TWINS] */esy
–TWINE–to twist together [v TWINED, TWINING, TWINES] */drs
UNKENNELto release from a ken­nel [v –NELED, –NELING, –NELS or –NELLED, –NELLING, –NELS] */s
UNLEVELto make uneven (flat and smooth) [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
UNRAVELto sep­a­rate the threads of [v –ELED, –ELING, –ELS or –ELLED, –ELLING, –ELS] */s
–VANto trans­port in a van (a type of motor vehi­cle) [v VANNED, VANNING, VANS] */egs
–VANE–a device for show­ing the direc­tion of the wind [n –S] : VANED [adj] */ds
VIAL–to put in a vial (a small con­tainer for liq­uids) [v VIALED, VIALING, VIALS or VIALLED, VIALLING, VIALS] */s
VICTUALto pro­vide with food [v –UALED, –UALING, –UALS or –UALLED, –UALLING, –UALS] */s
VITRIOLto treat with sul­fu­ric acid [v –OLED, –OLING, –OLS or –OLLED, –OLLING, –OLS] */s
–WADto form into a wad (a small mass of soft mate­r­ial) [v WADDED, WADDING, WADS] */eisy
WADE–to walk through water [v WADED, WADING, WADES] */drs
–WAGto move briskly up and down or to and fro [v WAGGED, WAGGING, WAGS] s/es
–WAGE–to engage in or carry on [v WAGED, WAGING, WAGES] s/drs
WAINSCOTto line the walls of with wooden pan­el­ing [v –SCOTED, –SCOTING, –SCOTS, –SCOTTED, –SCOTTING, –SCOTS] */s
–WANunnat­u­rally pale [adj WANNER, WANNEST], to become wan (unnat­u­rally pale) [v WANNED, WANNING, WANS] hs/deksty
–WANE–to decrease in size or extent [v WANED, WANING, WANES] */dsy
–WARto engage in war (a state of open, armed con­flict) [v WARRED, WARRING, WARS] */dekmnpsty
–WARE–to beware of [v WARED, WARING, WARES] as/ds
–WEASELto act eva­sively [v –SELED, –SELING, –SELS, –SELLED, –SELLING, –SELS] */sy
–WINto win­now (to free grain from impu­ri­ties) [v WINNED, WINNING, WINS], to be vic­to­ri­ous [v WON or WAN, WINNING, WINS] t/degkosy
WINE–to pro­vide with wine (the fer­mented juice of the grape) [v WINED, WINING, WINES] dgst/dsy
WISE–hav­ing wis­dom [adj WISER, WISEST], to become aware or informed [v WISED, WISING, WISES] */drs
WISS–to wish (to feel an impulse toward attain­ment or pos­ses­sion of some­thing) [v –ED, –ING, –ES] s/*
–WITintel­li­gence [n –S], to know (to have a true under­stand­ing of) [v WIST, WITING or WITTING, present sing. 1st per­son WOT, 2d WOST, 3d WOT, present pl. WITE] t/ehs
WITE–to blame (to find fault with) [v WITED, WITING, WITES] */ds
WORSHIPto honor and love as a divine being [v –SHIPED, –SHIPING, –SHIPS, –SHIPPED, –SHIPPING, –SHIPS] */s
YODELto sing with a fluc­tu­at­ing voice [v –DELED, –DELING, –DELS or –DELLED, –DELLING, –DELS] */s

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