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THREES Anagram Groups

2010 June 29
by admin

Here are groups of three-letter words that are ana­grams of each other.  There are 41 groups of three words, 2 groups of 4 words (AHS & ASP) and 1 group of five (ATE):

 ALB– a long-sleeved vest­ment [n –S]  as
–BAL– a bal­moral (a type of shoe (a cov­er­ing for the foot)) [n –S]  deklms
–LAB– a lab­o­ra­tory [n –S] bfs s

–ABO– an abo­rig­ine (an orig­i­nal inhab­i­tant) — an offen­sive term [n –S]  s
 BOA– a large snake [n –S]  rst
–OBA  a hered­i­tary chief in Benin and Nigeria [n –S] s s

 ARB– a type of stock trader [n –S] bcdg s
–BAR– to exclude (to shut out) [v BARRED, BARRING, BARS] k bde­fkmns
 BRA  a brassiere [n –S]  degnstwy

 ABS– AB, an abdom­i­nal mus­cle [n] cdfgjklnstw
–BAS– BA, the eter­nal soul, in Egyptian mythol­ogy [n] ao ehkst
–SAB  to sob (to cry with a con­vul­sive catch­ing of the breath) [v SABBED, SABBING, SABS] es

–ARE– a unit of sur­face mea­sure [n –S] bcdfhm­prtwy as
–EAR  to form the fruit­ing head of a cereal [v –ED, –ING, –S] bdfghlnprstwy lns
 ERA– an epoch (a par­tic­u­lar period of time) [n –S] sv s

 ATE– blind impulse or reck­less ambi­tion that dri­ves one to ruin [n –S] bcd­fghlm­prst s
–EAT  to con­sume food [v ATE or ET, EATEN, EATING, EATS] bfhm­npst hs
–ETA– a Greek let­ter [n –S] bfgmsz s
–TAE– to (in the direc­tion of) [prep]  l
 TEA  a bev­er­age made by infus­ing dried leaves in boil­ing water [n –S]  klmrst

 AGS– AG, agri­cul­ture [n] bdfghjlm­nrst­wyz
–GAS  to sup­ply with gas (a sub­stance capa­ble of indef­i­nite expan­sion) [v GASSED, GASSING, GASES or SSES] a hpt
–SAG  to bend or sink down­ward from weight or pres­sure [v SAGGED, SAGGING, SAGS] aeosy

 AHS– AH, aah (to exclaim in amaze­ment, joy, or sur­prise) [v] adh
–ASH– to con­vert into ash (the residue of a sub­stance that has been burned) [v –ED, –ING, –ES] dfghlm­prsw y
–HAS– HAVE, to be in pos­ses­sion of [v]  hpt
–SHA– used to urge silence [interj]  dghmtwy

 AIR– early (near the begin­ning of a period of time or a series of events) [adv AIRER, AIREST], expose to the air (the mix­ture of gases that sur­rounds the earth) [v –ED, –ING, –S] fhlm­pvw nsty
–RAI  a style of pop­u­lar Algerian music [n –S]  adlns
 RIA  a long, nar­row inlet [n –S] a ls

 KOA  a tim­ber tree [n –S]  ns
 OAK  a hard­wood tree or shrub [n –S] : OAKEN, OAKLIKE [adj] s sy
–OKA  a Turkish unit of weight [n –S] sy

 ASK– to put a ques­tion to [v –ED, –ING, –S] bcmt s
–KAS– a large cup­board [n KAS] os
–SKA  a pop­u­lar music of Jamaica [n –S] gst

 ALP– a high moun­tain [n –S] ps s
 LAP– to fold over or around some­thing [v LAPPED, LAPPING, LAPS] cfs s
–PAL– to asso­ciate as friends [v PALLED, PALLING, PALS] o elmpsy

 ALS– AL, an East Indian tree [n] abdgps o
–LAS– LA, the sixth tone of the dia­tonic musi­cal scale [n] a ehst
–SAL  salt [n –S] elpst

 AMP– to amplify (to make larger or more pow­er­ful) [v –ED, –ING, –S] cdglrstv s
 MAP– to delin­eate on a map (a rep­re­sen­ta­tion of a region) [v MAPPED, MAPPING, MAPS]  s
–PAM– the jack of clubs in cer­tain card games [n –S] s s

 ARM– to sup­ply with weapons [v –ED, –ING, –S] bfhw sy
–MAR– to detract from the per­fec­tion or whole­ness of [v MARRED, MARRING, MARS]  aceklst
–RAM  to strike with great force [v RAMMED, RAMMING, RAMS] cdgpt ips

 AWN– a bristle­like appendage of cer­tain grasses [n –S] : AWNED, AWNLESS, AWNY [adj] dflmpsy sy
–NAW– no [adv] gs
–WAN  unnat­u­rally pale [adj WANNER, WANNEST], become wan (unnat­u­rally pale) [v WANNED, WANNING, WANS] hs deksty

 ASP– a ven­omous snake [n –S] ghrw s
–PAS– a dance step [n PAS] su ehst
 SAP  to deplete or weaken grad­u­ally [v SAPPED, SAPPING, SAPS]  s
–SPA  a min­eral spring [n –S]  emnrstyz

APT  suit­able (appro­pri­ate) [adj APTER, APTEST] r
–PAT– to touch lightly [v PATTED, PATTING, PATS] s ehsy
 TAP– to strike gen­tly [v TAPPED, TAPPING, TAPS] a aes

–PAY– to give money or some­thing of value in exchange for goods or ser­vices [v PAID or PAYED, YING, PAYS] s s
–PYA  a cop­per coin of Burma [n –S]  s
 YAP– to bark shrilly [v YAPPED, YAPPING, YAPS] s

ART– an esthet­i­cally pleas­ing and mean­ing­ful arrange­ment of ele­ments [n –S] cdfhkmptw sy
–RAT  to hunt rats (long-tailed rodents) [v RATTED, RATTING, RATS] bdfgp ehos
–TAR– to cover with tar (a black vis­cous liq­uid) [v TARRED, TARRING, TARS] s enopst

–RAY  to emit rays (nar­row beams of light) [v –ED, –ING, –S] bdfgpt as
–RYA  a Scandinavian hand­wo­ven rug [n –S]  s
–YAR– yare (nim­ble (agile (able to move quickly and eas­ily))) [adj] k den

–TAW– to con­vert into white leather by the appli­ca­tion of min­er­als [v –ED, –ING, –S] s s
 TWA  two (a num­ber) [n –S]  est
–WAT  wet (cov­ered or sat­u­rated with a liq­uid) [adj WATTER, WATTEST], are [n –S] st st

 BRO  a brother (a male sib­ling (one hav­ing the same par­ents as another)) [n BROS]  osw
 ORB– to form into a cir­cle or sphere [v –ED, –ING, –S] fs sy
 ROB  to take prop­erty from ille­gally [v ROBBED, ROBBING, ROBS] es

 BUR  to burr (to remove a rough edge from) [v BURRED, BURRING, BURS]  abdglnprsy
 RUB  to move along the sur­face of a body with pres­sure [v RUBBED, RUBBING, RUBS] dg esy
 URB  an urban area [n –S] bc s

–CHI  a Greek let­ter [n –S]  acd­npst
 HIC– used to rep­re­sent a hic­cup [interj] c k
 ICH  a dis­ease of cer­tain fishes [n ICHS] lrw s

–COR  an ancient unit of mea­sure [n –S]  defkmnsy\
 ORC– a marine mam­mal [n –S] t as
 ROC  a leg­endary bird of prey [n –S] c ks

–DEL– an oper­a­tor in dif­fer­en­tial cal­cu­lus [n –S]  efilst
 ELD– old age [n –S] ghmvwy s
–LED  LEAD, to cover with lead (a heavy metal­lic ele­ment) [v] bfgps

–DOS– DO, the first tone of the dia­tonic musi­cal scale [n] au est
 ODS– OD, a hypo­thet­i­cal force of nat­ural power [n] bcghm­n­prsty
–SOD– to cover with sod (turf) [v SODDED, SODDING, SODS] as

 DUO  an instru­men­tal duet [n DUOS or DUI]  s
 OUD  a stringed instru­ment of north­ern Africa [n –S] l s
–UDO  a Japanese herb [n UDOS] jk ns

 ENG– a pho­netic sym­bol [n –S]  s
–GEN  infor­ma­tion obtained from study [n –S]  estu
 NEG– a pho­to­graphic neg­a­tive [n –S] s

 ETH– edh (an Old English let­ter) [n –S] bhmt s
–HET– heth (a Hebrew let­ter) [n –S] kw hs
–THE  used to spec­ify or make par­tic­u­lar [definite_article]  emnwy

ELS– EL, an ele­vated rail­road or train [n] bcdegmst e
–LES  lez (a les­bian — an offen­sive term) [n LESES] ao st
–SEL  self (the total, essen­tial, or par­tic­u­lar being of one per­son) [n –S] fls

 ERS– ervil (a European vetch) [n –ES] hs t
–RES– a par­tic­u­lar thing or mat­ter [n RES] aiot ht
–SER  a unit of weight of India [n –S] u aefs

 ISM– a dis­tinc­tive the­ory or doc­trine [n –S] j s
–MIS– MI, the third tone of the dia­tonic musi­cal scale [n] a eost
 SIM– sim­u­la­tion [n –S] aps

–PIS– PI, a Greek let­ter [n]  hos
–PSI  a Greek let­ter [n –S]  s
 SIP– to drink in small quan­ti­ties [v SIPPED, SIPPING, SIPS] es

 ITS– the pos­ses­sive form of the pro­noun it [pron] abd­fghkl­npstwz
–SIT– to rest on the but­tocks [v SAT, SAT or SITTEN, SITTING, SITS]  ehs
–TIS– TI, the sev­enth tone of the dia­tonic musi­cal scale [n]

–MOS– MO, a moment (a brief period of time) [n]  hkst
 OMS– OM, a mantra used in con­tem­pla­tion of ulti­mate real­ity [n] dmn­prst
–SOM– a mon­e­tary unit of Kyrgyzstan [n SOMS] aes

–NOS– NO, a neg­a­tive reply [n] o ehy
 ONS– ON, the side of the wicket where a bats­man stands in cricket [n] cdefhimpstw
–SON– a male child (a young per­son) [n –S] egs

–NOW– the present time [n –S] eks st
 OWN– to have as a belong­ing [v –ED, –ING, –S] : OWNABLE [adj] dglmst s
–WON– to dwell (to reside (to dwell per­ma­nently or con­tin­u­ously)) [v WONNED, WONNING, WONS] 

–NUS– NU, a Greek let­ter [n] ago
–SUN  to expose to the sun (the star around which the earth revolves) [v SUNNED, SUNNING, SUNS]  ns
 UNS– UN, one [pron] bdfghmnprst

 OPT– to choose (to take by pref­er­ence) [v –ED, –ING, –S]  s
 POT  to put in a pot (a round, fairly deep con­tainer) [v POTTED, POTTING, POTS] s s
–TOP– to cut off the top (the high­est part, point, or sur­face) of [v TOPPED, TOPPING, TOPS] as ehios

 ORT– a scrap of food [n –S] bfmpstw s
 ROT  to decom­pose [v ROTTED, ROTTING, ROTS] gt aei­los
–TOR– a high, craggy hill [n –S]  aceinorsty

–TOW– to pull by means of a rope or chain [v –ED, –ING, –S] : TOWABLE [adj] s nsy
–TWO  a num­ber [n TWOS]  s
 WOT– to know (to have a true under­stand­ing of) [v WOTTED, WOTTING, WOTS] s s

–PUS  a vis­cous fluid formed in infected tis­sue [n –ES] o hs
–SUP  to eat sup­per [v SUPPED, SUPPING, SUPS]  es
 UPS– UP, to raise (to move to a higher posi­tion) [v] cdpsty

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